Foliar Feeding Anyone??

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    sour d X critical X hog is the strain, plant that's shown as my profile pic so. any good tips on curing n drying?

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    I think the better question regarding Foliar Feeding or Foliar Applications is what is the purpose for which you are Foliar Spraying your plants.

    Are you Foliar Feeding because you have a problem in your rhizosphere and nutrients are not being uptaken properly so you are trying to fix a deficiency? Are you Foliar Feeding Magnesium or Calcium to correct an issue? Are you spraying Humic and Fulvic acids to aid in nutrient uptake, or do you have soecific products that require you to apply them foliar for better application and uptake?

    I find that primarily Foliar Feeding or spraying comes down to one of the basic concerns that you are experiencing a deficiency because of a root zone issue resulting in the need to foliar spray while waiting to correct an issue. Or you have a product which is made for the purpose of foliar application such as auxins, proteins or acids that will help your plant uptake nutrients and fight off unwanted molds, funguses etc..

    At the end of the day feeding your plant via the roots is primarily the way to feed and foliar apps should only be done during a time of necessity from nutrient issues. Or the latter spraying neem oils to prevent bug attacks or potassium silicates to build stem cell structure and promote plant health.

    I do however definetely recommend foliar Spraying one of these 2 products I incorporate into all of my grows which are either: Vegamatrix 'hard-n-quik' or The Rock Nutrients "Absorbalight". I prefer the 'Hard-n-Quik' myself since it is the only regulated 100% all organic PGR available on the market. Its a complex form of sea kelp and bacteria that promotes explosive growth and tight internodal spacing and I swear by it. Absorbalight is a similar product but its not organic and I dont recommend it but it does the same type of thing for your plants. The 'Hard-n-Quik' I run @ 10 ml/gal and you soak the leaves top to bottom until runoff. Doesnt matter when you spray lights on or off it has never burned anything whatsoever, and it is worth every penny. I have done a side by side on 2 runs to make sure it wasnt just something that I convinced myself worked, the internodal spacing, branching and growth including branch size and stem was noticeably bigger as well as overall flower development. Its not very expensive either and nice thing about it is that its all organic and is actually veganic containing no animal products which is also better and peace of mind that theres no nasty hormones, diseases or any garbage of that sort which you can get from using animal based products.

    The best product I have ever used as a Foliar Application that actually works and does exactly what it claims is a product from Advanced Nutrients called 'Revive'.

    If you are experiencing salt buildup or "lockout" (i dont like this terminology or its principle) but well call it that since its commonly used in this hobby. If you have plants in late veg/early bloom that are mimicking or showing signs of Nitrogen/Iron/Sulfur/Calcium/Magnesium deficiencies than this product I have found works extremely well and does exactly what it says it will do and it works literally over night.

    I had a run a few months ago I did of a new Sour variety that was an absolute nutrient hound I couldnt feed it enough. If i wasnt hittin it every single watering with nutrients than it would lighten up and get the usual mottled, intervenal chlorosis exhibiting magnesium deficiency, and the copper round calcium deficiency spot coupled with the iron and nitrogen deficiency, I found mixing the 'Revive' @8-10 ml/gal in a Mondi sprayer and basting the top and bottom of the leaves to run off literally turned everything green and bounced right back within 24 hours (and I would use just 1ml/gal on top of my regular nutrient feeding as a follow up the next watering and its like a miracle drug)

    I was skeptical at first and didnt think that it would work but I was blown away by it and I now use it throughout my runs to keep everything nice and healthy on a bi-weekly basis at 1 ml/gal on top of my nutrient program, and I havent looked back since.

    The only other thing I would recommend people foliar spraying and once again im sure people will chime in and disagree is the use of proteins such as Harpin Proteins, auxins, giberellins and cytokinins and fulvic acids as they really can be highly beneficial to crop health and superior growth.

    Otherwise in terms of foliar applications I try to stay away from them as they can promote excess humidity and unwanted problems especially during flowering. As well all know very well. Hope this helps.

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    Also on top of that I think someone mentioned earlier is that if you are going to foliar spray you need make sure your environment is in a habitable zone so your stomatas are opening and transpiring correctly So they are able to absorb what your intending to supply it via the leaves.

    If your RH is too high and the Vapor pressure is incorrect in regards to the ambient temp and humidity than foliar spaying will just compile other issues. So make sure thats all in check before you go all crazy with the foliar spraying.

