Getting In Touch With Admin


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i would like to chat with admin about mayb adding an alternative seed source instead of the ones currently offered.. please let me know how i can get ahold of admin to talk about this.. thank you


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I have not been able to get onto Nirvana, it just says its down for Maint. for the last 2 days. Does anyone know whats going on?


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Hello Rollitup (Enforcer),

I too would like to advertise. I am looking to start a group of California (licensed!) MMJ patients that reside in the Southern California area. The group would be non-profit (ie: I foot the tab), free to folks and would be a sort of "seed of the month" club, where folks could log in and exchange information, photo's, learning points, etc. based on their experiences growing out the seed of the month (quarter). The seed and focus would be on indoor cultivation of a practical sativa. Hopefully this site would give some element of enjoyment, happiness, etc. for those that have an MMJ illness.

Now I don't have a site yet, but I could create one in a Jiffy. Having had experience in magazine publishing, I know that marketing/distribution are bigger challenges than IT. I'd be happy to pay whatever the going rate is for advertising this seed/growing cooperative. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you.


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click contact us and select advertising, as for nirvana shop we are working on a new sponsor for seeds. Wait till you guys see who we have lined up :)


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old but nirvana sucks...

Rollitup you should have attitde be the seedbank advertised on this site...since their reliable and they dont suck like nirvana..