First Grow.... Critical Widow in coco coir Grow Log

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Have I screwed up massively yet?

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    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    Coco is some very advanced medium to start in. MagCal is a must and most has a shot of N to start with.

    Temps and humidity play a big role in young plants. They take in moisture through there leafs. Warm and humid 75-80 and 50-60RH

    Odogg Member

    Ya. I figure I really screwed this up. I kept temp and humidity right in the zones. Part of me thinks I either did not start with nutes soon enough and when I did it was too little.....Or I started nutes too early and burnt the crap out of em. I am going with the former. So I flushed and watered with nutes.

    Odogg Member

    Initially growth was very slow with no nutes. Went to nutes one time and saw the plants grow real quick for about two days and then all of a sudden leaves started looking dead near the tips and it spread from there.

    Lite Well-Known Member

    check your drainage. Give 1 tsp calimagic/gallon of water, make sure u are PH'ing to 5.5-5.7.
    Keep an eye on your NPK numbers and cut back on the micronutrients.

    Also, check how cold she gets at night.

    Odogg Member

    I am looking better. New growth all looks great and the death stopped spreading. I really worked on dialing in my temp/humidity conditions by adding a small thermostat programmable heater and a tiny little wand humidifier thingy.

    Figuring my problem on the white widow was both a calcium and nitrogen deficiency. The critical widow looked like cold, nitrogen deficiency and maybe a Phosphorus deficiency.

    At first I thought it was too many nutes cause they were so little. But there was no way. I gave them nutes 1 time and it was 1/6th of the seedling stage and at this point they were on there third node when they got such a little feeding. The grew up overnight after the first nutes. Then they started to look sick (cold), then I immediately flushed thinking too many nutes. Then they just got deficient. I think.

    I really don't know, but thats what I have been treating and it has improved.

    Odogg Member

    Transplanted into 7 gallon pots, 70% coco/30% perlite. Rockin' and rolling after a tough tough start. White widow is minutes from being culled. She just did not want to throw down some roots and grow. 20180102_173214.jpg 20180102_173214.jpg
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    deno Well-Known Member

    Looking good!

    Odogg Member

    Some updates. Just entering week 2 of flower! Been awhile wince I last posted, But looking good after a really shitty start! 20180205_172741.jpg IMG_20180206_092018_01.jpg IMG_20180206_092018_01.jpg

    Odogg Member

    Week 4 of flower........

    Odogg Member

    20180225_140111.jpg 20180225_140102.jpg
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member


    Odogg Member

    Doing good. Almost harvest time, another 2 weeks I would guess. about 70% cloudy. 5% Amber 20180328_174342.jpg

    Odogg Member

    Harvested on Easter. Dried. Curing now. 126 grams of bud. 5 grams of 160 micron hash. 3.5 grams 73 gram hash. 20180405_164726.jpg 20180403_194455.jpg

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    Fried482 New Member

    Nice looking buds good job

    Odogg Member

    Kind of a crappy trim job, I will need to clean it up a bit................. Also, disappointed a bit in the yield. Was hoping for 6oz. Just trying to learn. My next grow I have some Aurora Indica from Nirvana seeds and I really took a bit more care and trained and trimmed a bit better. I think. We will see. Maybe get a little more risque with the nutes, but honestly, it is just me. How much do I need? lol. I just want good quality. 20180331_114923.jpg

    The Hash with the Trim is a huge Bones

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