For all you Neptunes Harvest users!!!

Ok so i sent an email to Neptune’s harvest and requested samples of their 2-4-1 fish fertilizer and 0-0-1 seaweed fertilizer. They agreed to ship samples of both directly to my home and sent me a guide on application rates of Neptune’s harvest for medical marijuana and pics of a Neptune’s harvest crop.
Here’s the guide they sent me-
Ten Week Feeding schedule - (Dirt Farming)


Wk 1- ½ Oz per gallon of water, straight liquid Seaweed.

Week 1 is the first week the young plant is put into the growing medium of your choosing, after rooting is complete.

*Watering between weeks 1 & 2 feedings, mix ½ Oz Seaweed per gallon.

Wk 2- 1 Oz per gallon, Seaweed/Fish blend.

*Watering between weeks 2 & 3 feedings, mix 1oz per gallon, straight liquid Seaweed.

Wk 3- 1 Oz per gallon, straight Fish.

*Watering between weeks 3 & 4 mix 1 Oz Seaweed & ½ Oz Fish.


Wk 4- 1 Oz per gallon Fish.

*Watering between weeks 4 & 5 mix 1 Oz Seaweed/Fish blend.

Wk 5- 1 Oz per gallon Seaweed/Fish blend.

*Watering between weeks 5 & 6, 1 Oz Seaweed.

Wk 6- 1 Oz per gallon, Seaweed/Fish blend.

*Watering between weeks 6 & 7, ½ per gallon Seaweed/Fish blend.

Wk 7- 1 ½ Oz per gallon, Seaweed.

*Watering between weeks 7 & 8, 1 Oz per gallon Seaweed.

Wk 8- 1 ½ Oz per gallon, Seaweed.

*Watering between weeks 8 & 9, 1/2 Oz per gallon Seaweed & 5 ml molasses.

Wk 9- ½ Oz per gallon, Seaweed. Watering from here to harvest use….7 ml per gallon molasses.

Crab Shell and Kelp Meal can be mixed in the soil before planting at the rate of 2% of total volume of potting mix, or 3 lbs. per 100 square feet of soil.

Hydroponics Growing


When using these products in a Hydroponics System, there are a few things to consider.

The Fish and the Blend are stabilized with Phosphoric Acid to bring the pH down to 3.5.

This process keeps the Fish from rotting and stinking. Once you add water to the Fish, the pH goes up and it is no longer stable. Because of this it must be used sparingly in a Hydroponics System, or it will start to smell like rotting fish.

Medical marijuana growers found the best results when using 5ml/gal. Of water (1oz = 29.6ml) and feeding once a week. This crop needs more nutrients then some others, so you can play with the rates somewhat, to see what works best for what you.

Grower note: "Use 5ml/gal of each product for each reservoir change (once a week), generally using more seaweed in the beginning (veg, transition) and end (last 3 weeks before harvest) and more fish in the middle of the flowering phase. As with the soil rates, knock out the fish product(s) about 3 weeks before harvest. Flush your plants properly with a couple of reservoir changes for at least a week before a hydro harvest”.

To simplify:

Veg - Week 1: 5ml/gal of seaweed & fish/seaweed

Weeks 2-6: 5ml/gal of all 3 products

Week’s 7+ 5-10ml/gal seaweed

Flush one week before harvest.

Use molasses or sweetener of your choice during the flowering cycle until flushing.

Because you’re using such a low amount, there is no odor. Also, you can try a constant feed, which will give the plants plenty of nutrients to grow.

Growers using this formula do not use any other fertilizers, and see excellent results. They are paying 1/3 less for these products, than their previous fertilizer, and it “works better”!

Any future feedback will be appreciated. This is a new segment of our business and we are constantly learning from our customers. We will update this as more information becomes available. You can learn more at or


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I know this is old but thank you so much for sharing this. I've just started 5 Nirvana Bubblelicious and I plan on sticking to this feeding schedule.

Thanks again.....+rep


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I know this is old but thank you so much for sharing this. I've just started 5 Nirvana Bubblelicious and I plan on sticking to this feeding schedule.

Thanks again.....+rep
I know this is an old post but how did the above neptunes harvest feed schedule work ? I've got a bottle kicking around and was thinking of trying it out .
Thanks in advance
Peace , love & Positive Vibes



THANK YOU for this very helpful, simple and easy to follow organic "How To Fertilize" instructional guide for neptune's harvest seaweed and fish products.

Color Coded Fertilizing. A splendid concept.
Green Label (straight seaweed 0-0-1)
Blue Label (seaweed-fish blend 2-3-1)
Orange Label (fish-seaweed blend 2-4-1).

NOTE: If you are growing Auto Flowering strains be sure to reduce the dosage amounts to 1/8 - 1/4 of what is given in the schedule because auto-flowering strains are very sensitive to nute burn caused by over-fertilizing. The advice given on auto-flowering forums is to start with 1/8 dosage and work up to 1/4 dosage to be safe.

NOTE: Also be sure to use clean water; no chlorine or chloramine. I use a product called prime (used by exotic fish breeders and aquarium hobbyists) to purify my municipal tap water. I store my treated tap water in 33 gallon plastic trash cans covered with landscaping fabric (held down with a bungee cord) which keeps out mosquitos and lets the water breathe.

This Fertilizing and Watering Schedule will surely make my initial attempt to grow weed an easier and enjoyable project. My plants (auto-flowering and regular small stature strains) will be growing in 5 gal, 10 gal, and 12.5 gal plastic air pots outdoors in dog kennels I purchased relatively cheaply with free delivery from my neighbourhood big box store.

My base growing medium mix, using a 3-quart saucepan as one "part" of the following recipe (which results in about 1 cubic foot of grow medium):
_6 Parts Sunshine Mix #4 (the 2.2 cu ft w/ purple label that has added endomycorhrizal organisms)
_2 Parts Earth Worm Castings (EWC)
_2 Parts Aeration Amendment (1 part Volcanic Pumice, 1/2 Part Organic Parboiled Rice Hulls (which have the added advantage of supplying silica)
_1/2 Part Fine Granule BioChar (or you can get what is called unadulterated non-chemically treated Cowboy Charcoal and smash it with a lump hammer into itty bitty bits)
_1 Cup Powdered Dolomitic Lime for Garden, Yard and Farm. Must be in powdered form. Do not use hydrated lime.

This base mix growing medium recipe is not my own recipe...I came across it online while searching for the subject, "organics for beginners" in order to grow my own for personal and pet use.