First outdoor grow. HELP!?!?Can't get rid of spider mites

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Is there any last resort organic options if ALL ELSE HAD FAILED

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    Dontbogartthejoint New Member

    I've tried neem, sevens dust, a mixture of dawn/vegetable oil/H²0... DE... I cant get rid of them for good. Any suggestions. It started with one motor breath#15 that went out late April early May do it went into bud to soon. Had went back into been veg since then
    IMG_20180712_154449.jpg IMG_20180710_185643.jpg IMG_20180709_211431.jpg IMG_20180706_174004.jpg IMG_20180630_134545.jpg IMG_20180712_154449.jpg IMG_20180710_185643.jpg

    rollangrow Well-Known Member

    1 part water 1 part rubbing alcohol spray, Predatory mites, lacewings and ladybugs,
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    petert Well-Known Member

    You’ve got it bad!! I use predators. But only after I stop spraying Green Cleaner.
    If I were you I’d be spraying every other day and the days inbetween a cold water rinse. As cold as you can get it.. that will also fuck with their reproductive cycle.
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    petert Well-Known Member

    Green Cleaner has soy oil to smother living mites and iso to kill the eggs. No need to switch sprays! No living thing I know of can adapt to suffocation and dehydration!!
    ganga gurl420

    ganga gurl420 Well-Known Member

    Mighty wash
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    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    Two things here--
    A. My plants hate green cleaner.
    B. Oh yes they can.
    They don't evolve physical defenses against these things, but behavioral ones.
    Are you familiar with things like pesticides triggering outbreaks of mites in orchards? The mites that behaviorally hang out in the highest regions get selected for, and outbreaks that destroy the top canopy occur.

    HarryCooter Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't screw around and try all these home brew methods that are out there when it comes to spider mites. You have to nuke em quick. I've tried several products and I can tell you most will only knock them back a little. They are resilient little bastards. If I get them this year I'll be trying out the mighty wash. Ive heard great things about it.
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    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    People swear by just about anything...
    Considering permethrin failed for me, I have doubts about an oil spray that has pyrethrins.
    I'm currently trying enzymatic sprays, though they're too expensive and probably home brewable.

    HarryCooter Well-Known Member

    I agree. Everyone is always pushing product. But for me, I haven't ran into any pests(yet) that could handle a strong dose of pyrethrn. So for me that would make it worth trying. At this point it may be worth considering just culling any infested plants if you still have other healthy ones. That way you can focus on prevention for the others.

    petert Well-Known Member

    I live in Hood River Valley. It’s home to the largest pear harvest in the nation, apples, peaches, cherries, blueberries, vineyards! it’s an AG valley in the Cascade Mountains, so yes I am familiar with orchards.
    I can only speak to my experience and Green Cleaner works for me. Mites are everywhere. You can irradicate them and they return.. whether it’s the wind, animals, other insects or whatever!!
    I do what works for me and spider or Russets don’t seem to be “learning” how to adapt to being suffocated or dried out to death...
    I’ve been growing for 10+ years on a decent sized scale. Ive tried a lot of products and the three that work for me are.. Wettable Sulphur, GreenCleaner and past 3 weeks into flower, predator mites.

    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    It's not all bad for me, I'm winning this war. I'm *never* infested, but they are present.
    But I have to balance my rotations between the incompatibility of oil sprays and sulfur, so stuff like soap sprays and enzymatics are just being tested as intermediaries between what I hope will be a smoother ipm-- an oil like neem once a week until a problem is noted (because a problem WILL surface. The bugs live here, I just grow.), Then, war mode- a drift through an enzymatic spray to a soap, to my home concoction mimicking Safer 3 in 1, back through soaps and enzymes to oils again. Until flower, then I rely on predators to keep the population small.
    One of my biggest problems is I use an electric atomizer, which I'm sure assists the spread of bugs due to its output pressure, but no other feasible spray solution exists.... I'd never stop spraying with a hand pump.

    marcospartida Well-Known Member

    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Habanero Pepper spray. (don't boil the peppers, simmer them )

    Kills mites. Plants don't seem to mind.

    Don't forget to spray UNDER the leaves and spray the stems.

    Don't breathe it or get it into your eyes and before you touch yourself or anyone else, wash your hands

    Rbwnz Member

    Yip had my battles with those little bastards, neem was good 4 a while then they came back, I use to catch wild ladybugs n release them into my room really helped, also predatory mites I've heard,in end pulled everything bug bombed my room,new clones started over don't know how help much outside
    Good luck mate

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