GH Maxibloom?

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    full of purple

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    This is the thread that made me want to try maxi bloom only from veg to flower
    I do add a little clonex in veg and flower with the silica not sure if it helps but havnt seen any wrong from it
    My new complete line up
    So far I'm 2 weeks into flower this is my complete mute line up
    Around 50 dollers total from hydro shop

    From cutting to harvest
    Don't even waste money on rooting hormone any more
    Clone straight into coco

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    Downhomedude Member

    How much of each do you use?
    Mariano Gomes

    Mariano Gomes Active Member

    Type in google maxibloom lucas formula or maxibloom k.i.s.s. method


    CJS SPARTANS Well-Known Member

    I've been using maxi bloom for some time,I've tried others but I always switch back to maxi , like another user sayed tho it will require extra cal mag and other supplements, and you'll definatly need to monitor your ph and ppm , cheap on Amazon I'd recommend the yellow ph meter with a black cap work great and adjustable.

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