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    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Howdy good people,

    Lifes winds blew me west and I ended up on the coast of Oregon. Might you have a place in your folds for me for a time? I wish to share stories, trade tips, genetics, designs etc.; and get to know the ropes here. I learn much differently than most however, have some knowledge that may lend to helping some if interested. You can learn a bit about me here at RIU. My hope is to connect with folks that can help me navagate the ins and outs here while spending some quality time with great people. Lets get a session in and do some campfire talk eh?

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    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    I come bearing genetics from my travels and projects around the country, lets see how the gear digs Oregon!

    Homeless Nancy X 9G4 (mold resistant).
    Woodsman Cut - 9G4 x MTF x Blockhead
    Should grow magic here.
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    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Oregon! Last year there were a handful of threads in the Outdoor growing section that were Oregon-based, so keep an eye out for those. There are definitely some Oregonians floating around RIU.

    What part of the coast are you in? The "winds blew (you) west" -- glad it wasn't a bigger wind, sounds like it could have blown you right out into the ocean... ;)

    I'm always interested in mold resistant short-flower time strains, not to be too picky, but my patient prefers sativa-dominant hybrids... but anything that finishes in this climate, is better than nothing. :)

    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Thankya its quite windy here but I am enjoying the sights never the less. Sea food and wine festival in Newport was a dab and crab vacation for me no doubt.

    Im venturing Newport as of late and looking to see more Oregon. May have a bean or two your folks would dig, just maybe honor a regrab at the select cuts on a later occasion if needed?
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    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

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    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Second thoughts are so very nice. The clarity of hindsight is best, truly.

    I wont be meeting with anyone.
    Thank you though. I do enjoy Oregon greatly and will be among you.


    Oriah Well-Known Member

    Got a garden spot getting prepped up buddy?

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