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    Read some good info on GH Maxibloom, where all you need is a 1 Tsp to a gallon of water for a whole grow and get really good results. Has anyone used these nutes before? Do you give your plants 1tsp of these nutes everytime you water??

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    no one knows anything about these nutes or if there ok and they work??

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    I've also heard good things. Not so much here on RIU, but elsewhere. I have some Maxibloom on the way and looking forward to keeping it simple.

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    Mr yellow do you know if you feed every watering? and if its ok to use distilled water

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    I'm not an expert and just sharing with you the information I have found.

    Some feed everyday, others alternate feed/water. I think it really depends on the plant and what it's telling you. I'm going to start off alternating feed and water, if the plants look healthy I'll keep it there. If they start to show deficiencies I'll bump it up. I think using distilled water will be fine. Some using RO or distilled water have found the need to supplement with CalMag. One last thing, MB tends to lower the pH of your water. Instead of using pH up, I've read of others using a Silicone supplement to up the pH.

    Hope this helps. There's a huge thread on icmag regarding KISS, check it out if you have some time.

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    I tried them awhile back... I've always been pro powders.... i hate buying water hahaha. But yeah... it was okay.. I found myself running to the store to buy calmag too often... i ended up switching back to my gro and bloom terra from supernatural... I never had deficiencies with supernatural... The GH stuff isn't as concentrated either.... And i also do feed/feed/water.... seems to work well for me...

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    devk, try those against supernatural, then you'll be really surprised!

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    The GH stuff isn't as concentrated either LOL is this a joke

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    It isn't look at the numbers.. the maxi bloom is a 5-15-14 where as the bloom terra is a 15-31-14... Higher numbers = higher concentration = you use less = you saving money.
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    GHOPZZ - Did you look into this anymore? Plan on trying it?

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    Hello I am a big Maxi supporter! i have used most everything and keep coming back to maxi! the best way i find to use it is! 7grams per gallon of tap water! Watch your ph it will drop out! ( i dont have that issue and have to lower my ph with lemon juice) Maxi is a bloom fert, not a bloom enhancer! you can use most any bloom enhancer that you want with maxi bloom! this is my per gallon schedule! You might need to adjust as needed!
    start of veg!
    7 grams of maxibloom
    5 ml of cal mag
    7ml of molasses
    adjust ph as needed ( i run mine around 5.6-6.2)

    week 1-2 of flower
    5 grams of maxi
    2ml of koolbloom liquid(GH)
    5ml of cal-mag
    7ml of molasses
    adjust ph as needed

    2 weeks before you flush
    3 grams of maxi
    1 gram of koolbloom powder(strong stuff)
    5 ml of cal-mag
    7 ml of molasses
    add just ph as needed!

    transition from week 3 to 2 weeks before flush
    7 grams maxi
    5ml cal-mag
    7 ml molasses
    adjust ph as needed

    flush with flushing agent twice and water from then on!

    I feed every watering! once per week, the day after i feed i add 400 ml of ewct to the soil of each plant!
    I have ran this same formula in soil and dwc with great results! to mix maxi(which sucks) mix it with a half gallon of warm water and shake your ass of for 5 mins! My wife does it for me but she has 38dd so its fun to watch!! LOL
    hope this helps B safe
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    Great info. Have you run Maxi without bloom enhancer?

    budybong Member

    Yes i have ran maxi without bloom enhancers and it does great as a stand alone fert! Produces fat, juicey, frosty buds! It is your best bet to run a crop or two with out any enhancers to get a feel for maxi! Some strains I have to adjust the formula slightly others no need! You have gotta watch your ph closely!!!! Buy a pool ph tester( the ones that use drops) there like $6. I run my ph around 6 and this works good!
    Now with the enhancers WOW!! Rock hard, Snow covered, dripping with goodness! just as good if not better than the Complete AN line! I will say if you got the extra cash to throw away and love headaches AN will produce very high quality nugs!
    My whole fert line cost me anywhere from $100-$130 for a full stocking! But the only ones you replace on a regular basis is the cal mag, lemon juice, and molasses! A whopping $20 every 2-3 months. Maxibloom 2.2lbs bag is around $13 and last me 8-9 months! Koolbloom liquid and powder last a very long time! Flushing agent last 6 months! Now AN complete line is more than i can add up in my head atm! Its alot and every 6 months if your lucky! I really need start a maxibloom grow here! Soon maybe soon! Bsafe

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    i want to know is maxibloom and dry koolbloom better then earth juice seablast bloom and earth juice bloom master? which one do you guys recommend?

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    Cant say if one is "better" than the other but I like the fact that I can use Maxibloom through the entire grow at 7g/gal and get great results. Simple, relatively inexpensive and consistent.
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    I ran straight maxiGROW this time. Works great.
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    Hope everybody has a good season ![​IMG]

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    I've had great results with Maxibloom in hydro without any other additives. In fact, I find additives are a waste of time and money; no additive makes up for crappy genetics and they can quickly damage the plant if misused, something that is not difficult to do.

    At the moment, I am running Floranova because I had a problem with white water mold in my reservoir and Floranova acts to eliminate this pathogen from growing. How or why, I have no idea (but probably due to the organic components), but if it were not for that, I'd use Maxibloom exclusively.

    For soil of soiless mix, I would water with a somewhat weaker-than-recommended nutrient solution for every watering.

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