Did I make my green dragon right?

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    So I tried making some green dragon, can't tell if I did it right. I decarbed 7g of Reggie and mixed with 12 oz of everclear in a mason jar and heated the Mason jar on the stove for 20 min on low and the mixture turned out a dark brownish green. I've tried it twice and it seems to take a long time to kick in, the first time I tried it I smoked afterward and the second time I fell asleep before I really felt anything.

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    7g of reg might only have 1g or less of actual THC in it. Means you'll have to drink 0.5 - 1 oz or more to really feel much. How long did you decarb for?

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    Here is a picture

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    Well I just mixed about 10ml in a Gatorade and drank it. Probably 20 min ago or so. Definitely feeling the effects lol.

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    Green dragon recipes tell you to infuse for 20 mons but magic butter machine say 4-8 hrs... why the difference. Whuch method is better?
    I also notice the weed:solvent ratios are way different for both methods. Is this the reason for the cooktime difference?

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