Floralicious plus? What's the point?

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    moparhomo Well-Known Member

    What am I looking at? I've never seen anything like that in my life.

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    Romulian bag seed smells of chocolate/coffee she's gonna be all colas & 3 lobe leaf

    moparhomo Well-Known Member

    I have got to see that thing finished!

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    BlackBerry Durban 0825161523c[1].jpg
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    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    pM coming

    SourxBarberx Member

    Im currently using recipe for success by technaflora.
    Ph at 5.8

    In fox farms happy frog soul medium.
    I had transplanted about a week ago to a 7gal soil pot.

    At first i thought it was a mag deficiency so i started a ph water and Epsom salt foliar spray .

    ihdk if it looks like a mag deficiency,
    Nutz burn or over watering
    Or a combo of all three.
    Corrected the purple stem, but feel like my plants are looking stunted and should have more side branching by now.

    moparhomo Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what it's deal is. Try posting a thread in the marijuana plant problems forum and see if someone can help you out. Wish I knew what the problem is.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    That's simple!
    You're in soil and you feed way too low a pH!

    ALL SOIL feeds/liquids should be pH'ed to 6.5 in veg and 6.7 in bloom.

    The low pH is blocking Mg up-take! You'll see P and Ca problems very soon too - same thing!

    It's also limiting N, and K!

    Ph values of 5.8 is the starting point for hydro! NOT SOIL GROWS!
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    SourxBarberx Member

    Youre a fucking god my friend.
    A god, this has been the only answer other than leave em alone for five days that makes sense to me.
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    SourxBarberx Member

    So, Should i let the soil dry out and then add the newly ph'd water ?

    Or flush the soil with correct phd water until i feel the nutez and previous water have flushed out
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Let her dry down to needing a water.
    I might not feed for 8 days but, add a Ca/Mg (5ml per gallon) like G&H CALi MAGic to all liquid in-going for the rest of this run (the Ca is a good buffer and will help) and pH to the 6.5 and continue on from there!
    It'll correct. It'll take time to, and look for the "correction" in the new growth!
    ANY leaf or plant damage does not "correct" at the point of the problem seen. Only high or low N problems will actually "correct" in the leaf that express's it.

    You'll come out of this ok, and next time will be sooo much better/easier!

    Good luck!

    PM me sometime and I'll explain pH and soil much better - kinda in a hurry right now....
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    SourxBarberx Member

    Dude heres an update on my girls and already they're looking more lush color correction on both leaves and stems are great. Added great white aswell to speed up the root growth.

    Also i made this co2 cooler too much and too soon ?

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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Picking up!
    I always tell guys who want to gas in veg it's not really cost effective for the result - so consider yourself informed. :mrgreen:

    Gassing is most cost effective in bloom......I DO like that idea and that unit!

    Cpl of gassing points.

    Only during lights on.
    Run the temps and RH higher for the gas to be better utilized.

    Good luck

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    Hey guys I was looking at Floralicious Plus, It seems they won't ship it to me in IL. does anyone know why?

    Also I noticed that I can order Floralicious Grow and Floralicioius Bloom which on the GH feeding charts are used seperately but instead of the Floralicious plus.

    Anyone out there using the grow/bloom rather than plus? If so, does it work well and is it comparable to the Plus?


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    Turn 4 e4DD

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