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    72 views and nothing ?

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    Yeah, can't wait til we can get that 10% max THC bud........ what a joke. 2 oz a month too..........that's another joke too. Leave it to Jersey to screw it all up. Sorry, but I'll continue to buy from my dealer or grow my own, with a 20+% THC level, cheaper prices, and easier availability. And I don't have to give the authorities my name, address, personal medical info, etc., etc. I can see them coming to the house for an "inspection".....

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    Too bad about the bullshit restrictions Jersey has put on their version of the law; I'm moving to Rhode Island to grow my own legally instead of back to my home state.
    Had a Hawaii card and it was Lovely.
    Waiting patiently to be Med Boarded out of the Army, I'll be in the moving van with my seeds East Coast bound the very day I get out.
    Enthusiastic about RI, but in my heart I'd rather go home to Jers.
    Not with that nonsensical mmj law, though.
    Tripped circuits

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    You could have every major life threatening illness and be denied in new jersey. The list of eligible candidates has 6 people on it. lol. So why all the big news over a very minute step towards success idk. But cheers to those who are really in need of medical supplied marijuana. For those of us who self diagnosed our issues, well thats why this great site is full of information to DIY. lol but yay for the decriminalization of marijuana in new jersey. now its just a fine.

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    lol it might not be the best direction to go but at-least its headed somewhere.

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    It's not even a step in the right direction lol

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