Ganjaluvrs Drying & Curing Broken Down into Understandable English

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    Yup, people make things harder then they really are sometimes... even I myself am guilty of this. It happens! But.. what I have done for everyone.. is broken down the drying and curing process.. to where even the NOOBS can understand how to properly dry.. and cure their pride and loved harvest.

    Alright, as for drying... this is probably the easy part compared to the curing process.. but again.. even curing isn't that difficult.

    On the day of your harvest... you need to do the following: Hang your buds up.. with some type of string/thread or even fishing line will work. Hang them up.. and ONLY let them dry.. until ONLY the outer sides of the buds feel dry.. AND.. the stem BENDS (might even crack some and thats okay) but doesn't BREAK. (if the stem breaks in two when bent.. you have "over dried" the buds.. or in other words.. you have let out too much if not all of the buds moisture content.. and its pretty much too late now.. it can be fixed.. but its a pain in the ass.. and no matter if it gets fixed or not.. the final product will NOT taste/smell/smoke like it would have if done properly.)

    You don't want to wait until the stem breaks. Why? well, because by this time.. you have waited too long.. and the buds water content has dropped way to low in percentage by this time (possible to 0%). When air drying.. you want to wait until the outer part of the bud feels dry.. and the stem bends.. but doesn't break. Then you can start your curing.

    Once the outer side of the buds are dry.. and the stems BEND but doesn't BREAK into two pieces.. this is the optimal time to start the "curing process".

    Now, let me explain some things to everyone.

    you need to be careful with what information you chose to read and follow. Why? Because the internet is filled with all kinds of information.. good and bad.. not only good and bad.. but some of it is correct.. but.. some of it is also incorrect. In fact, 70% of the material you read on the internet about growing cannabis.. is actually incorrect. Why so much incorrect info? Well, its sad to say.. but 70% of the information (articles) you read about growing cannabis.. is incorrect because its mostly written by young immature teenagers that "think" they know it all.. but in fact they don't know what they're talking about. It's true! If you want some correct and GOOD information on growing.. check out hightimes magazine or just simply go and buy yourself a few books on growing... that way you know the information is at least %99 if not %100 correct because its generally written by experts (people that actually KNOW what the hell they're talking about).

    The curing process runs on the same principles as your plants light cycles. You cure in cycles.. once the outer edges of the bud is dry.. and the stem bends but doesn't break.. and you have put your buds into your jars and have the lids on.. wait 12 hours until you open the lids of the jars. During this 12 hours.. the moisture from inside the middle of the buds has slowly made its way (evaporated) out of the bud.. but has no way to escape because the lids are still on the jars thus trapping in all that moisture. The evaporating moisture also makes a rise in the humidity inside the jars.. and since its still trapped inside the jars.. it rehydrates the buds to a certain point. Finally, after the first 12 hours of having the lids on.. take the lids off. The buds should feel a little damp again (but not too wet.. if they feel like a fresh harvested bud.. then you need to air dry them for a few more days.. also if they didn't re-hydrate then you've let them air dry too long.) After inspecting the buds to make sure they got a little re-hydrated from being in the jar for 12 hours.. just leave the lid(s) off of your jar(s) for a good 2 to 4 hours to let the fresh moisture on the buds evaporate.. then put the lids back on.. and repeat the cycle. See how its kinda like the light cycle? Like that one would be 12hrs/2hrs or 12hrs/4hrs. See how that works now?

    Each time you put the lid on.. the humidity inside the jar(s) will slowly evaporate the moisture from inside the middle of the bud as well as the stem thats inside the middle of the bud... thus raising the humidity level inside the jar like I said before... then each time you take the lid off.. your letting that new evaporated moisture from the middle of the bud.. and the stem thats in the middle of the bud.. evaporate. So, see.. each cycle of lid on/lid off which is one complete cycle.. your taking out the moisture bit by bit.. from inside the middle of the bud (and the stem thats inside the middle of the bud).

    Now.. you don't want to just keep on repeating cycles until the buds are 100% dry. You want to leave around 10% to 15% water content inside the middle of the buds.. once they get to around that level of water content.. you can then put them back into their jar(s) and store them without having to worry about "burping" the jars. Also, at this point.. the buds are not only smokable.. but they will smell and taste like they should!

    There ya go.. hopefully I have broken this down so that the ones that don't understand.. now understand. :wink: (if you still don't get it, you probably never will.. and IMO.. you should change professions... because growing isn't for you)


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    anomolies Well-Known Member

    quick question though.. not to make this harder but it's a legit question...

    At what point is there absolutely no risk of mold? Once the outside is dry and you begin the curing process? Or week into curing?