    Some people say to use a surfactant which will help make sure to get everything into the leaves it acts in a manner like paint thinner into paint and makes the molecules easier to be absorbed and uptaken. Theres plenty of products out that will work which you can add.

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    I think someone also mentioned that the plants absorb through the tissue, not just stomatas. I pretty much spray on an as need to basis, but I'm sure there could be technique developed where foliar is the main application of nutrients. There are folks here saying just that. Excess humidity is dealt with by dehumidifiers and good airflow.
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    I agree with this.
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    I know someone who tried doing an entire run using basically just a base nutrient and all other amendments and additives by foliar spraying them and there aint much to talk about. Shit was terrible. Im not gonna say that the guys is a great grower by any means as he did try and do this experiment with the forethought that he believed it would work (I told him he was wasting his time) he found out the hard way, but to each his own. Some ppl live and burn in their own solidarity and stubborness (I prefer to call it stupidity but hey to each his own).
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    I only recently paid much attention to foliar feeding. What a friend told me was during stretch the plants are growing faster than the roots can uptake, if that makes sense. OR rather they can grow faster with foliar feeding. So I spray during stretch and they are bigger, and greener for longer than when I don't. Other than that it's if there is a problem in the dirt and I need a quick remedy. I wonder if an only foliar fed plant has a pretty weak root structure.
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    i spray a light mix of no mite every couple of wks a a preventative for bugs...i obviously stop at the last 3 or 4 wks of flower...they never get phased in fact perk up and i never have bugs...knocks on wood lol

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    You shouldnt have to spray anything for bugs at all. If you keep your room clean and provide the correct atmosphere and plant health then bugs should never be an issue. Call me blessed, lucky or just smart about being clean but I have never had any bugs in any of my grows. I have heard horror stories about them though and I know once you get them they can be a persistent problem if not treated correctly.

    Only time I would say using a preventative spray is if your using composted soil or super soils as bugs will be more prone in those growin conditions as is. But neem cake and diatomaceous earth used in the mix goes along way.

    I dont like spraying anything on my girls unless its my foliar kelp application once a week.
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    uh w ya...but ive had problems in the past 27 yrs and dont wish to ever have them...therefore the preemptive approach does the plants good in many respects.and the nomite is organic....its a win me

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    That is some good stuff

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    My personal experience I LOVE foliar feeding, veg plants foliar feed with 15ml/g Rhizo, flowering plants 15ml/g Boost. My normal routine is walk around veg room check what plants need to be fed or just given a quick drink, do the same in flower, then foliar spray each room. We cut our mother plants back at least once a month because they simply got too tall. The plants absorb the spray rather quickly. If the plants are dripping when you're done the spray was a bit to heavy, you want it to look like the morning dew on the grass when you wake up.

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    Bro there is quite a bit more to foliar applications than what you've described here. Lots of growers foliar feed straight through flower.

    Folks who grow using the Albrecht style/ high brix techniques purposefully build their soils with specific profiles to take advantage of foliar products designed to be synergistic with the soil biology and mineral values.

    As always it is best to have a soil or a sap test to build a drench and or foliar feeding program around.

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    I think a better question would be a complex question for instance:
    When should you foliar feed, what are the benefits and purpose for foliar feeding and why are you foliar feeding?

    Then when should be using humic/fulvics, beneficial bacteria or PGR's such as kelp and other products intended to boost veg growth and increase plant growth rates. Itis important to know that the purpose of foliar feeding can be beneficial but can also cause other problems such as over feeding to high of a concentrate of foliat nutrients in an application. I recommend never exceeding 300-350 PPM of solution on any foliar app. I myself foliar spray kelps and benes for my plants and also spray a mag/sulphur product which I think works very weel mid way thru bloom.

    Sometimes when you have an imbalance at the roots and notice an issue that cant be readily resolved via root drench based on an issue such as salt saturation or root rot from over watering or too much light. then foliar feeding may be the way to go to balance out your plants while you are getting your rhizosphere back to good/optimal growing conditions.

    I find that many growers primarily underfeed calcium and magnesium which is often a problem with both new and advanced growers, unbeknownst to them the problem is even there and continue to feed via roots or try and up the feedings not knowing what the plants need in the first place. Products such as mag amp from Cutting Edge and Plant amp are very good supplemental calcium and magnesium solutions that IMO are the best on the market and work tremendously well for foliar applications.

