Extreme Flowering Under Pair of Timber 48SAMS

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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Setting up for a 4x4 grow, under a pair of Timber 48SAMS, a pair of HLG QB-35s, single 4’ Agromax T-5 uva-b, and a single 4’ GrowBright far-red initiatiator.

    Will be doing ~ 65 DLI, with CO2, and these mainlined NYC Diesels and Super Silver Hazes:


    as soon as they hit 12” height.

    Wish me luck!
    Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta Well-Known Member

    Wow. Can't wait to see the grow
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    WeedSexWeightsShakes Well-Known Member

    What wattage you have them running at?
    How many plants?
    What grow style?
    Should be fun to watch the progress!
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    QBs likely running near full-bore (960w); 4 plants; will start as traditional mainlines.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Good luck but it doesn't look like you depend on luck. Nice set-up!
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    Viceman666 Well-Known Member

    960w of efficient led in a 4x4 - cant wait to see how its gonna work out! Ill certainly follow your grow and wish you all the best mate:bigjoint:
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    WeedSexWeightsShakes Well-Known Member

    Damn I only run 1100 in my 4x8 lol
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Light freak i am.

    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Two medium airstones in each 8-gal ez-stor; with reg sized (?3”?) netcups i get about 6.5 gal nute soup (will be running technaflora nutes).


    Reservoirs on rollers.
    (Used these on std buckets, will use on ez-stors in this grow, will make rectangular ones for future grows).

    Total height of rollers and ez-stor ~13”.

    The plant pic above is them vegging in a 3x3, will flower in a 4x4x9.

    With far red initiator, plan is to run qbs 13.5:10.5 @ ~ 1350 ppfd, as even across 4x4 as possible (previous mapping https://www.rollitup.org/t/just-bou...timber-cant-wait-to-join-the-big-boys.971377/)

    Haven’t done this before so emphasis is on “plan”...
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Plants are ready to go, tent isn’t....looks like this is gonna be a helluva ride...if i can keep up.


    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Guess what i’m doing today?

    AAC9A93E-ACE2-4C08-9381-03F50E501F94.jpeg 9FAEEB66-1068-4B23-93CA-4D32B6597A71.jpeg

    Left one yesterday, right one today

    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Gonna be a hangin today:


    First two already dangling:

    E28D4E74-B85A-4D47-A16C-2DD2BCF9D0E9.jpeg EB6780E0-7C1F-4209-AA83-241B8C163A42.jpeg
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Most of lights hung, decided to go with four hlg 35s (red/deep red/far red) instead of two; on order, will hang later, not planning to use them until after stretch.


    48sams on a titan hades2 controller

    Uva-b up near ceiling in between 48sams, will drop down in late flower when trich development takes off. On hades2 cycle timer.

    Closeup of left 48sams, hlg35s attached in existing holes along edge of 48’s heatsink (had to drill holes in the 35s). 35s are about 3.5” longer than 48s, but about 13” shorter than tent width, so i offset each 35 outrigger so that one 35 extends longer toward the back of tent and other extends longer to front. Once the other 35s arrive, i’ll attach similarly to right 48. Will show pic of what the full daylight array looks like once 35s are completely installed.

    Far red initiator bar in between 48sams, running on hades2 night timer. When 48s shut off, initiator lights up.

    Will be hooking up co2 today, testing controllers/timers, and fans/temp control.

    Hopefully these babes will move in tomorrow.

    RainDan Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Hello @Or_Gro

    Thank you very much for the PAR footprint maps - I appreciate you sharing them.

    I am really looking forward to watching your progress on this grow. Your lighting setup is beautiful.

    Have a good day.

    Take care,
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    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Yes it's beautiful! I'm an HPS guy trying to learn LED's for future use. I live in a desert so heat is my enemy. Saw this thread and recognized talent! I'm old so change comes slowly.

    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dan, All the best to you!

    Hey, not sure how your working relationship is with HLG, but if you are interested and they are up for it, you might consider offering their 35 as an addon option (or maybe you have your own version in the works).

    I believe they are also working on a combo emerson bd (35) and far red initiator; having this would be even better.

    Looking forward to giving your 48s a good workout, hopefully i can keep the plants under control and not embarrass myself too badly.

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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    We’ll see how hot it gets when these potential monsters fill the space, but while finishing off the previous plants, i never went above 75F, you have to take into account only two plants, 9ft tent, lighta running at ~70% power, w/ 6” fan set for holding humidity around 50%, in a room that temp is maintained (for other reasons) at 65F.

    I’ll be watching temps closely, but my current concern is that i’ll have to add heat.

    Don’t let “old” keep you from changing, i’m an og too.
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    Ok, everything hooked up, timers/thermos set, co2 flowing. Except for equip, tent empty.

    Testing with lights 38” above floor, running full throttle to give 1350 ppfd at center, 24” below lights; co2 set at 800ppm w 50ppm deadband (ambient co2 300-400 parts); temp set at 85F w 3F deadband (ambient 65F; linked to co2 controller that shuts off co2 when fan goes on; fuzzy logic mide set on w co2 controller for more co2 efficiency).

    Everything stable, working as set. I’ll run for a couple hours... t minus 01:55:00.
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    And, they’re off!

    NYC Diesels on left, back one 13-14”, front one 9-10”; Super Silver Hazes on right, back one 13-14”, front one 10-12”.


    Gonna ramp PPFD up to 1350 (65 DLI w extended lightson) as plants tolerate, currently ~1000 on tips of back plants, ~ 600-800 on front ones. Far-Red kicks in at lights off, 13.5:10.5 from the getgo.

    Starting co2 at 800 parts, ramping up to 1500.

    Will change out nutesoup over the next week.
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    Or_Gro Well-Known Member

    [btw, i don’t think i’ll ever get used to how shitty qbs make plants look on a phone-cam.

    If anyone has.a solution, short of turning off the lights, hit me with it.]
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