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    Hello stoners. I'm new here not new to growing. I run about 4K watts in flower using coco and AN nutes. I have about 20 different moms, looking to whittle that down to about 10 or 12. It ain't easy taking care of all of them.

    Current Strains:
    Blackberry Kush, Wedding Cake, Sunset Sherbet, Ghost OG, Triangle Kush, Strawberry diesel (Reservoir original) Double Strawberry Diesel (Reservoir), Northern Lights Redoux (back cross of 5 different Northern lights using open pollination), SunShine DayDream, Hippy Slayer (clone only pheno of Dirty Hippy x Road Kill Unicorn by Bodhi), Kali Mist (Clone Only been passed around the Southeast), C99 Grail cut (original Brothers Grimm), Schrom, LA Confidential (DNA), Elmer's Glue (GG#4 x The White), Orange Glue (GG34 x Agent Orange), Acapulco Gold (pain in the ass landrace - trying to keep her alive in both flower and veg), WiFi..... there might be something i'm forgetting.

    Looking to upgrade into LED's but funds are a bit short, these days and most days.

    I look forward to reading your threads and making some new friends. Some folks know me as Freakshow on a site or two. Others might know me as Guymandude on other sites.
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    Welcome to RIU!
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    Welcome to RIU.

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    harvesting 5 Sunshine DayDream today. Oh my aching back. Fantastic strain though. I think I actually like this one better than Hippy Slayer pheno of Dirty Hippy x Road Kill Unicorn

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