    Cus I'm scared to leave the lid on for a couple days straight..

    You say to leave 15% water content but obviously that's hard to judge.

    TheDude007 Member

    Buy a humidor, like they use for cigars. Very good post OP, + rep. And very well said about 70% of the info on marijuana being incorrect....It's astonishing how much bad info you can acquire reading forums and websites. ASTONISHING. One could easily be misled into doing something incorrectly.

    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    Is there a time range for curing?
    I mean if I don't pack a bunch in the jar, just loose??
    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    Also ganja my friend....don't forget the time frames! Good cured buds usually cure for about 2-3 weeks....GREAT cured bud usually goes AT LEAST a month or more in the jar before it's smoked or donated(sold) to your patients. 3 months would be fucking ideal. I saw fdd cure buds for a year once....he said the high almost knocked him out. :D

    So...remember patience is very important as well...if you smoke all your buds before they finish curing what you gonna smoke later :D

    Good info. Needs some more punctuation bud good none the less :D Thanks for setting the record straight.

    canefan Well-Known Member

    Great post +rep, I've been saying the samething for years. I hope people understand the importance of this part of their grow. On a personal note, I enjoy leaving mine to cure for 6 months or more before I put them into everday smoke rotation. mmmmmm:weed:
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    Budsmoker187 Well-Known Member

    Do u completely trim fan leaves and as many sugar leaves from the plant before you hang it?
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    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I think this is more of a personal preference.. I've seen people leave the little bud leafs (the little sugar coated ones).. but then again I've also seen and heard of people trimming those off as well.

    I think if you were to leave the little sugar coated ones.. I think that could possibly give the buds more of a "green" taste. But I'm not 100% on that because I've heard people say that leaving the little sugar leafs actually gives the buds a sweeter taste. So.. again I'm not really sure on this. I mean I am.. but I would rather have some more opinions on this question.

    I personally.. trim the little sugar leafs.. and keep them separate from the fan leafs. I do that for a couple of reasons:

    1. the small sugar leafs are excellent for making hash with.. and of course are more potent than fan leaf's.
    2. IMO, the less leaf material you leave on the buds... the less "green" taste you'll have once the buds are dried and then cured.

    Hope that helps you out some. But again, someone should start a thread about this.. its a good debate. ;)


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    No problem. I myself.. had wasted 2 complete harvests (well not wasted.. I made hash with them) But yeah I finally just sat down.. and slowly figured it out because I wasn't about to waste another harvest. But yeah, once I finally figured it out... it all made sense to me... and I began writing my own article on Drying & Curing.. in hopes to help all my fellow tokers/growers understand how its actually done.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading everyone!! Glad I could help.


    KNUCKLES420 Active Member

    How would you do really large amounts, I have way to much for jars but want a great cure. Great post thanks
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    Countryfarmer Active Member

    Fdd says he uses turkey bags.
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    JrOne424 Well-Known Member

    This should be Sticky! Anyway +Rep son.
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    k2daalvin Well-Known Member

    I don't want to distract from your very we'll put together post on "DRYING & CURING", but i do believe it is quite vague.

    my drying and curing process is very similar, i will just explain it in a very short summary starting with the flush a week before harvest.

    1. flush for 1 week.

    2. cut down and give them a quick trim (i remove all fan leaves, and side sheer to get the basic shape of the nug)

    3. hang dry for 4-6 days (wait until stems make a cracking noise, but does NOT completely snap in two)

    4. brown paper bag them over night.

    5. jar emm all up into your preferred storage jars

    6. burp jars every 4 hours for the first 2 days

    7. now just burp the jars every day or 2 for 2 months.

    ::::2 months later::: your jars smell INCREDIBLE

    thats just my process, yours sounds very similar ganjaluvr +rep and thank you for this post...

    8erich2 Member

    good post man you know what your talking about. I do the same same thing with the drying but with curing I keep the lid closed for 24-48 hours and keep it open for 6-12 hours i do this for 3-4 weeks and comes out great. Nice and stinky.

    chiefsmokey Member

    I assume this is all done in the dark?

    k2daalvin Well-Known Member

    i grow in a tent, so i hang dry in my light proof tent with my inline fan on for 4-6 days, then jar and keep in the tent.. my entire grow is smell proof..

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    Weedoozie Well-Known Member

    Very informative, Ganjaluvr! Thank you for this, it was exactly what I was looking for :)

    TheEarlOfTea Member

    Great post, thank you.


    Future858 Member

    Nice read, rep+
    joshua dunn

    joshua dunn Member

    i am anew grower and u explained the curing process better than cervantes. peace, pot, microdot

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