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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    I got all sativa leaners in my pack. One has sativa leaning leaf growth with indica leaning bud formation, that one will be my quickest finisher of the CnC's. I'm thinking around 9 to 10 weeks.
    You have to be sure to post finished shots, I'm curious to see what the indica learners looks like.

    One pheno I have is a spitting image of the one pictured on the site, just considerably small buds, slightly bigger than my thumb and beginning to ripen.
    I actually threw away the clone to that plant because of the bud size, shortly after it reveals itself as an identical pheno pictured on GPS :cuss:
    It's still going to be a light yielder but is shaping up to be some real pretty, large calyxed bud. I may do a re veg on her and try one more run, we'll see how she smokes.

    Something about getting a spitting image pheno of the one the breeder advertises, gotta dig further:eyesmoke:
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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    There will be 6 in their place in two days. I do selective striping for light. Once she starts to form bud sites I wont pull anymore. I'll jus tuck. And getting fed daily she gets plenty of food lol.
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    THT Well-Known Member

    2 of 3 bounty hunter testers are off to a good start, the runt had a little issue during sprout causing the tap root to be damaged, I still believe it will pull through .
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    tatonka Well-Known Member

    20180809_231329.jpg Tomahawk #5
    30 some days from flip. I'm going to finish it with 600 watt Metal halide.
    I'm happy with this so far.
    I'm finally coming out of the caveman era of closet growing and I got myself one of those ideal humidifiers and a environmental controller.
    Now to automate with air pots and autopot trays, valves and floats.


    quiescent Well-Known Member

    I think the number of nodes and smaller stems is what is kinda slow, not necessarily the height. If you're rollin 100w of t5 you should be doing a bit better.

    Is there plenty of fresh air getting to that space? Is there a good amount of air movement? Both of those factors can slow growth considerably. The goal with this is to get the fastest root growth possible, and keep the momentum going. Basically your plants aren't getting the moisture sucked out of their leaves, making them use the water in the medium. Slower root growth will always yield slower top growth. Research plant vpd for a more in depth understanding.

    Could be something even simpler. Someone else just said he was having issues with slower veg under t5. Turned out he had bulbs that were just past their prime. Unless you're using led, the bulbs need changed every 6 months to keep everything tip top. When you change your bulbs for your mh/hps you should do your veg too. I've had less dense harvests with hps bulbs on my 3rd cycles repeatedly until I made it a proactive measure, not a reactive one. I usually run 11-12 week plants so I use every bit of the best light the bulb has.

    Maybe watering too much, letting the cups get pretty light before watering?

    Hope that helps your issue.
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    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    I needed the bulbs and got them
    Great info ..this is why this thread rocks along with the bud porn :)

    LubdaNugs Well-Known Member

    Happy Friday. Pebble Pushers are really starting to look good. I think I have one Stardawg leaner, two FPOG learners and the last seems to be a mix. 92626F3A-7B44-4809-926F-500E1A5E1D33.jpeg
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    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    On July 28 I emailed customer service about my bogus S1s and was offered a replacement pack, which I ordered and gave Ally the # but then she never responded. The last email I got was an auto response confirming my order on the 31st. I never made an account there so I can't see the order status, so I'm wondering if I just have a pending order sitting there or if they have marked it paid and shipped it, or if shipments are completely suspended or what.

    I know they have a lot going on and I don't want to be a haunt but jeez. It's been 10 days. They should at least set up some sort of auto-mail or something. For all I know the order could be cancelled or the seeds could be in transit.
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    Cptn Well-Known Member

    email [email protected]
    include your original order number for the S1's and the description of events afterwards that you posted here.
    Ask for an update and tracking number (assuming the replacement pack has shipped.)

    What you posted above was polite and very reasonable.
    I don't see why they wouldn't respond promptly if you communicate the same way with them directly.

    yimbeans Well-Known Member

    some packages got nabbed up bout 2 weeks ago...might have been one of yours! email em, shits hit the fan id say, trying to clean it all id say also...
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    ColoradoHighGrower Well-Known Member

    Thanks for keeping me honest- Time to swap the T5 bulbs it sounds like... if I'm going into my 5th run, should i consider getting a new 315 lec bulb too? That puts me in around <10,000hrs use after 4 runs so far, so about half advertised lifespan... how fast do LECs lose their par intensity around/after middle age? I'm also considering a second light too though... Ah, decisions...
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    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    unless there was a second round of nabbed gear I doubt it. all that went down right before I emailed them. if it was going to hold things up they should have said so at that time just as a courteous heads up. now I have to wonder if things are held up of if the order got cancelled or something.
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    yimbeans Well-Known Member

    sounds like gps needs a phone lol
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    sourgummy Well-Known Member

    Copper Chem curing and smelling/tasting of Caramel cologne now. Pretty awesome
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    How many days of 12/12 did it get ?
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    Just shoot em another email.. My order was shipped today so things are up and running again..
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Detective investigating cycle theft in nearby town talking to neighbors up here today. Gives me the willies!

    Coloradoclear Well-Known Member

    Ace High, cut down on Wednesday . . .time is passing very slowly around here waiting for trim time

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    quiescent Well-Known Member

    Yes, definitely time to change em out.

    Also just put 2+2 together. If you're in Colorado, how does your humidity look? Low humidity can slow things way down as well, part of that vpd thing I mentioned earlier. Environment control is paramount in growing, get that right everything becomes easier.
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