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    I'm so excited. :P sucks that it's gonna be the strictest state though.

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    Great to see ILLINOIS taking steps to go GREEN but in my opinion it sounds like Springfield wants to "corner the market" on the med hemp while leaving the same laws in place. My question is--- why is it ok to consume state grown weed but it is a felony if I want to just grow my own supply of medicine?
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    Its basically just another way for the govt to control the industry and make more money doing it. Thats all its ever about, make money. Sad but true...
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    how can they lie and steal from you if you are growing your own? this is the only reason i can comprehend as to why they left that out. Quite ignorant IMO but hopefully it will still bring local pricing down a tad and maybe more concentrates into the market. I know they gotta be around but they are eluding me.. but then again my Chicagoland connects are thin, few and far between. I stopped growing for a bit cause I was loosing my home to foreclosure (still here though) didn't want to risk coming home to my furniture in the front yard and local piggys dancing around with my beautiful babies. been a long ass 8 months lemme tell ya. Can't wait to put the sticky thumb to work again, PS Roots organics does wonders for tomatoes. Fucking things are beasts, only fertilized twice.

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    hell yeah one step closer to freeeeedom
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    I gotta brag about this guys. A good friend of mine, ok my best friend for the last 12 years works for a certain someone in IL. My friend is very politically motivated, but he is also a very GREEN friendly dude. I had a recent conversation with him, where he told me about how much work he PERSONALLY did to influence Pat Quinn to sign that bill. I'm not saying my friend took Gov. Quinn's hand and made him sign the bill, but he lobbied like a mofo trying to get this passed. Oh, yes, my friend works as a personal assistant for the Gov. I'm gonna be getting all the heads up details. According to my source, they are in the process of setting up legal grow schools, it looks like a one year class on growing for the state, the dispensaries are all gonna be state operated (and guess who is a good person to hire for that buddy ol' pal huh huh huh?? lol) so you must go through this schooling to be able to do that. I heard on the radio today that the federales aren't gonna do much to the states that legalized for recreational use, GO GREEN!!!! MO is trying hard to go green too. I'm hoping that I can get more info and keep people updated!
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    the dispensary licensing process is still under review, he says that no one at this time knows anything about it, but I'll keep updates as long as I get them, he said probably about a year before they open, and they got, by my calendar 4 months before they said they'd be up and running. NO job openings yet, for any part of Illinois, I'm not looking to hire anyone, but if I see anything going, I can post the qualifications here later. They're gonna really leave us open for the full punishment of the law with this one though, background checks, fingerprint scans, basically letting the feds know who/what/where/when. But I have heard the feds aren't gonna do anything to Washington and whatever the other state was (sorry I was ripped when it came on the radio) for their legalizing for personal use.

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    Is it correct that you need at least $500, 000 liquidation cash to get started? I was told that is the first thing they look at.

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    I'm not sure, but Illinois is not letting private growers grow. There will be a class that you will have to take, and you will "graduate" and get a certificate saying that you are legal to grow, but under their rules. There is not much news coming out, I'm begging for more info, but that part of the bill has not been written yet, there is a lot of red tape. and not much "known" stuff going on, but I'll be sure to post anything I know for a fact.

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    Welcome back bro....we're ready to see those led's kick ass again!!

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    ill state!!!!!!!!! but id leave this bitch in a heartbeat for Colorado... lol

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    I hope they understand that most people that will be approved for this is on disability and does not have much money, like me. Since we will not be able to grow our own i hope the prices are reasonable enough to actually buy it. You would think that it would be a little cheaper than states where the patient can also grow his/her own as well as buy.

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    Hopefully whoever owns the dispensary will be able to set their price, and will be able to set it at a low enough market value. If they see it as a means to help people, and not a way to fatten their wallet, I think more good will come from it, with lower prices. I really wish IL was going to allow personal growers, but sadly that is not how the law is written, now
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    EXACTLY.........this state is shitty as fuck all about the corrupt politicians ............. besides the shit that will be cultivated here medicinally will probably have more chemicals in it than brick weed................ and theres nothing "medicinal" about carcinogenic chemicals that are also found in tobacco.

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    here on the southside 773 we have an abundance of oil and wax but you gotta know the right people, and I can guarantee that when they finally get their act together and bring in the first cultivation and the first patients there will be no "true" cbd rich strains such as harlequin, charlottes web, etc where other states such as CO are excelling at,,,, whos the real criminals in this shitty state?

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    Wish I could acquire.

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    Fellow ILLinois resident here man, tell your friend thanks! I have close family around me that would greatly benefit from this law But can u point me to somewhere I can find updates on the bill? Or have u heard anything new? On the growing school program. And also dispensary info
    Thanks man

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    just tryen to figure out the new updates on the app for droid. way fucking better. fellow illstate homeboy. add me

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