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    Hey everyone! New to the forums and this will be my first grow ever as a legal ACMPR medical grower in Canada. Im growing for my own personal use and since this is my first time growing I thought I'd start small. No space or money for a full setup right now anyways, if I can get anything off these plants Ill be happy.

    If you wanna check out the box I built for the grow here is the link:

    Ill be starting out with:
    - 2 Feminized Sour Diesel from Crop King Seeds
    - 2 Regular Renaissance seeds which were free from the Overgrow Canada tour in 2016 (French Touch Seeds is the original breeder from what I've found online, not much for completed grows of this strain)
    - 4 Regular Black Widow from a local breeder who tells me they're the original White Widow strain from Mr. Nice Seeds

    Today I put them in solo cups filled with bottled water as the directions from Crop King state. Really hoping to end up with 4-6 female plants max for this grow and if I run out of space the Renaissance will be the first to go as they were free. Any tips for these strains or my setup appreciated!

    20171127_005020.jpg 20171127_005115.jpg
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    Been busy and only took a finished pic, not much to show.

    I transferred the seeds from the cups to paper towel in a Ziploc bag after 24 hours. They stayed in there on a seedling heat pad in the dark for another 22 ish hours until I seen all of the seeds had popped except for 1 of the Renaissance seeds.

    I'm trying to do this grow easier in some ways than others, so I picked up some Pro Mix HP from the local hydro shop. That's all I plan to use for the grow unless I run into issues. I planted 2 Sour D, 2 BW and 1 Ren. One spot in the 2x3 starter tray is still open for the other Ren if it decides to pop in paper towel.

    I should also mention the 4 BW seeds I'm using were freebies, I asked for 10 and got 14 from the local breeder. Sweet! So for comparison to soil for rooting, I picked up some rockwool cubes and put the last 2 BW seeds in those.

    I soaked the cubes for less time than I should have, about 10 mins, in distilled water with 1 ml/L each of Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow A & B and 1/2 ml/L General Hydroponics RapidStart Rooting Enhancer. Hoping the nutes aren't too strong from the start, followed the Sensi Grow directions for seedlings and the aggressive use directions on the the RapidStart. This is also what I watered the soil with.

    As an experiment I also tossed around 40 regular Freedom Dream seeds which were part of the 2017 Overgrow Canada Tour into water and paper towel to see how many would germ and it looks like about 50/50 so far. Picked 4 of the seeds with the longest taproots and put them into rockwool cubes. Whatever happens with them doesn't matter.

    One last thing.. Ziploc bags for makeshift humidity domes! Will update when I notice them start to poke through.


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    Well that went terribly wrong. Only a single Renaissance seed sprouted, super slow and with a deformed leaf. I'm thinking it was the nutes that killed all the other seeds but the mediums mightve been overwatered as well. Not sure. Skip the nutes for seedlings and water sparingly is what I learned from this expensive mistake. Probably won't use rockwool to start seeds anymore either. Anyways!

    I started the whole process again by soaking another 2 Sour Diesel seeds and 2 Black Widow seeds in distilled water only for 24 hours. Then put them into a paper towel and Ziploc bag for another 24 hours on top of my Xbox for warmth. Taproots grew quickly for most and I put them roots pointing down into Rapid Rooter plugs. The plugs had good reviews and they were so much easier to work with than rockwool. Better results too with 3 of 4 seedlings emerging within 24 hours. The 4th Sour Diesel seed didn't grow but I also picked up a proper humidity dome with a 17 watt T5 fluorescent grow light to try and give them a better atmosphere than inside the grow box.
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