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Dude, Jones is unbelievable, that guy has unreal skill accompanied by super human athletic ability and a ridiculous reach! I still want to see what Hendo can do against him but I'm not holding my breath for that one..

Vitor almost fuckin' had that armbar! That's the closest I've ever seen Jones to tapping and it didn't look like he thought about it at all, just powered through it! Beast!

Swansons KO was awesome!

That cut on Dunham's forehead was crazy!! I love bloody ass fights like that! I thought he won that fight, as did a friend of mine, he got 3 takedowns. I guess the judges went with damage over takedowns..

Johnsons speed I thought before going into this fight was waaaay over hyped, yep, I was wrong, that motherfucker is quicker than shit! It's almost not fair! And his striking is solid and very technical, that guy has a great future ahead of him!

Bisping impressed me, dudes cardio is great, kept up pressure the whole fight.

Magalheas' juijitsu was definitely showcased, that little half turn twist to make Igor flip over was fuckin' brilliant! Locked in the submission right away, I'd have given him sub of the night over Jones' definitely! That shit was great!

All the facebook fights were THE SHIT!

Awesome card!


Well it f up Jones arm I heard he has nerve damage and something in his bicep also it is unreal he fought through the pain like a champ.
Swansons KO was funny never seen some get KO then keep standing for a sec before they hit the mat.


I don't know what competition Jon Jones has left in that weight class really, my friend said something about chael sonnen, Dan would still be a fight I would like to se other then that Jones pretty much tore up that whole weight class.


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Ever wonder how much money your favourite fighter has earned throughout their career? Us too, so we went about figuring it out. Here is the total career earnings for every UFC fighter over the past seven years (the only fighter we are missing is Renzo Gracie, who we currently can't get a good pay estimate for).

But, before we reveal the list, first some ground rules. Athletic commissions didn't start releasing fighter purse info until 2004, so the info below only reflects money earned from UFC 46 and onward. Also, these are only the reported salaries plus Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses that have been made public. Many top performing fighters get additional bonuses paid out to them that aren't reported, plus the top guys get a cut of the pay-per-view buys for events that they headline (not to mention every fighter makes sponsorship money). Also, many athletic commissions don't report fighter's salary info, so for those we've estimated a fighter's purse based on what they have earned in their other fights. Fighters with some estimated purses are marked with a * in the database. This data should still be considered very close to accurate, as most fighters' purses remain rather steady from fight to fight (unless they ink a new contract in the meantime).

This list is a living, breathing thing - we will be updating it after each UFC event's pay info is released, so check back often.

(updated after UFC 152)

1 Chuck Liddell* $4,320,000
2 Tito Ortiz* $4,075,000
3 Quinton Jackson* $3,240,000
4 Michael Bisping* $3,135,000
5 Georges St-Pierre * $3,102,000
6 Randy Couture* $3,045,000
7 Brock Lesnar $2,825,000
8 Rashad Evans* $2,697,000
9 Anderson Silva * $2,671,000
10 B.J. Penn * $2,650,000
11 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira * $2,170,000
12 Lyoto Machida* $2,075,000
13 Matt Hughes* $2,045,000
14 Mauricio Rua* $2,040,000
15 Wanderlei Silva* $2,020,000
16 Forrest Griffin* $1,907,000
17 Mirko Cro Cop* $1,885,000
18 Jon Jones* $1,852,000
19 Vitor Belfort* $1,844,000
20 Frank Mir * $1,433,000
21 Dan Henderson* $1,400,000
22 Josh Koscheck * $1,302,000
23 Rich Franklin* $1,251,000
24 Junior dos Santos* $1,190,000
25 Diego Sanchez* $1,187,000

Full list;



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Had no idea those fighters made that much..why are they always crying poor?...........Jones is unstoppable at that weight...he will dismantle henderson..bank it!...Spider is the only guy I could see standing up with him.


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Had no idea those fighters made that much..why are they always crying poor?...........Jones is unstoppable at that weight...he will dismantle henderson..bank it!...Spider is the only guy I could see standing up with him.
Agree 100%, I think Jones is going to hang onto that belt for a while. I have my doubts even about Fador, and that is definitely saying something! 35 and retired, but that would be a beautiful match! Him and the spider are the only two dudes on Jones' level in existence that I know about.

I saw Nick Diaz tweet a video about "UFC fighters get paid nothing", it was a dude promoting professional boxing, so it's totally biased, and he was comparing the purses to the champions in boxing who make 20 mil/fight, which is total bullshit because boxers shouldn't get paid that much. He also gave a statistic noting "80% of the purse goes to the fighters, in the UFC it's not even 20%"...

Poor UFC fighters..

If you're good, you can make a really great living in the UFC, you also have the added incentive to win fight of the night, KO of the night, or sub of the night, which, depending on how big a name you are, sometimes surpasses the actual purse! The fight bonuses at this last event were $65,000 ON TOP OF the purse! Cry me a fuckin' river!


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UFC 153: Silva v. Bonnar tonight!

Main Card (PPV)

Light Heavyweight Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar

Heavyweight Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Dave Herman

Light Heavyweight Glover Teixeira vs Fabio Maldonado

Welterweight Erick Silva vs Jon Fitch

Light Heavyweight Wagner Prado vs Phil Davis

Welterweight Demian Maia vs Rick Story

Preliminary Card (FX)

Featherweight Rony Mariano Bezerra vs Sam Sicilia

Lightweight Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Trinaldo

Featherweight Diego Brandao vs Joey Gambino

Welterweight Sergio Moraes vs Renee Forte

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Middleweight Luiz Cané vs Chris Camozzi

Lightweight Cristiano Marcello vs Reza Madadi

Facebook fights are about to start, anybody else tuning in?


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It was decent, the Silva v. Bonnar fight went as expected, it was weird though, Anderson just stood against the cage and let Bonnar throw punches, caught maybe 2 or 3 decent shots and didn't look like they hurt him at all. Joe Rogan was saying he's nuts and that's the only way Bonnar would have won. I was watching it going "wtf is he doing?", he'd get some space and away from the cage and then just go straight back, never seen anything like that in a fight. And the knee that ended it was crazy! Worse than the knee he gave to Chael, I thought Bonnars sternum was broken, he buckled in pain. Had to have broken something..


Nog's armbar was the sweetest move of the night! That shut Herman up! LOL!

Glover handed Maldonado a fucking beating! Unbelievable he didn't get knocked out, anyone else would have, if it were me I'd probably still be in the IC with brain trauma! That first round was complete annihilation!

Fitch impressed me, that dude came to bring it!

Maia's armbar was pretty awesome

Decent show


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What would you rather see, Anderson Silva v. GSP or Anderson Silva v. Jon Jones?

Silva - 37 wins 4 losses (2 submissions, 1 decision, & 1 DQ) MW champion since Oct. 14, 2006! Most consecutive wins in UFC history at 16. Most title defenses in UFC history at 14

GSP - 24 wins 2 losses (1 TKO, 1 submission) WW champion since Aug. 25, 2007. Defended WW championship 10 times

Jon Jones - 18 wins 1 loss (by DQ, illegal elbow strikes) LHW champion since March 19, 2011. Defended the LHW championship 4 times


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Silva will destroy GSP...but I will say all signs point to a Jones/Silva fight in the very near future!!!! which is great..been wanting this for 2 years now and it looks like it is going to happen...my prediction is Bones wins this fight.


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He always finds a way ;) Don't forget Sensei Steven Seagal is in Silva's camp: