Foliar Feeding Anyone??

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by steverthebeaver81, Mar 1, 2011.

    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Another one bites the (snake oil) dust. Unless you fully understand the total nutritional value that the plant is receiving and the ratios or balance of each element to one another, you're setting yourself up for nutrient antagonism and plant stress. Fancy product names, those with "sex appeal", are meaningless except for the vendor's bank account.

    On most dicots stomata open in the presence of light and close in darkness in order to conduct or shut down photosynthetic carbo production. You can foliar feed any time lights are on except under severe heat or moisture stress at which time the stomata will close to ease transpirational losses. If water availability to plants is less and transpiration rate is high, plants undergo water stress. Water stress or a moisture deficit induces stomatal closure. This conserves moisture for your plants by cutting down the transpirational loss of water.

    The most important additive you must use in your spray to be effective is a surfactant. I use various brands, my favorite being Surf-King, which provides a buffering effect on my carrier (water), a penetrant, a spreader (to combat leaf surface tension) and a sticking agent. Any non-ionic surfactant will do.......available at feed stores or some nurseries. Of if you're into taking it up the hiney-ho like most, get it at your local hydro store.

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    Wolverine97 Well-Known Member

    I really appreciate the kind words, I've been trying to help out where I can, when I can. It looks like you have a pretty sweet lineup for the foliar spray, the veg mix sounds great. I really like the G.O. line of nutrients from what I've seen first hand. The only thing I might try to caution you about is using the Bio Weed past the second week of flowering. It contains cytokinins, which are wonderful for veg and early flower as it encourages profuse bud sites. If, however, you use it further into flowering it can actually delay ripening of your plants, and if you're using other hormonal or Bio bloom stimulants the hormones can interact adversely with eachother.

    I've never experienced the antagonism effect, so I don't know how extreme it would be, but I thought I should throw that out there for you. Good luck Crash.
    Snow Crash

    Snow Crash Well-Known Member

    Fortunately I do understand the nutrient chemistry. I wouldn't say at a master level yet, more of an intermediate/advanced level. I have never used foliar sprays before my most recent harvest. I utilized Liquid Karma, Epsom Salt, BioCanna BioBoost Accelerator, and of course a surfactant. The results, when used from weeks 4 to 6 impressed me versus the plants I wasn't spraying when compared to previous grows with the same strains. Given my (more recently developed) understanding of nutrient balance and plant process cycles I feel that now is the time I can safely foliar feed my plants. I'd never try it if I didn't at least think I know what I'm doing.

    Say what you will about "snake oil." My approach here is purely experimental to see if I like the results. Can't bash it before you try it. There were some other products I was considering and I had started a thread in the nutrient forum a few days ago requesting advice from my peers. Perhaps it would have been handy to have your input when I could have valued it.

    If these products don't work as intended then I can show with my experience how and why they don't work rather than writing everything that isn't a macro nutrient off as "snake oil" before even giving it a chance. I'd like to provide the best advice to possible when talking with other growers and would hate to just talk out of my ass. For $70... fuck it. I'm still young, and I've won on a $2 Red 23 bet at Harrahs more than once in my life.

    This link provides you with a document from Emerald Triangle regarding the use of Bushmaster and their suggestions regarding kelp extracts as foliar supplements. It is an interesting read at the least. I'm developing my foliar system on the shoulders of others who have come before me.

    For sure. That's good mental fuel to keep me thinking about how I'm going to actually do it. Planning phases still. The actual formula is almost always different from the plan I make weeks in advance. I might do a little of this... A little of that... whatever. I used to be all doom and gloom about foliar feeding but now I can see how if you do it right the advantages are really tremendous.

    That BioBoost Accellerator probably added 25% more resin to my buds overnight when foliar fed. But at $80 a bottle... You would have to foliar feed the stuff to get your moneys worth.
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    Wolverine97 Well-Known Member

    Regarding the Bio Boost, checkout General Organics' Bio Bud. I'm not sure, since I can't find a detailed breakdown of what is used to make the Bio Bud, but I'm thinking they're basically the same product. The GO Bio Bud is $36/bottle.

    matdagrow420man Member

    can I foliar feed all threw flowering an is it safe to mix in a ml or two of bud candy to foliar feed with?

