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    toaster struedel

    toaster struedel Well-Known Member

    anyone know when they will be dropping their next batch of seeds?

    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    As of one week ago.. Exotic posted this on Instagram...

    exoticgenetixSorry for the absence folks, we've just been trying our hardest to get this dessert menu finished up and ready to go. I can officially say the end is near though. Stay tuned as this new and rerelease gear is some of the most anticipated to date. Here's a sneak peak.....
    Banana Cream
    Blackberry Cream
    Orange Cream
    Cherry Cream Pie
    ✌️Double Stuffed
    Pink Extreme Cream
    Lemon Meringue
    ⛽️Grease Monkey

    I would love to grab some more of his gear. I have a wonderful cutting of his Starfighter going from his Starfighter F2s he released in the beginning. I really want the Green Ribbon BX, and the Gutbusters. But with so many wants in the seed department and so many good genetics currently going... and seeds still to go through.. I never ended up picking those two packs up. Will definitely be interesting to see the lineages and stories that go along with the new releases as well as grow and shows from the most recent one. Exotic has really come out with some impressive work and that dessert menu list makes me drool a little..

    I know the Cherry Cream Pie is Cherry Pie x Cookies & Cream..
    Cookies and Cream is Mystery Cookies x Starfighter F2

    Wonder what the Orange Cream and Double Stuffed is? Maybe Double Stuffed is a Cookies & Cream F2?

    Time shall tell!!

    I was debating since I have such an awesome pheno of the Starfighter F2 of possibly doing a little breeding experiment with her and nutting her with some pollen. Maybe even doing a colloidal silver project and making some fems just for fun this winter. Who knows.

    Excited about the future tho and what Exotic brings to the table!
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I have their dark side of the moon and mint chocolate chip. Both super frosty big yielders. The mint chocolate chip is very tasty.

    I also have seedlings in party cups of gut buster (cookies & cream x kimbo kush) I paid full price for that one. I think it was a tester. It's not on their menu nor their ig. I only got 4 out of 11 to sprout. 1 is super retarded. So I don't think that one will be released.

    I do want to grab some kimbo. They were just out of kimbo when I grabbed the gb
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    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    The Dark Side of the Moon looked very alluring to me. I would have had a hard time choosing between that one and the Green Ribbon BX if I had a choice between the two.

    I probably would have went with the Green Ribbon BX mostly because I know that the yields on that one would be monstrous and it would still produce high quality top notch smoke. Although the Dark Side of the moon using Green Ribbon BX as the father.. would likely produce some chunky phenos as well. I've seen the Green Ribbon they use in the Pacific Northwest and it is a very impressive looking plant. I would kill for a cut of that.

    Gutbuster looks like it'd be fun.. as does Kimbo Kush. I would love to run all of these. I could have chosen to pop/run something different this time and do a pheno hunt from anything I wanted when I cracked some seeds a month ago.. and I did. I chose Cheshire Kush (Las Vegas Purple Kush x Gobbstopper) from Alphakronik Genes the minute he dropped those.. as I consider Jay, Mr Alphakronik a good friend and I like to support breeders who are there for their customers. I have always gotten along with Exotic and liked him quite a bit.. but haven't spoken to him in nearly 2 years. I am sure he is really busy with his new found success. I don't see him on forums anymore.. at least not the ones I am on.

    So I grabbed a hundred bucks and sent it out for some Cheshire Kush beans.. got a killer freebie along with it.. a pack of Alice.. Snowdawg BX x Gobbstopper. This is also a new release from Alphakronik. I really like to support the West Coast and especially the Pacific Northwest Breeders... Bodhi, Alphakronik, Greenbeanz, RedEyedNReady, I always keep my eyes peeled for their drops.

    So the Cheshire Kush pack.. the entire pack went Kerplunk.. popped em all..as well as a few Snozzberry. My goal here is to find a worthy purple keeper to run on permanent status to add to my collection of ladies here that I have in the stable. I would love to find a nice short dense little plant that has chunky purple buds that have the same grapey aroma as the old Jackpot Royale I ran before.. but hopefully something a little more dense and the nugs be more Kush like in appearance.. I think this one might have potential.

