Grow up.

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A mod deleted my response in the Florida man thread anonymously for saying grow up to some one who blindly said brown bears should be moving north due to climate change. Brown bears historic range is from the Arctic all the way to central America and it's humans who drove them out, not climate. It's child like to yell climate change at any given problem. We can have an entire thread about making fun of the "Florida Man" but someone blames a 1 degree change of warmth to bears not bearing able to live in the south? They didn't say it was man made climate change or solar driven or whatever but come on, facts is facts.


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Right we don’t allow users to attack people like you did
You did more than “grow up”

stop acting the victim follow the tos and you’d have no problems

I cannot believe you’d be this upset over 1 ONE deleted post

You need to take some breathers and reroute yourself
Congratulations on your first official warning on rollitup
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