Green Dragon - Is this normal?

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    I tried to followed Master Wus advice and dexarbed 325 for 5 mins. I actually did 6. The weed didnt look terribly browned but it did start smoking (or vaporizing) so I freaked out a bit.

    I decarbed 9.5 grams then mixed in 220ml 94% alcohol. Water bath at 170 -175 for 25 mins (temperature varied. I used analog meat thermometer kept in the mason jar). Alcohol did boil for a few of those minutes.

    Strained it and voila. Its very dark green, smells like alcohol, danky vaped weed, and smells green (not marijuana green). Taste is so aweful. Because of the alcohol it burns. This is definitely not going to be taken sublingually...

    So questions:

    1) is the smoking/vaporizing out of the toaster oven normal during decarb?
    2)is dark green normal? Should it be more brownish as M W mentioned?
    3) is green dragon meant to be taken sublingually or only glycerin tinctures?
    4) it also tastes bitter. Is that normal?


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    1. No
    2. No. Yes
    3. Either/or
    4. No

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    Iwantcolumbia New Member

    so what do you think went wrong? I\m going to try a smaller batch. going to set my toaster oven to 220 and leave in for 40 minutes
    will do the water bath for exactly 20 mins and try to avoid boiling until after I've strained an ready to reduce the tincture

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    I think something like 80% of the THC is decarbed after 30 minutes and all of it in an hour.... so you want to be somewhere in that range, but your first round temps sounded very high...
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    Iwantcolumbia New Member

    I used those temps because I was following the Master Wu method. Could also be my toaster over runs really hot, next time I'll use a meat thermometer, but at the 220/40 method.
    as for bitter taste, more research on boards say this is normal and people either deal with it or add sugar or honey to it.

    does the boiling matter? I read that boiling during extraction should be avoided and only done to reduce once strained

    finally, is it bad to filter it through a coffee filter to make it less opaque or does that remove some good stuff?

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