    I think that people tend to go way overboard with nutrients and supplements and continue to add more and more shit into their mediums or hear people saying how great of results they are getting foliar spraying whatever products it is they use and not even knowing the purpose for what they are doing other than one of their buddies is doing it or somone online said it works so they do it and dont even know how or why it is being done.

    Foliar feeding should be done when using specific things intended for foliar applications that are intended specifically for such purpose to promote growth or to fix a problem at the roots. Trying to simply foliar feed your plants and forgetting about the importance of a good working optimal growing rhizosphere should never be overlooked because at the end of they day the roots are the backbone and spine of your plants and need to be taken care of the best way possible.

    So the purpose of foliar feeding for this post is simply trying to understand WHY you are foliar feeding: is it a root issue, is it a plant growth supp or regulator, or are you trying to solve an issue with your plants that cant be resolved immediately because of a root zone issue. And also how much, how often should you foliar feed. Including when to stop and the amount of concetrate solution you are spraying. I have seen many growers go and buy shit that someone recommended or told them about and they go and spray their crop and all of a sudden a week or so later they have all kinds of leaf issues and dont know WTF happened.

    So my best information and response to foliar feedings is to simply figure out why you want to foliar feed and for what purpose you are intending to do so, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for problems down the road. Anything from overfeeding, to mold/mildew to bugs/insects etc.. So know what you need to do and the purpose for doing so and read.. Read... Read as much information as you can so you can know if foliar feedings/spraying is the right thing for you and your garden.
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    Just feed your plants the normal way. The leaves are for exchanging gasses and transpiring. Spraying them with water just makes it harder for them to transpire (which makes it harder to pull up water from the roots).
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    So that is why your plants look like cat puke?

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    As someone else mentioned. Just focus on making sure you are giving your plants correct feedings at the roots. Once you figure out what you are doing, then foliar spraying shouldnt need to be done. Unlesd you are using a specific supp/add for your plants that works best via foliat applications.

    I find that many new and novice growers go and buy all these additives and supplemental nutrients and combine it with base nutrients thinking shit is gonna help you get bigger yields or grow bigger plants. While it most likely is just completely throwing your root zone and plant all out of wack. And I have shown many people that going back to the basics with using just simply a one part base nutrient or 2/3 part whatever you like and just adding cal-mag and some silica will out perform all these other crazy combinations and bottles of shit you throw at your plants and the roots (unless you really know what you are doing and know exactly ehat each add/supp is for and how much and when to hit em, and thats whats gonna make the difference).

    I got buddies that use botanicare bases and nothing else that get good results. Obviously they arent gonna outyield a grower who knows what they are doing, but worrying about foliar feeding instead of making sure you are feeding your plants properly is a sure sign that something you are doing is wrong. Feed the roots or your soil if you are using organics and only worry about foliar feeding and spraying if you are doing something wrong and need a quick fix or to carry a plant thru while you are fixing the problem at its base which is the roots.

    Number one issue I ever see people trying to fix by foliar spraying is they are trying to fix a cal-mag issues or they think they have a nutrient issue when they have either been A. Overfeeding B. Underfeeding or the all to common C. Watering - Over watering their containers wayyyy too much and causing all kinds of problems that mimic all kinds of nutrient issues when they simply arent letting the roots get enough oxygen. The wet-dry cycle is the single most important part of your grow and not having this down or "thinking you know how it is" and you wind up causing all sorts of plant problems that no foliar application is ever going to fix, ever. Good luck

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    opinions about foliar feeding from folks who have never done it and who appear to have little knowledge and understanding of research and agricultural practices isnt really very satisfactory.

    foliar is well reseached and widely practiced in agriculture and cannaculture. plant nutrition can be tweeked on the fly, plant defenses enhanced, stress mitigated , reproductive response heightened etc. stating that plants should get their nutrition only through their roots or that leaves are for only transpiration completely ignores a scientifically validated and common agricultural practice. @steverthebeaver81 over on 420,there are a group of high brix growers. they foliar their plants start to finish. the results are consistently superb
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    Foliar feeding will help correct nutrient deficiencies faster than feeding through the root system. Nutrients take longer to mobilize throughout the plant when administered through the root system, but also take them up in greater volumes. The only reason I would foliar is to facilitate correcting problems.

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    Heavy 16 foliar is Effin awesome.... I highly recommend it

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