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    No you cant foliar 'through' flowering as it would cause budrot and bud candy nonsense is sugar, do you want to foliar that? probably clog the stomatas ;)
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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    You see, what uncle ben doesn't know (shocking I know as he knows EVERYTHING ) is that the stomata are for gas exchange. There have been several academic studies that have shown that stomatitis abortion of foliar applied nutrients is around 20% tops.

    It is absorbed directly through the plant tissue.

    Your not going to clog stomatas.... don't be a fucking retard. If you can soak a plant in neem oil, then you can spray nutrients in them.

    We foliar every three days with fulvic acid solution (liquid gold), and kelp extract. We have done side by side comparisons on several different runs (20 spratwd plants, 20 control) and the differences speak for themselves.

    Foliar works, period. Do a goggle scholar search instead of listening to people here.
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    You kid are the retard ;) PEBKAC :dunce:

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I foliar through flower..
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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

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    calicocalyx Well-Known Member

    Foliar at least through the stretch and any time something is lacking with the roots and I need a quick shot of goodness. Like shifting gears...

    matdagrow420man Member

    im using jungle juice part 3 formula an don't foliar feed with it I tested it on my botto branch an now that branch has started to grow seeds I caught them in time but now I cut to cut early befor it ruins my plant with 4-5 oz worth

    matdagrow420man Member

    I was wondering if u could use bud candy but instead I baught sensi cal mag extra to foliar feed with cus it can be used for root n foliar but foliar feeding is more affective then root it still needs root feed but foliar gives the buds sights the nutrients right there an the right amount they need super affective man trust me

    matdagrow420man Member

    I don't give f what any one says my plant smells super super fucking dank an is hudge an its my very first plant I hav done so get humbolt sticky to foliar feed with an u can get 500ml containers on amazon for 9$ each an free shipping for the micro bloom an grow there 9$ each cant find a better deal the that dude its 27$ for all three an free shipping and the results man are just amazon if I could show you my plant in person especially being a first timer growing an using advanced nutes you pro be amazed but if your experienced and know ur shit go with sensi part a an b its the best nutrient out with the highest results so if you can afford it use sensi A n B an run voodoo-b,52-over drive-big bud-flawless finish it has the #1 results out an if you buy all it at once buy off of danthegrowman cheapest place to buy nutrients cheaper then ebay an amazon

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Ummm I'm "experienced and know my shit" but you won't catch me using any AN product. Do your homework, they are NOT "the best nutrient line" out there.

    The most expensive..absolutely, but definitely not the best.

    patrickkawi37 Well-Known Member

    There are many more expensive brands. You are confused . Look at canna prices . Or house and garden addAtives , or yellow bottle bloom nutrients.

    keeper1981 Active Member

    I foliar feed about three to four times a week with a spray bottle. From seedling or clone to a few weeks into flower.

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    If this is your first grow..please stop giving out nute advice. There are people on here with a lifetime of experience that can't agree on nutrients..we don't need a newb throwing unproven advice around. I'm happy for you your doing well..but until you have at least 3-4 complete grows down..stop giving advice on things you still don't fully understand. I've been using AN Connie A&B for my last runs and while it works ok..there are other nutrients that do the same thing, if not better, for a fraction of the cost. I do believe the AN bases with 1 or 2 additives is a decent nute for someone getting started, but once you learn a little more about nutes I'd look at other options.
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    matdagrow420man Member

    ow my god I am so sorry guys seriously.
    my little brother got on here to look up something and went onto my account on here because it stays logged in.
    you guys are right 100% an its good nutes its not the best.
    an yes this is my first time so no way in hell would I ever argue with you experts.
    shit Im still learning how to super crop and top so again I apologies guys for his stupidity this is the second one he did he wrote on some one else's forum to arguing with the guy
    he thinks hes this grand master grow because he grows great crops in hydro using the sensi line because hes tried o most every one out there I gues he even tried telling me that my ffof soil was garbage and fox farm nutrients I was using were to so I switched to an ph perfect and I am having great results so far but he wants me to cut all my fucking fan leafs include the ones at the bottom with little lite an its like dude this might be my first but I do know in the 2 months of research I did on growing befor I started did state those leafs are like solar panels an it builds up energy from the light an sends it threw the buds an stuff to grow.
    sorry again an do you know how to change the color of the bud to purple or somthing

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Cold nights = purple. Obviously strain dependant

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