first attempt at an auto, no idea whats going on.

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    Nice plant man!

    Looks very healthy and compact. Am really surprised how much you're feeding too. Is that with every water?

    I'm at day 68 and be chopping my skunk #1 auto in next day or so I think.

    I used biobizz range and litemix soil and went real easy introducing slow and never at the bio charts recommended full strength.

    I had a number of issues with leaves right through flowering but yours look lush and healthy. Got me thinking whether my girl was a lot hungrier and I thought I'd over done it with feed. Hmmmmm, food for thought.

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    Looks good to me man.
    Yeah I started around quarter strength at 3 nodes and upped it every time and yes with every watering.

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    Screenshot_20180121-155755.png Screenshot_20180121-160456.png Screenshot_20180121-160351.png Screenshot_20180121-160553.png Screenshot_20180121-160520.png Screenshot_20180121-160409.png Screenshot_20180121-160435.png Day 67. Thinking of taking it to around 77 to 80

    Took a small sample from a lower bud and nuked it in the microwave. Fully accepting it would reduce potency by a lot. me pretty stoned with very strong munchies and very deep sleep.

    Can't wait to see how strong a properly done bud is gonna be. It's going to be very very strong I know this much for sure.
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    Well I ended up chopping day 75. Ended up with 68 grams dry ...and I took a branch a week early so probably should have been about 75 to 80.
    High isn't really couch lock for me.but i would say the high is narcotic ,like taking a few valium

    Screenshot_20180203-000338.png Screenshot_20180203-000317.png
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