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    Where can I take the class?

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    Hey guys (and gals)

    There is a Free workshop in Chicago on Friday that you might want to check out now.
    In case the link doesn't work, here are the details.

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      [TD="class: _51m- vTop fbEventLocationInfo _51mw"]Roosevelt University 425 S Wabash Ave Room 616 Chicago, IL 60605 [/TD]
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      [TD="class: _51m- vTop _51mw"]Yes, Medical Cannabis is legal in the state of Illinois starting January 1st of 2014.
      Will it help you?
      How do I sign up?
      Where do I get it?

      All these questions and more will be addressed at our FREE Workshop. (Donations are welcome. They will go towards future events.)
      Illinois has been waiting a long time for Medical Cannabis. Now that it is here, it is a very complex set of rules for patients to navigate.

      Our organization has been involved in getting information about Medical Cannabis to patients since 2009. Now, more than ever, patients need this information. We are patients helping patients.

      Check out our FREE workshop and educate yourself about:
      What cannabis can do for your body.
      What legal implications being a patient will have in your life.
      When to expect everything to happen.

      Bring a friend or better yet, bring a family member. This is a time in America's history that is to be noted. Not because of laws changing, but because something that was once perceived as not being good, is now coming into the light and being seen as the beneficial plant that it is. People are transforming from criminals to patients in the eyes of the general public.

      Be in the know! Even if you are not sick, what you learn here at our workshop could save someone you love from a world of suffering.

      It is my understanding that this venue will be wheelchair accessible.

      For parking guide and public transportation schedules please click here http://www.roosevelt.edu/CampusCommunity/Wabash/MapsAndDirections.aspx

      A hearty "Thank You" to our friends at SSDP Roosevelt University chapter for hosting the event.

      I look forward to meeting you.

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    I am going to be throwing my name in the hat for a dispensary and possibly a cultivation center if I can get the right investor for that. There will be 60 dispensaries licenses issued during the pilot. There will also be 22 cultivation licenses issued, one per police district. Application fee is $5,000 and license fee of $25,000 annually. They have to be run as NFP and as such will need a board of directors. Anyone with experience opening or managing a retail facility in any of the other medical states that is interest PM me. @mikek420 would love to bring some one in that is close to the law. We would be competing for Police district 2, which is the district just west of Chicago with Elgin, IL being the likely target location due to population numbers.
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    one more month and the law kicks in for us... but what will I do... will I go back to cali... will I venture to Colorado... or will I stay here..... hmmmmm

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    Getting the money to open up your cultivation center is the easy part! Getting the license is absolutely impossible I know how to grow, i've got the money to open a warehouse, i'll take any state police district in the state. Can i get one of the 22 licenses? If you think you can you're dreaming! The cultivation center licenses be given by the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture headquartered in Springfield, Il. It's all politics and cronyism. Lou Lang wrote up a shitty bill cause that's the only way it would get passed. If you're a grower this state sucks! I was so excited following the House and Senate bill and now i'm just heart broken. The only hope for Illinois is that once this 4 year pilot program ends they let us grow at home. Of course, that will never happen because the cultivation centers/dispensaries will all say they're broke (and haven't made a profit) and it's all because Illinois is not allowing enough patients. Therefore, the new push will be more patients to buy at the overpriced dispensaries. To make a long story short the legalization in Illinois sucks! I would have been 1000 times happier if they allowed us to grow even 1 plant.

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    I haven't seen any changes to state law as of yet concerning growing. last I checked up to 6 plants was a misdemeanor... but in this state I'd be scared to see what time/fines they slap on that misdemeanor. there's no differentiating between plants and seedlings so they would prolly count them all one n the same. hell they would probably count the seeds as potential plants/profits add that to the "1/4 million street value" number they pick out of thin air. When in actuality all you are tying to do is not support the overpriced blackmarket.... well most of you atleast.

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    with the corruption in Illinois I think the outfit will have a strong influence on the local mmj game... or whats left of the outfit after operation family secreats

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    dude ive seen gang bangers get ibonded out for selling crack and heroin.... cook county is not worried worried about a couple plants..... a good lawyer will even get the case dropped... ive seen crazier shit happen... my boy beat 3 murders but got locked up on an attempted murder charge later dropped to a.d.w. and dropped again to unlawfull discharge of weapon.. u worry too much... money talks bullshit walks... just don't let the feds get involved

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    0-5= Class A misdemeanor
    6-20= Class 4 felony 1-3yr. prison
    21-50= Class 3 felony 2-5yr. prison
    51-200= Class 2 felony 3-7yr. prison
    >200= Class 1 felony 4-20yr. prison

    Simple possession:
    10-30 grams= Class 4 felony1-3yr. prison

    I guess we can't complain too much cause in most states a seedling is an automatic felony facing much more time.

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    Any new info now that the bill is in affect?

    acellular Member

    The departments have 3 months to come up with the rules/regulations. We will know more on 04/01/14.

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    Hurry up april and dont make us fools for this bill lol im waiting anxiously

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    I wouldn't be "waiting" for anything government related. My prediction, first med crop won't be seen this year. And if these regs do get pushes thru, they will be full of loopholes and will be riddled with problems. Mmj is likely being viewed by politicians as a way to generate money more so than provide people with medicine. This state is dissfuctional, and with likely be the model for how not to legalize Mmj.

    mikek420 Well-Known Member

    Most everything that goes on in this state is somehow corrupt or bad and not as good as other states. One of my coworkers is convinced that we have to give up 2nd amendment rights to get mmj. I know there won't be a crop this year... but I'm still going to crop. I just gotta watch my back for 342 more days or something :)

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    For dispensaries to sell the pot, state officials proposed a $5,000 nonrefundable application fee, proof of $400,000 in assets, a $30,000 permit fee and a yearly permit renewal fee of $25,000.

    ​For cultivation centers, the Department of Agriculture proposed a $25,000 nonrefundable application fee, $250,000 in liquid assets, payment of $200,000 upon approval of a permit and a renewal fee of $100,000.


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    Hello new illinois friends

    I just accepted a job in a northwestern suburb of chicago. I am coming from detroit, where possession of an oz or less is just a ticket with no criminal charge for anyone 21 or older, and we have dispenseries scattered around the state. Pot is generally taken lightly by everyone around here, how is chicagoland going to compare?

    chr0n1cz Member

    So will there have to be legitimate schools for growing to get a job in a cultivation center? If so, As soon as one opens i plan on attending. I mean, They just can't assume that people already know how to grow even though it's always been illegal. Can they?

    charface Well-Known Member

    I doubt it.
    You can be a shitty cook and still
    open a restraunt.
    Food handlers card and taxes will suffice.

    Growers will "weed" themselves out
    via testing or going broke.
    A case of mites or mold will be very expensive if they find them in your crop.

    I think there are gonna be very few that will make it more than a year or two unless they can afford to out of pocket
    employees and everything else.

    It would be tricky unless everything goes
    perfect everytime.

    mikek420 Well-Known Member

    I wanna know what it will take to land a job tho. This is where I'm going with my life, and it would be best to be able to get a paycheck from it. My other option was to move to Co since I could get a job there, but the expense and the being far far away from everything I know... I'm about to enroll in the csu cannabis college so I can get a certificate that says I'm good to grow. They said they'd be able to help find a job. I would much rather stay here in Illinois though just cause I'm already here

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