Green Crack 5weeks 3 days

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    5 weeks 3 days in . 1 Mars hydro 192 (410w) 2 Mars hydro 300(150w each) so around 700w total led. 4 plants in flower using floranova with some cyco swell and sugar rush just cuz I had some left. 4x4 room. So about 3 weeks to go. There swelling nice. It's my first time using floranova and I'm impressed so far. Any feedback is welcome thx IMG_20180121_131643.jpg IMG_20180121_131546.jpg IMG_20180121_131527.jpg IMG_20180121_131600.jpg
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    leather lungs

    leather lungs Well-Known Member

    Everything looks healthy. Good job
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    buster1977 Active Member

    Thank you... Can't wait to see them at the end. This is my 7th grow best one so far
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    charface Well-Known Member

    One of the nicer gc I have seen in a grow. They usually look super leafy and fluffy.
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    CwHall Well-Known Member

    Love floranova grow and bloom mix a lil of the liquid kool bloom then the dry kool bloom at the end and magic happens.

    Nice plants man keep it going.

    Dromada Member

    Hey man nice plant!

    New to forum going to set up a journal myself and see what kinda ideas I can grab up on my green crack.

    She been going since Dec 10 and is currently I believe on day 19 of 12/12.

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