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    Hello Peeps, wanted to start a thread to help get me (and possibly other breeding newbs) going in my new breeding venture.

    First a bit of background;
    Recently converted to no till style growing and I'm currently testing my first DIY prototype cob led light. My aim is to get my grow totally self sufficient and as economical as possible, hence the need to get my own genetics stash going. I'm hoping to buy some top genetics to start with and try to keep them going myself so I don't need to buy ever again. I've got 3 tents going; main tent 8x4ft currently with 2x600w superlumen HID (MH veg, HPS flower) 8x20G root pouch no tills, 2nd tent 4x4ft with DIY cob LED fixture drawing 420W (not currently tested on a full grow), mother/propagation/early veg tent 4x4ft DIY smd LED 200W.

    My main aim here is to get a discussion going to help me get a better understanding of the breeding and genetic selection processes, I've done a bit of reading on the subject and think I have a basic understanding of it. I'll post up the seed selection currently in my basket at attitude to see if anone has opinions or experience with any of the strains
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    DonBrennon Well-Known Member

    My Plan is a long term one, my main tent will only ever be used for growing proven clones( i currently have 8 dutch passions blueberry, 3 week into flower in there, looking good, by far the healthiest looking plants I've ever grown, new camera on its way, photos will follow soon), my 2nd tent will be used for Phenofinding and seed production, while a box will be built into my mother tent in a separate room for flowering males.

    The first step of my plan is to grow each individual strain out and breed its best male with its best female, availability permitting, if by some chance I don't get one of either sex I'll just collect pollen or use diff strain pollen. This way I hope to get a good store of seeds with top quality genetics.

    so, say I've got 5 TGA space candy, 4 turn out fem, 1 male. I'd pollinate all 4 fems with the male and grow all 4 out. But say the male lacked vigour or potency or showed some other undesirable trait. Would this trait be passed on to the majority of the seeds created? Or would the good genetics still be in there?

    DonBrennon Well-Known Member

    I've currently got 8 plants growing which are from the result of a bubblegum female being heavily stressed, by nute burn on transplant, throwing out a couple of male pods and pollenating a blueberry female. Other cuttings of the same bubblegum plant showed no sign of herm or male flowers at all and the one that did grew strange but massive sweet smelling buds (3 buds growing out of each node and leaves growing out of the top of the bud, fooked up shit). Anyway the seeds seemed good so I though I'd pop some out of interest, 8 out of 10 germed really quickly into healthy young seedlings, the others 1-2 week later.

    Do you think these will be feminised? they're about 5 week old now, been topped twice and lst'd for manifold, they're showing no signs of sex yet so I'm thinking of reducing the light from 18-6 to something like 15-9 or 14-10 for a few days hoping for pistels, I wanna get the best 4 in their final 20G pouches asap to get em well established before flip.

    Could the resulting females from these be highly likely to herm? Like I said the other un-stressed cuts of the same plant showed no sign of herm. They'll be in their own separate tent but the same room as my main tent, contamination's unlikely but possible.

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    Dutch Passion Blueberry x Seriousseeds bubblegum (stress herm) , wanna get the best 4 in the 20G's quick as, the other 4 are worm food. They're looking a bit rough at the mo due to a bit of transplant shock and me putting my new diy led light too close.....oh as well as the last topping they had. IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0057.JPG IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0057.JPG

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    IMG_0051.JPG IMG_0048.JPG IMG_0047.JPG Some shots of the main room, Blueberry 24 days into 12-12, still getting used to the new camera IMG_0018.JPG IMG_0024.JPG IMG_0027.JPG IMG_0026.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0043.JPG IMG_0040.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0018.JPG

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    Hey Don, just to start, breeding is new to me so I am not any pro or anything. But it is my understanding that in this situation of pollinating 4 females with the 1 male. I think you'll get a mix that would show traits of both parents in the F1. If the male is passing on undesirable traits, you may be able to work those out in the F2 or later generations. My first cycle I had 4 females and 2 males. I decided to pollinate the 4 females with just one of the males, that looked better. I figure I'll have a much bigger selection amongst the 300+ seeds I've collected thus far. Even if the male I used isn't the best, there may be better phenos in the F2.

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    I've been trying to understand this as well in relation to the cost of some of these packs of seeds. Expensive packs of 10-12 seeds, where is the justification for such a price? If the justification is that someone can buy a pack and take them home and grow them out, make selections and continue the line, never technically needing to buy new seeds, okay. But I'm beginning to think that with 10-12 seeds, you are highly limited in your selections and the price doesn't seem justified for the amount of additional work and understand you must have to preserve that cultivar, which may end up being impossible anyway with such a small selection or the way the hybrid was bred.

    If the justification is that you can just take clones and keep those and keep the cultivar going, that doesn't seem like an effective preservation strategy for the long term and for my own desires, the price isn't justified. Though I am sure for some this is just fine.

    Ultimately seed should be sold for cheaper IMHO. Or you should be getting a larger quantity for the price justification.
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    I agree... thats why the smart ones make there own seeds...
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    I am growing 2 Versions of Malawi Gold, African Buzz from Seedsman and Malawi from Ace (Plus South African Kwazulu and Early Durban). Then I am going to mix them with Banana Crack and White Strawberry Skunk and Blue Mystic and Gril Scout Cookies and other color and flavor and smell buds. Then I am going to cross those with Hazes (Hopefully Cantelope Haze) and Kushes and Green Crack and Trainwreck and White Widow Strains (I have White Rhino), etc.

    Here is the thread:
    Underground Scientist

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    I've been thinking about this as well. 10-12 seeds in a pack for ~$80-$110, but maybe a free pack. Kinda pricey to do hunts for the best the line has to offer. May have to go through a few packs to find the best, but I am thinking of a budgeted approach. I wanted to pick a few strains and run the 10 packs, find the best of males and females in the packs by running them all and keeping clones during the process. Then I could grab another pack and run it and see if anything stands out over my chosen one.

    To even be feasible for the little guy like myself, I'm using a 4'x4' veg and a 2'x4' isolating space and 5'x5' bloom.

    I was curious what one might find in F2 so you don't have to run 10 packs from the source to see the spectrum of the strains genes.

    What I'm lacking at this point is a simple yet concise directory of the different traits of different characteristics that comprise phenotypes of strains.

    I'm accepting that I have to keep my list of strains small on this scale.

    In the end, I just want to have fun with it! :bigjoint:
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