Friend ingested propylene glycol

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    Long story short a friend drank the contents of 5 vape pens (about 2.5ml total with perhaps 0.5gr of non decarbed winterized oil) and he claimed to have been completely out! of it for 2 days. As in stoned out his mind tripping balls not being able to leave the house.
    Im perplexed could glycol perhaps work as a carrier to the thc and result in a more efficient absorption perhaps passing through the blood brain barrier?
    Has anyone come across anything like this?? This guys got a low tolerance i may add but i doubt hed be lying.
    greg nr

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    Tell swim he is an idiot, and he was likely suffering from pg toxicity, not the effects of cannabis.

    The one area in which the CDC’s toxicity profile negatively assessed propylene glycol was in the area of neurological symptoms. When taken orally and tested by patch test to find the amount of the chemical still in their system, a number of people were found to have varying degrees of neurological issues, including stupor, convulsions and other unspecified “severe mental symptoms.”​

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    Thamn you think hed get toxicity from 2ml of ingested propylene glycol?
    greg nr

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    Dunno, but I assume it was pretty pure pg. That quantity of EG would make you a very sick puppy.

    thc-a isn't psycotropic though. It's possible the distilation process decarbed it I guess, but if it was only 500 mg then he would only be out for several hours, not days.

    But why did he do it? Was he out of detergent pods?
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    You still talk to my x, @lahadaextranjera ?
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    So lets assume that half gram would have been 450ish mg if it were decarbed. But it wasnt reallt, maybe slightly
    I also wonder if it wasnt pg but p.e.g.
    Its usp if that helps

    Anyway if you figure out what happened im interested.

    charface Well-Known Member

    I have to say the heat I use to make vape juice would decarb it a bit.
    And if I ingested even 200-300mg
    I would probably hate it for a good while
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