Future harvest (hollands secret) dont hear much about it?

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    Was just wondering if anyone has any expirence with it, or are using it. I have used it when i first started hydro in a ebb and flo. Then went on to try another that i cant think of the name right now but tried lucas formula which i knew better. I now believe it to be a joke and waste of time and nutrient. But hollands secret you know is nice and clear yellow no dark ass stuff, except for super b which i wont be putting in my aero flo. It is cheaper than advanced just a small amount, does advanced nutrient remain clear or do they have dark micro i think i i remember micro being the dark colored stuff right? Its been a minute since i got to play with any nutes got cobwebs... so ya all im really wanting to hear is from people who have used hollands secret or why someone wouldnt use it. Thx.

    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    This shit fucking kills the rest. Imho look how clear it is at 1000 ppm with cali magic

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    I use it in a drip system. I need to clean my 2 filters daily as they clogg tremendously. I'm using the entire line

    sleepless_canuck Well-Known Member

    I've had clogging issues as well.

    But fantastic results.

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