Fiberglass Insulation, Viable Growing Medium?

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by maximum autism, Jul 15, 2017.


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    Hence the age old saying, "you can't fight city hall".
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    Haha, I am saving up for a blowing machine.
    Yeah i should probably hire a helper or two, business is booming anyways.
    I wouldn't grow in it, why bother. Just stumbled across the thread and had to browse
    maximum autism

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    Alright I'm a retard, I get that, but a retard with a heart of gold.
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    not so hard on yourself.....rockwool is suspect insulation......spun molten glass.....hmmmmm ?
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    Spun molten basalt - that's why it's called rock wool.
    Rock wool or mineral wool is considered a green alternative to fiberglass. Here are a few benefits, it's hydrophobic compared to wet fiberglass, it's batts have a higher r-value than its fiberglass counterpart and it's fireproof.
    Having installed rock wool in the past, the shit is nasty and makes you itch way worse than wimpy fiberglass. It's nasty shit!
    I'd rather be the shitter pumper guy, than have to install rock wool for a living.
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    maximum autism

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    I did both on the same job one time
    I'm just bummed that I can't use this fuckhuge roll of leftover fiberglass in my garage to grow with
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