Gorilla Bubble from Tonygreens Tortured Beans

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by tonygreen, Feb 11, 2016.

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    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    The origins of Gorilla Bubble started at the end of 2013...
    It all started in the with the original F1...

    From Dansbuds:

    Thanx to a great dude here (Tony Green ) who had a sour bubble dad that was spectacular (fast , frosty & stanky strong) Him & I have some GG4 x SB seeds to go through & find a keeper mom & keeper dad . Tonys used to saving Dads & making F2's & crosses where I'm not , but if i find a nice dad outa these i'm going hang on to him & collect pollen for the first time . (so tony , i may be askin a ton of questions brutha )
    So some F2's maybe in the near future if everything turns out the way we hope .
    i know i suggested the SB dad cuz every cross i've ever seen with sour B in it .... the SB always dominates the cross . & i'm thinking if the SB added to GG4 may take care of that week branching that GG has & maybe loose some of the stretch too while keeping the frost & the power of the GG4 .... not that SB isn't powerful .... cuz it is , but the 2 combined should be a very interesting pairing !!!

    Thanks to Pureknowledge, Josey Wales and crew, Dansbuds, Elements, WB, All those running the Bx1 and F3 and anyone else I may have missed that has been progeny testing these and run em, there are quite a few and without everyones effort we wouldnt have gotten this far.

    BX1 and F3's came out last summer...

    Next up for 4-20 GB BX2 and GB BX1F1...
    F4 open poll later in the year.

    So without further ado RIU, we present to you Gorilla Bubble!


    user296600_pic1500931_1443149990.jpg user296600_pic1500938_1443150064.jpg user296600_pic1500962_1443150311.jpg
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    tonygreen Well-Known Member


    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    user296600_pic1500969_1443150379.jpg user296600_pic1500977_1443150468.jpg user296600_pic1500983_1443150531.jpg user296600_pic1500984_1443150531.jpg user296600_pic1500989_1443150563.jpg user296600_pic1500990_1443150563.jpg user296600_pic1500992_1443150594.jpg More pics...


    tonygreen Well-Known Member


    tonygreen Well-Known Member


    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Couple shots of my original Sour B sress tested selection,, He revegged nice! :D

    A shot of 2 selected males of dansbuds from the F1

    Lastly a side by side of Pureknowledges Sour B mom hat my sour b stock derived from side by side Dansbuds GB BX1 #8 user296600_pic1198432_1391487201.jpg user296600_pic1223332_1395556319.jpg user296600_pic1501055_1443151206.jpg user296600_pic1554438_1453690743.jpg t

    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Few shots of the GB BX1 male selection for BX2 and BX1F1...

    2 gg4 mommas in the back GB BX1 momma front right... user296600_pic1550138_1452843702.jpg user296600_pic1557734_1454394703.jpg user296600_pic1561682_1455171663.jpg user296600_pic1561683_1455171663.jpg

    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Hope you guys enjoy! Comments always welcome!

    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    Great selection and pics Tony! I was a long time follower over at IC and its great to see you here. I just popped 6 of the Pureknowlege Sour Bubble he put us for the 420 fund raiser over at SeedBay a few years back.

    How dose the Gorilla Bubble do in veg compaired to strait Sour Bubble and where can a little guy like me that lives in BFE get a hold of these seed. Thank you for the continued commitment to qualify! :)
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    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    Nice!!! I want that Gorilla bubble!! Where in the US can we get these. Saw none of them available at GLG. Come to think of it I have never seen any of your stock there.:peace:
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    KingBlunted Well-Known Member

    Any idea of the thc content? Ever tested? Looks impressive right off the bat ...but was JW.
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    greendiamond9 Well-Known Member

    I think they are being dropped on 4/20
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    D_Urbmon Well-Known Member

    beautiful super frosty flowers!

    drgroove Well-Known Member

    beautiful everything :)
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    thewanderer718 Well-Known Member

    That looks AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!
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    tonygreen Well-Known Member

    Hey Perro, thanks for the kind words brother! I really can't say enough of good things about my man Pureknowledge, not only did he put sour b in my hands he taught me alot and always treated me with respect and kindness. I am 100 percent youll find something nice in those 6, be sure to clone her!

    Hey littlegiant sorry you missed em man. Last time was my first public drop and they went super fast.
    It took me a long time to get sour bubble, i missed every drop until my man PK hooked me up. I hate missing out like that! I am trying to make a lot more this time so they should be in stock for awhile. I am focusing on doing things right and stress testing all of my plants in my projects so I will never be able to drop 20-30 strains a year like some big guys but you can be sure whatever i put out will have work gone into it and it will be nice!

    Well no way to test by me but they are being grown in alot of different places now so I hope we will have some test results sometime soon. If ll goes well she will be overseas in the cup on 4-20 in the dam. Also RB-26 is planningon testing her out in his new build out, he is cool as hell and big on testing so I am hoping to see some results from him sometime. So far all we have is our heads. I try to be wary of breeder bias so I go by what the folks that run em have been saying and it has been real good reviews so far. Short answer: hopefully soon dude!

    Really thanks for the kind words guys, been workin hard on em.

    As far as how she grows. Well Sour B was my grail for my back spasms and pain but it vegs so slow I could never keep enough, so that started my early work, I had been doing progeny tests for a awhile before me and dan decided to do this so being familiar with the line made things good. I am very pleased with how i came out.
    They start off as seedlings looking like its gonna be sour b painful veg but they start growing faster and faster, by teen age they explode, one thing she loves her root space so be generous, she will use it and reward you. They grow much faster, excellent vigor and the branching is aggressive, they are also impressively stockier than the gg4 and the majority of phenos may not need much support if at all, all while maintaining vigor and branching.

    We are calling the sour b leaners super sour bubble phenos because they grow so much faster and branch and yield better. I consider these traits to be improved.

    Yield has been confirmed to be increased from both the sour b and the gg4.
    Connoisseur quality smoke, trich coverage and bud density with commercial yield potentials make her exciting.

    I have been running through the family line in every way imaginable and progeny testing the whole, it has been quite some work thats why have focused on the GB and getting it right. I am very excited for the Bx1F1 coming ou 4-20, there should be many homozygous gene pairs to play with... The added structure has become reliable, trich coverage has been excellent to amazing across the board, terpene profiles still have some good variance which has been turning out multiple keepers for consideration per pack... The BX line I am working toward the glue side and the filial will remain the super sour bubble spawning grounds :D They will begin to differentiate a bit as we go. The Bx1F1 is gonna be similar to the filial but a bit more vigorous yet!

    The very first pic is the cup entry this year if all goes well and the entry makes it over safe.. *fingers crossed*

    Hopin for decent showing!
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    420nstargazer Well-Known Member

    Always love looking at gb pics, looks great tony
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    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    We will be waiting for your beans on 420!! Thanks...:peace:
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    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    they are some greazzy lookin ladies tony!
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    jm 420

    jm 420 Member

    good looking girls tg
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