    Would love to see your grow. Do you have a thread where you are running these?
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    bloodstone Well-Known Member

    The Orange Cream is Orange Valley OG (818 SFV x Agent Orange), and the double stuffed is Platinum White x ? maybe c&c, not sure on it's lineage but it won 10th place at Seattle htcc 2014 in the medical indica category.
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    gabechihua Well-Known Member

    Was scoping out Dark Side of the Moon a couple of hours ago and being as I like word play when it comes to crossing strains I was thinking this strain would be a nice match up to those Apollo 11 beans I picked up a while back. The chosen name would be Moon Landing. I took a smoke break, and when I came back to my computer Pandora was playing Time while the screen was still displaying Dark Side of the Moon. Looks like time was trying to tell me something, I guess I'm gonna have to pick up some beans.
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    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    Nice! Sounds great. I have a couple of strains going now that are kushy with either orange diesel or agent orange in their lineage. I've run Agent Orange a few times. It's fantastic tasting/smelling stuff.

    If you can find Dark Side of the Moon in Stock. I haven't seen that one available anywhere. If you do however.. shoot me a PM..let me know. lol

    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    My god man.. the choc cov'd strawberries I have at 40 days now (2 weeks to go)
    is a winner in every category. big buds, easy grow, insane terps, insane frost... smoke test to come, but hey.
    I also have dsotm and cherry cream pie which ill do next time...
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    whats u with green ribbon, anyone running it?

    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    It's said to be...
    Green Ribbon = Green Crack x (Afgooey x Trainwreck)

    I can't get it here.. I rely on friends to supply cuts but living in the Northeast is a b*tch when it comes to wanting to get your hands on specific elites.. sometimes I get lucky.

    It's supposed to produce big solid colas with good dense buds.. a good yielder with excellent trichome production and potency to boot that finishes fast...8-9 weeks. The photos I saw of the guys running it in a SCROG setup on the westcoast were pulling out these colas that would make any cash cropper drool. I think that's great that Ex created a BX.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i meant the bx, im with you on being on the east with no access to cones. shit blows...
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    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh... well I wanted to grab it.. but I just came back online after taking a 2 year break from growing.. I've only been up and running about a month now.. this is a new place here I settled into so I had to have an electrician come over and help me wire up my lighting controller.. bought all new gear.. spent close to $2k on the grow room this month.. and then I did buy a pack of seeds.. not because I needed them but because Alphakronik dropped his Cheshire Kush and I went crazy nuts when I saw the lineage.. so I said to myself.. I gotta push pause for a minute on the seed spending. lol

    Lucky me tho.. my good friend Jay, Mr Alphakronik hooked me up with a free 10 pack of Alice (Snowdawg x Gobbstopper). I'm currently also running his Snozzberry (Urkle x Snowdawg).. the lineages between Snozzberry and Alice are similar and different at the sametime =p both with a Snowdawg parent.. but one using an Urkle Mother and the other using an Urkle x Sin City Kush Father. The possibilities for crazy purple phenos in those crosses definitely excites me. I have 10 Cheshire Kush and 6 Snozzberry in Veg as we speak =) Snowdawg aka Supersnowdawg is a chemdog strain that is absolutely phenomenal. Very, very good pot. It was also used in TGA's Spacedawg cross. I ran the Snowdawg BX years ago and came up with crazy limey fuely diesel like in your face phenos that were really hazy and potency was super high. Not sure how that would combine with a plant like Urkle or Gobbstopper but we are about to find out.. I have 16 of them all under the lights and ready for action.

    I want those BX more than any pack out there right now to be perfectly honest with you. I'm a seed fiend.. have a seed fridge and have mason jars filled with seeds all packed up and professionally safely stored that will last decades. So seeds aren't a priority right now per say..

    But luckily.. I don't think many realize how special that pack really is. So I am just gonna wait a little bit and if its for sale in a month or so.. I might splurge and grab it. I probably shouldn't even be talking about it on here. Luckily I tend to ramble on sometimes, so chances are low anyone is even reading this.

    I have friends that have run the Green Ribbon Clone in the past.. but I don't know anyone who has grabbed the Exotic Green Ribbon BX. I probably will tho. If I wasn't out of work for 2 weeks recovering from some medical surgery thing.. I would have already grabbed it.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    love what alpha does! that snodog sounds great! i guess ill just have to run the ribbon bx and do a journal maybe. i need some good trainwreck crosses.
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    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    Alphakronik, Subcool, and Bodhi are my 3 favorite seedmakers/breeders.. i want to put Exotic on that list but I haven't run enough of his stuff to do that yet. nor am I in regular contact with the man or that circle anymore.

    Besides the quality of the plants you get from those 3 breeders that I just mentioned.. there was always a connection I felt I had to each of them with their top notch customer service and them just plain being friendly. All 3 have hooked me up in some way or another with free gear or testers or promos or a combination of things.. as well as enlightened me on some aspect with knowledge and or tales of their experiences. These things are priceless and it not something you see most breeders going out of their way to do today.

