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    tatonka Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure.
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    SoHappy101 Well-Known Member

    What about that Dreamcatcher, Lub?
    Was thinking that was you that posted pics of them not too long ago.
    If it was you, what’s your take on those? Refresh my memory...or lack there of. lol
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    Little Dog

    Little Dog Well-Known Member

    Hahaha! Get'em while you can!
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    ahlkemist Well-Known Member

    I use VEG bloom after trying everything at the store and it's the simplest truth. Best taste, trich coverage, yield and simplicity.
    I gave up on nutrients went recycled organic living soils and went straight to veg bloom and won't be looking back.

    Straight took a fail grow and made it a life saver.

    Just my thoughts. Of course always 50 pages behind like usual :-)

    Just finished rain dance and is my favorite next to bandit breath and jelly pie.
    Little Dog

    Little Dog Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir. From the pics. I value your advice! Thanks.

    tatonka Well-Known Member

    This is word for word the email body

    I have a couple of solutions for you:
    A) Select ONE GPS pack PER ONE S1 pack as replacements,
    B) Receive a refund via Gold Nuggets into your store account immediately,
    C) If you would like the cash refund, you will need to return the S1 packs to the below address

    HamNEggs Well-Known Member

    I did, actually it was only yesterday or the day before.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Cool i just sent my email off so i can get my name on a list lol

    This is all i asked of them
    Everyone makes mistakes but its how they make up for or fix it that matters

    sourgummy Well-Known Member

    I posted some pics back a bit ago when I harvested it. That is one of my favorites too. Dreamcatcher smells identical to the taste. Mine is a really fine sour wood. Like a fresh chunk of tree when you cut it off and smell it on the inside. Its like sour without the diesel and threw in some fine wood. Like a wood cologne, but way sour. Sour is the dominant taste/smell on it. I am a fan. It had blueberry sour smell in flower, but i am running it again obviously so we will see if I get the nutes better and if that helps keep that blueberry smell in there.
    edit: Good yield on nugs too like the description says on the website and also I think sackmastaflex posted about.

    ahlkemist Well-Known Member

    question for anyone having positive results with gps cbd oil.

    I need bigger bottles and I'm looking around.
    It seems the issue is most are NOT made with cbd isolate. And or not the correct carrier.
    Has anyone had poor our no results with a cbd product made with cbd isolate?
    I' aswell passed my bottle around and it's empty, making positive results to ALL that tried.

    I've reached out and can't simply treat my elders at gps price point long term.
    Was looking at lazrus naturals...
    I've endlessly reached out to gu with no avail. I mean idk WHAT i ever want him to do, I just need that oil in much larger bulk.
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    sourgummy Well-Known Member

    Funny i actually just bought and received today my Jack's hydroponics 321. Just waiting on my cal nitrate now. I got some MPK and that phosphorus really benefited the babes. The over limed soil has locked out a lot of P. I am stoked since I literally have to change nothing other than the nutes. Got blumats and reservoir already.

    Goats22 Well-Known Member

    i am going to use a sample of greenleaf megacrop i have coming in the mail. probably try veg and bloom after that and then use the better of the two. megacrop is cheaper though.

    Goats22 Well-Known Member

    it is dead simple, but i often get lockout from buildup in the second half of flower using jacks which i am told is relatively common. others have found it seems to cling to coco as well. gonna try out some clearex, but if i can avoid having to flush my plants using megacrop or v&b i would love that. might also try adding a 4th flood each day.

    anyways, just something to look out for using jacks.
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    The best way to keep a secret between 2 people is when 1 of them is dead, lol. :lol:

    Greenpoint gave me an option of solutions and I chose the Gold Nuggets route.
    Gu credited all the money I spent on these S1's into my prospector pouch.
    I love having I In-store credit on drop day.

    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    It wasn’t me, I’d love to try it out. I think @Bakersfield has run them. Maybe he’ll chime in.
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    rollinfunk Well-Known Member

    A and B are cool, but C fucking sucks. I don't think you should have to send packs back for a refund. That's stupid and bullshit Gu. I didn't even buy any S1s, but have bought plenty of packs. Gu - why should your customers have to pay more in shipping for your fuckup and bunk product? When people hit you up via email, query your database and confirm they bought they pack of seeds. It's that simple. Don't pass that extra cost onto your customers. That's totally fucked up. You need to eat the costs or your business will fail. With that said, I have a ton of stardawg crosses that i'm gonna run. Good luck Gu..
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    Goats22 Well-Known Member

    if A and B are on the table, i wouldn't cry about C personally.

    sourgummy Well-Known Member

    l will make sure to keep an eye out for that. Thanks. First time with hydro nutes. Been doing it the organic hardway so far mixing soil n shiz lol.

    yellowrx03 Well-Known Member

    I got 9 packs of s1s at 89 each ima have like 800 in nugs
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    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    I use a different product from Jack’s and I don’t have this problem at all. Of course, in any media where buildup would occur I run some plain water occasionally, like a gentleman. Just Oasis Hydro 16-4-17 and MKP, I love it.
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