spider mites

  1. D

    Budwashing and spider mites

    Fellow growers, what's happening! So today I harvested a couple of branches of my pineapple express. Now I've battled spider mites throughout the grow. Kept them at bay, or atleast though I did. Given this was an outdoor grow, and with spider mites, I decided to bud wash as an expiriment. I...
  2. max316420

    Hypochlorous acid? Can it be used for…..

    So I’ve recently switched to Athena nutes and they have a product called “Cleanse” which the main ingredient is “Hypochlorous acid”. I understand that it’s not harmful to humans or plants and can be used as a insecticide.. Does anyone have experience using Hypochlorous acid as a pesticide...
  3. C

    Spider mites on harvest, can I just wash the buds?

    I'm planning on harvesting my Mexican Airlines Auto in a few days, she's about 10 weeks old. I was not paying that much attention and have a spider mite problem, little crawling things underneath the lower leaves, some black spots (shit probably) and a few tiny webs. Pictures: picture 1 picture...
  4. G

    Killing spider mites during W6 of flower - no COA to worry about

    Yesterday I walked into my main flower room and nearly had a heart attack. A few of my top colas wrapped in webbing and those little fuckers crawling all over. I hadn’t even seen a single one near my trees in months and spray plant therapy religiously leading up to the 12/12 switch. My plants...
  5. Snoopy36

    3 different pests under scope - what are these?

    Hello all, I know I’m screwed, but for the sake of cleaning and spraying my veg plants... can anyone help with what these pests could be?? I found something green, something brown, and the clear one looks to be a spider mite to me. I took a video of the scope and screen shot them. These plants...
  6. Z

    Spider Mites and Thrips 10 days to HARVEST

    Ugh. I noticed a slight silk webbing on a few of my fan leaves. Just found them yesterday. I haven’t sprayed with Spinosad because we’re only 10 days away from chopping. Thoughts? Damage is minimal but what should be done at this point? I also found a collection of Thrips on my clones and...
  7. D

    Dust-like specks on plants: What are they?

    My indoor plants are in veg and were tearing ass, then suddenly they got these saw dust-like specks on the leaves along with a clear but somewhat sticky film. I also see the specks on the tent walls in places too. Powdery mildew comes up on must searches, but I doubt whether its that (it...
  8. D

    Spider mite treatment and prevention?

    This year, my roommate and I have been growing outdoors behind our apartment. My plants have been growing beautifully, while his have had a slew of problems, to say the least. Less than a week ago, a friend was visiting and while checking out the plants, he discovered spider mites on a couple of...
  9. B

    Getting ready to harvest

    I had afew Q: before i harvest i have a slight mite prob and very slight PM issue so im going to do the three step wash+ with first bucket w/lemon juice & baking soda, second bucket peroxide water & the third w/plain water my Question is how long after hacking them down do i have to wash them...
  10. B

    4 days from harvest & got spider mites

    Please help ive been growing for years and know when ive got mites not sure if all the rain ive been getting washes off all the webs before i notice them lol plus ive been physically ill for over a year now but the facts are i got mites and im moving AND have to harvest this wed. Any suggestions...
  11. Brother Sweetleaf

    Neem-Oil? Habernera Spray? Spinosad? Sum'n Else?

    Thanks for helping out here... So what do you use to eradicate spider-mites? How well had it worked? Have you tried other remedies, and compared? What have you learned? I just discovered that my green girl has spider-mites... A lot of them... And I must act quickly, and as close to organically...
  12. ChevySwish

    Kill Spider Mites ON CONTACT Organically!!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share with all my fellow growers a nice little trick to kill those pesky Spider Mites instantly. I have a Hulkberry 5 weeks into flower and noticed a few white spots popping up on lower leaves and sure enough after thorough inspection with a 100x microscope there a...
  13. Deltron 3030

    Battled Spider Mites for Years--Plea for Help/Advice. To use the nuclear avid option or not?

    **Should I go nuclear on this longstanding Spider Mite problem and use avid and/or floramite? Advice needed please praying to God** I have been growing organically indoors for a handful of years, at first with no pest issues. Spider Mites entered my garden via cutting around 3 years ago...
  14. Dontbogartthejoint

    First outdoor grow. HELP!?!?Can't get rid of spider mites

    I've tried neem, sevens dust, a mixture of dawn/vegetable oil/H²0... DE... I cant get rid of them for good. Any suggestions. It started with one motor breath#15 that went out late April early May do it went into bud to soon. Had went back into been veg since then
  15. sheckylovejoy

    Photo: Ladybugs like spider mites

    So the white dots showed up last week in the 2nd week of flower. Can't see the little fuckers under the microscope, but I was pretty sure they're there, so I put a couple of hundred ladybugs into the room last night. I spread them out, figuring they would seek out and find the bad guys. Did...
  16. lokie

    RIP Munchkins

    Jerry Maren, Who Sang and Danced as a Munchkin in Oz, Dies at 98 https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2018/06/06/arts/jerry-maren-dead-wizard-of-oz-munchkin.amp.html Mr. Maren was the last survivor of the more than 100 dwarfs who performed as Munchkins in numbers like “We’re Off to...
  17. lokie

    No longer allowed

    What's more dangerous: rugby, or a walk in the woods? At Pennsylvania State University, the administrators apparently think it's the latter. The student "Outing Club," which has gone backpacking, kayaking, and hiking in state parks over the course of its 98-year-existence, will no longer be...
  18. shogon92

    Experiences using Cold Pressed Neem oil for Spider Mites

    Hi guys, The other day i found what seems to be the start of spider mites in my garden:wall:, before going into flower i've decided to make an Organic insecticide to stop there life cycle and rid of them. The Mixture- 5 Litre bottle of water 30ml of Cold Press Neem Oil 15ml of Ecover zero...
  19. Sheldon92

    Brown dots on leaf

    Transplanted a few days ago. The dots appear a little more clear in person