Ganjaluvrs Drying & Curing Broken Down into Understandable English

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    Most old-timers i have checked out on here like to cut right after lights turn on. don't buy into all the 48 hours dark or whatever.

    They hay smell comes from lack of oxygen. go over to "a perfect cure every time" thread and start at the last page and go backwards, taking in what qwizoking says. He understands and explains it better than i could.
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    zander19 Well-Known Member

    Love it thanks brotherbongsmilie

    Tondo17 Member

    Good thread but my question is I live in east Texas with high temps and high humidity it's almost July and I have one girl that I'll be harvesting in about a week any advice on drying and curing outside with 75% + humidity with 90 degree temps inside isn't an option

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    I harvest a lot of tRees outdoors about 300 plants of 4 strains (white widow, vanilla kush, amnesia haze and ak 47) am in Africa always having problems with drying and curing.. I only trim of the leaves after I have hanged it for about a week bcos it's easy to trim of the leaves when dry cus the trees are many.. any advice for me????

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    Sorry in a time crush at the moment.
    I'm asking In case I don't read it anywhere in this blog and forget to ask.
    In Ed rosenthal's text book of how to grow in a lame 2 or 3 paragraphs explaining about "curing" he says that during the first 5 days in which the cells of that plant are still alive after harvesting you need to expose them to a dim light so that over the course of the five days the plant uses the last bit of clyraphl it has and converts it to simple sugars (cannabinoids). I have read many blogs about curing and very few mention the light in fact about 70 percent, haha, say no light. Ed explains what's happening in the plant yet doesn't mention intensity or not what type of light. So my question does anyone know what kind of light (led floresent, uvb, hps mh)? I've dried my poorly grown stuff with one single t5 bulb going 24hrs for the first 5 days and they were very smooth but low on turps...I believe because of my novice gr9wing experience .
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    Well that's a confidence booster.

    Mr_Moodee Member

    Thanks for writing this!! I tried some of the other methods on other harvest/cure threads but didn't get the smell or taste that I wanted or should have had. I don't want to waste another harvest so i am going to try this method. I have some Strawberry Cake and some OG kush that is about ready to harvest. I will report back on the results. thanks again because this thread was needed like a mofo.

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    I cut. I trim. I hang in a dark closet. I wait 3-4days. I put in brown paper bag for 1day. I jar the next day & burp every 4-6 hours for 2 days. I burp once a day for 3-6 days. I wait at least 2-3wks (checking periodically) to smoke.... That's it!

    Note: I also use Boveda 62% packs & humidity meters in my jars to keep an eye on humidity while curing.
    I've tried flushing & putting in total darkness for 48 hrs (also tried 24hrs) before cutting but I honestly could not tell the difference, so now I don't bother.
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    Youth89 Member

    Sometimes the stem will crack towards the hanging part but will still be bendy or moist toward the bud part of the stem.

    Do you wait for it to crack at the bud part too?; since the smallest bud's on the stem will dry faster than the main nug when in the hang-dry method.


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    Rude awakening for me...Chopped 4 of 16 plants and hung them for 2 days. They seemed pretty dry so I jarred them up with hygrometers to check moisture levels. I was surprised by 55% RH! The problem is that the RH in my garage is in the 20's and that literally sucks those freshly hung plants dry almost overnight. Wondering if sticking a boveda in the jars might help. I'd be happy with 55% or a bit higher for end cure, but not too excited about 55% as a starting point. Any thoughts/comments?

    Fogdog Well-Known Member

    I had trouble dialing in a heated drying tent that I set up in my cool but humid unheated barn. My first run came in like yours, registering 55% in the jar. Humidity in the jar crept up to 58% over time . I didn't want to mess with it and just left it in the jar and monitored using hygrometer. Now, after 2 months, it tastes and smokes fine.. Humidity is still around 57% - 58% in sealed jar, no Boveda pack and 60 - 65 F storage temp. I'll add Boveda packs now, for long term storage.

    Just saying that your situation sounds a lot like mine.
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    Aksala49 Active Member

    Well, mine aren't budging up at all even in sealed jars. Will just have to be careful of my "hang time" when I chop the rest. The other thing that bugged the hell out of me was the lack of odor throughout the whole grow. I've got a carbon filter and an ozone generator and have not come close to using either one. Some posts mention that "hay or lawn grass" odor. I don't even have that. The plants are 3 varieties of short auto indicas packed into a fairly small space...should end up with 1.5 oz dry from each one.

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