First grow in 6 years 3.5 x 3.5 x 6 COB LED feat. The Unofficial Good Guys Kush pack + vigilante.

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    Hey guys remember me?! Probably not, I was just a kid growing under some CFLs in his walk in closet. It's been a minute since I've had my own personal grow, but I've been helping other with their grows, and I've learned quite a lot. but you never stop learning eh? So I figure I'll start here and see if you guys have any input.

    GERMINATION! oh my 9 out of 10? not bad! =D
    I germinated them using paper towels in plastic bags, the one seed that didn't germinate was a dud (I popped it open and there was nothing inside)
    And they just keep growing!
    and growing...
    So here we are (present day) and they are doing great, I've reconfigured the room a bit. Using a box fan in front of the two intakes (this serves 2 purposes, it actually creates a negative pressure pocket that helps suck in fresh air, and it diffuses the warm air/humidity)

    I fabricated this room myself using PVC, mylar, and painters plastic. I would have just used panda plastic, but I can't find it around here. I'm in the process of building a second cab, but we'll talk about that another time ;)
    IMG_20171207_183057.jpg IMG_20171207_183121.jpg IMG_20171207_183201.jpg

    So I have some bad news... the labels I used weren't water proof.. so I don't know what most of them are! I know which one is the pink kush (only 1 seed gerninated) and I know which 2 are the vigilante. I can differentiate between the strains (genetics are crazy right?) but I don't know what they are exactly....

    That's all for now guys, thoughts? comments?
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    You guys didn't think I'd leave ya hangin' did ya? No, I'm sure you did. But I can't blame you. I'm down to 4 plants, I use exclusively RO water now because my tap water is so high in iron that it fucks up the entire soil balance. Ahhh, what can ya do eh?
    Day 14 of flower, they're starting to form little buds and throwing out pistils. They were so mature that they started showing signs of flowering on the third day of the flip. the two in the front are bushy little indicas, the 2 in the rear are tall sativa dominants and nearly doubled in size after the flip. I'm now running 475w of LED in there, man is it BRIGHT.
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    Oh my goodness ladies! Hide your shame!
    IMG_20180207_205943.jpg IMG_20180207_210129.jpg IMG_20180207_210124.jpg

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    Trying to post a little update every 7-10 days. hard to get them all in the photo haha.
    The vigilante is ripening up, leafs are turning yellow/orange/purple but still looks very healthy.... no necrosis!
    Figure I'll see where she's at in a week, not on a scedule to chop these.. I'm waiting until the calyxes swell and they look ripe. No rushing, I've already waited this long!
    Pic of the other strain I got going in the back, the big fan leafs are starting to yellow intermittently, I only defoliated the shaded leafs where the light wasn't reaching before the flip, there is ALOT of vegetation on these girls that they need to tear through before they finish up.
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