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    #KEEP that same Energy Going
    # I hope you have that Same Energy..

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    Go check out this Thread..



    I just want to see something from hmmm YESTERDAY...

    This is me posting the nov 28 date.. To show it is recent.. also to show they are mine..

    Can the same be done of him?
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    @Bank Breaker

    Screenshot_20171128-105542.png Screenshot_20171128-105549.png Screenshot_20171128-105604.png Screenshot_20171128-105508.png

    I WILL LEAVE THIS HERE. I TOLD him to show a recent one... all this can be forgiven just show the here and now..

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    Starting seedlings with cover crops.
    GreenRibbon x StarfigtherIX
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    So where are you guys picking his gear up at? Tdt is sold out of what I'm looking at and I'm leary of shn so is there anyone else that carry' his gear in the US?
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    Leary of ordering from SHN? huh?

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    Anyone else hear that Mike from Exotic is working on more grease monkey which could include fems?

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    Yes. I saw him mention that in his Instagram feed a couple days ago. Although my grease monkeys are 1-2 weeks from finishing their first seed run, and i was lucky to get 8 females out of one pack, my 3 black mamba phenos look better, and have WAY louder terps. Also look like they are going to yield better too. That being said, I do intend on running 3 grease monkeys phenos from clone just to give them their fair shot.
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    Bank Breaker

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    black mamba had some winning genes too. it didnt look like a big yielder. good to know.

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    Been years im looking at them, have you tried them?? Did the clone survive well??

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    Dude i don't know what between you and vato but obs fucked many many people with his 300$ herm strain , on a 10 pack, 7 female all hermied when the other strain in the grow tent was fine!!! And my buddy wasn't the only one when we started looking review, he had a good reputation but the way he handle it saying the typical "its the growers fault" turned us down beacause they were only poor grower that grew them since 90% gey herm.... i liked him before but that was before discovering he was a total dick even ihg got hermie and make it right!!
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    I am early in veg and nothing has shown sex yet, except for the blackberry cream which unfortunately looks like its going to be a male. My trap star surprisingly has the strongest and best smell so far. A rub of the stem makes my fingers smell like I had been handling fresh bud. All ten of them are like that. The future and ceasar smell similar as expected. Good and gassy, but not the wow like the trap star has right now.

    I was thinking about breeding the blackberry cream male with grease monkey. I don't really want to just throw away the blackberry cream and with the same father, I think it could be a good match. Any opinions?
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    See the biggest plant out of the bunch, thats from Obs. They all started around the sametime, however it has most hardiest of my plants. His Starfighter was another good one.

    The dude you mentioned I just want to see some recent flowering plants.

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    No seed left when i return home i will find you some pics , listen exotic got herm and make it right , ihg got herm and make it right almost all breeder make it right and when a pack 300$ sorry but you got to make it right and not saying is the grower fault and run away like a bitch and came back year later like is nothing , i smoke good strain from him not gonna lie but this experience turned me and my friend down and even if vato get on your nerve im thinking the same about obs , you can be mad but obs was a total dick on this one
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    Obs was never online. How could your friend or anyone reoly to him?

    Hey @madininagyal how did your friend speak to him? I HAVE been following obs. Jungle boys knocked it out of the park. A friend of mine has found wonderful phenos from orange cookies. Screenshot_20171203-201702.png Screenshot_20171203-201729.png Screenshot_20171203-201746.png
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    OBS not online? He most certainly used to be on ICmag, nowadays most breeders stick to IG.
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    He was on firestax also, well known breeders ripped him for those orange cookies, i never tried them though.
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    Anyone who is considering Kimbo. Pheno hunt for the heavy sativa leaner. Tall and lanky. Still has some purple but not like the purple indica Dom phenos. More loud and more frost then the purple Indica phenos. Smell will be much more like lemon. Taste close to LAD. Yields well. I strain that will never leave my side. Every grower I have given some to has put it in their special occasion reserve stash. A true gem. Very light feeder so be aware of that. Like super lite feeder.

    Anyone who has ran Guicy G I would like to know your thought on it. I have 1 pack of Guicy G and 2 packs of Pink 2.0 to run plus some unnamed exotic beans
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    IVE BEEN A long time member of icmag. WHEN have you seen obs post and recently as of 2016 or 2017.

    Anyways to claming him to be online show his post. It is that simple, i still have my user name to cannacollective and older forums where I can show OG RASKAL OR ALIEN POST. Show all those "claiming he was online" show me. I'll wait.
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