    If you want a good trainwreck cross.. TIMEWRECK!!! It is phenomenal! I have the Chernobyl Golden Ticket cut which is Bloodwreck x JTR... and it's absolutely amazing smoke but is not a great yielding plant.. and I've run Chernobyl from seed.. as well as experienced a couple of Arcata Trainwreck crosses.. but nothing was as much fun and productive yield wise and bag appeal wise too.. as that f*cking Timewreck. That cross is sick.. sick, sick, sick! I would run it again in a heartbeat. You get huge ass Apollo spear shaped buds that are massive.. and some of the phenos just reak! Hard to describe but if you took an orange, shoved it in a dead skunks ass, and let it sit in the sun all day long to roast on the pavement and then removed said orange and there was some bud inside.. it would be that stanky danky Timewreck I was referring to. Just foul but in a good way.. but that pheno isn't dominant in the pack.. I only had 1 like that, one that was close to like that.. and the others were more citrus/fruity.. you get a good variety of smells and flavor but there are some real special ones in there. The super stanky one was the largest yielding, tallest one too. My favorite.. man I wish I had kept that one.

    My favorite strains from Jay aka Alphakronik were Jackpot Royale, Bandana, and Snowdawg BX which is no longer being made so I would be looking at his Snowdawg 2. But then again with all these new crosses he has dropped.. there's so much fun on that menu.. literally just a month ago or so.. he added a ton of new work on his website. Drops happening left and right. Luckily for us, the little people.. lol... now a days good seeds are so easy to get. Easier than ever before.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    iv considered timewreck. as well as the locomotion. timewreck gets alot of good reviews. have you ever ran the tw cut?

    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member

    No I have not run TW on it's own but i have smoked it.. and I thought the same thing regarding the locomotion but the reviews/tests I saw led me to believe that I would still be happier with the performance of Timewreck over Locomotion based on structure/density/yield. ;) The Locomotion can get big.. but Timewreck from what I hear seems to be a better performing plant. Also the Arcata Trainwreck is known to be a true bisexual. The bloodwreck used in Timewreck and similar crosses from that breeder have not been known to have any issues with male preflowers to my knowledge.. me nor any of my friends have ever had problems like that with the bloodwreck crosses... and it is very mold/mildew resistant which if you've ever experienced powdery mildew before (it sucks) it's nice to know that if you have a keeper like the Timewreck you'll have less issues with that or any fungus.

    I know we are real off topic here..

    But have you ever run any of them? Chernobyl.. Dr Who.. or Qrazy Train? Anything like that? Definitely should if you haven't. The experience alone.. I don't ever say it if I don't mean it.. and I mean it.. one of the best grows I've ever had... in terms of just overall crushing the performance in every category.. yield, taste/smell/bag appeal , overall structure, finishing time was average which is still good, potency, frost..just a great strain.

    They just really knocked it outta the park with Timewreck. It makes sense tho. Two great parents.. Bloodwreck crossed with Vortex. Vortex = Apollo 13 (one of my favorite strains) x Space Queen.. those are some stellar genetics right there. It's the kind of weed dreams are made of. lol.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    iv only run ace of spades from tga, which was great. i think i have some friends running chernobyl, ill have to hit them up lol id like to try that lime slurpee!
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Grab a 5 pack. I've gotten lime every time in probably 7 fems over the years. Some reek louder than others, but it's always been lime for me, including the frosty girl 2 weeks away from finish.
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    Bob Zmuda

    Bob Zmuda Well-Known Member

    Lime Skunk (3 phenos) come down manana. :)

    MonsterDrank Well-Known Member


    This thread got derailed quickly.. way off topic. I can't help but feel slightly at fault.

    I did however think I would help out by posting a seed drop menu I stumbled across Re: EXOTIC GENETIX and the next anticipated drop


    it's a graphic/promotional image showing some of Exotic's new releases.. a pre-release list taken from a seedbank online.

    Now I have very little familiarity with this seedbank in particular.. I know nothing about them.. so I chopped off the bottom part of the image showing their name and URL.. but their promotional image does show lineage/genetic information, sale pricing, date of release is supposed to be 10/10/15....for the upcoming "Dessert Menu" Seed Drop.. but like I said... I don't know anything about these guys.. so I am not recommending anyone do anything but take the information from the photo as educational.. I can't and don't vouch for these guys who I do not know. That is why I didn't post any link or name of the company I'm unfamiliar with. Still cool to see a promo for the drop posted tho.

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