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    Why not have a thread dedicated to everything MMA?

    There are pretty interesting things going on right now in the UFC. There's a lot of talk about a superfight between the welterweight and middleweight champs, George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. Silva is on an unheard of streak having won his last 16 fights, with 10 title defenses (UFC record), he's ranked as the number 1 middleweight in the world by multiple publications. He's also single handedly cleaned out the division. There are literally no contenders at this moment. GSP has been out for about a year and a half with a torn ACL I believe, he's supposed to come back and fight Carlos Condit to unify the welterweight title on Nov. 17 at UFC 154. IMO, he's a great fighter, but his fights are boring, and he fights to not lose, not to win. Silva OTOH fights to win, he fights to finish. If that fight happens, my money is on Silva (also the bigger guy).

    A few more interesting match ups to look forward to are Junior Dos Santos (Heavyweight champion) v. Cain Valasquez (rematch for the title), Forrest Griffin v. Chael Sonnen (another rematch, Griffin won with a triangle choke in their last fight), and Gray Maynard v. Joe Lauzon, all happening at UFC 155 on Dec. 29th. Lauzon is one of my favorite fighters! 22 wins, all, I repeat, ALL by finish, he's been to 1 loss decision in his career. When you watch this guy, you are guaranteed a show! And Maynard is a tough son of a bitch himself, so that should be a great fight!

    What else to look forward to.. Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida... eh, I think Jones will kill him (again, last match up Jones won by standing guillotine, it was ugly), that dude is a freak of nature when it comes to winning! I've really never seen anything like it. If you're not a fan of MMA, a good analogy would be he's the Usain Bolt of MMA, he wins by 10 man lengths when the world record was absurd to begin with. The dude is a beast, and like Anderson Silva, I expect him to be at the top of the Lightheavyweight division for a LONG time, there are no other contenders. Cormier from strikeforce has a 10-0 streak going, but Jones would annihilate that guy too. I'd rather see a Silva v. Jones fight than Silva v. GSP just because they're both so goddamn dominant in their divisions, I would have a hard time calling that one!

    Aldo is also at the top of his division (Featherweight). UFC has some stacked ass champs right now..
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    Blaze Master

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    jones won't be fighting machida, he's fighting vitor belfort now. which is unfortunate because i would have rather seen a jones machida remach.

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    A ton of stuff has happened in the last couple days! Chael Sonnen was offered the fight with Jones after Henderson pulled out with the knee injury, he accepted, but then Jones camp (Greg Jackson) informed Jones it would be a bad decision to take the fight, so he declined. 2 firsts in UFC history, a title holder turns down a fight and an event is cancelled. UFC 151 is the first event in the organizations history, 11 years, to be cancelled. Sucks, millions in profits lost, tons of fans disappointed. I bet Dana is pissed!

    Belfort v. Jones will probably still be pretty one sided, Jones is an arrogant mofo, but it seems he can back it up, so you can't really hate him for it. I know a lot of people are hating on Jones right now, but nobody can deny he's the best pound for pound fighter in the game right now, hesitant to say it, but even above Silva. Jones is on another level, I don't really know what sets him apart, but he's obviously dominant in each engagement. He's stronger, faster, more athletic, more unorthodox, unpredictable.. Dude has the game in the bag and he's what, only 24? How is that even possible? It's take Couture years to figure the game out. Jones does what fighters twice his age do at twice the strength and endurance, it's ridiculous!

    Belfort's a badass, but Jones will fuck him the fuck up, $20 on Jones, 1st or 2nd round KO, probably by elbow or knee.
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    Yeah I was not impressed with Jones at all if he was a real champion he would have taken the Sonnen fight unfortunately he must not be confident to take a fight short notice which I think is bullshit. Especially to have the event cancelled as well for the first time in UFC history just shows you.... Jones will destroy Belfort he knows it and so does everyone else he will keep taking these washed up has been's LHW has nobody Anderson Silva needs to fight Jones only competition for him out there!

    futureprospects Active Member

    And screw Greg Jacksons camp bunch of duckers and pussy game plan fighters last greg jackson fight I saw guida literally ran around the ring for 3 rounds seriously most bullshit fight I have seen I can understand why people are leaving his camp fans hate all the fighters from it.

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    Here are two fights that will happen that EVERYONE wants:

    Fedor vs. Lesnar- mmamania.com/2012/8/28/3275806/dana-white-who-wants-to-see-brock-lesnar-vs-fedor-emelianenko-fight

    and Silva vs. GSP- mmamania.com/2012/8/28/3275683/win-lose-ufc-154-anderson-silva-super-fight-georges-st-pierre-next-mma

    Now, for years there has been a quandry about Fedor fighting Brock. And even though Dan Henderson LITERALLY KNOCKED OUT the legend Fedor, many people would FUCKING LOVE to see this fight.

    What you guys think?

    And yes, Jon Jones is a fucking bitch. Sonnen and Henderson are the same fighters, they train together. Only difference is in the punching power. Jones is a bitch, I dont care what he has done in the last two years. Fuck him. REAL CHAMPS FIGHT ANYONE AT ANY TIME. For real, if you are champion in your division, why doubt yourself and turn down a fight to someone that is not of your caliber?

    fuck jon jones, and fuck greg jackson. RUINING THE SPORT.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Mcradle, this post is so inaccurate it's almost embarrassing.

    Lesner vs. Emelianenko, nobody wants to see that. Fedor is on the way out and as a legend and Brock isn't a legitimate MMA fighter. That fight would be a 'has been all around' bout from the beginning. Also, Fedor would annihilate Brock in the first round, guaranteed.

    Silva v. GSP will be awesome.

    I completely disagree with the Fedor v. Lesner bout, that wouldn't be a PPV buy at all, Lesner is gone, dudes done with MMA. Other fighters are much more profitable for the UFC.

    mcrandle New Member

    Padawan, I must interject, I put the "everyone" in caps out of sarcasm. Maybe my drunken state at 3 in the morning has diluted my thinking, as it is very hard to type fast right now.

    I pointed out those fights in protest. ONE, because I think the Lesnar/Fedor fight would have been great two years ago, but not now. Especially since The H-Bomb knocked that fuck out. AND TWO, Silva ducking a fight with Bones and calling out a fight with a guy who is lighter in weight.

    For real, if Silva wanted to challenge himself, he'd fight Jon Jones. Anderson Silva's walking weight is around 225-230, and he cuts to 185. He has no excuse for refusing a fight with Jon Jones. He has cleaned out his division. Calls out GSP, and forgets about Chris Weidman.

    But yea, I see why you replied, I absolutely left out the sarcasm, which was the whole purpose of my first post. Sometimes I say shit out loud, but it doesn't translate to the proper tone in my posts.

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    I don't know what it is but I'm not a fan of Jones. I was really hoping Hendo was going to put him in his place:wall:

    Fruitbat Active Member

    Fedor vs Lez-gnar would have been interesting years ago. These days no. Not at all as both are out of the sport. Lez-gnar is a turd anyway.

    Overeem vs Dos Santos is far more interesting. That's a fight.

    GSP vs Silva doesn't interest me in the slightest. I'd rather not watch GSP try to dry hump/point fight his way to victory. Silva is too big and too much of a ninja for him anyway. That fight will never happen.

    Nick Diaz vs Benson is going to be good.

    Jones vs Vitor. I won't watch it. I have and will never pay to watch Jones the Douche. I've never ever liked that dude from day one. I hope Vitor smashes his face. Or better yet chokes him out and makes him poo his diapers.

    Aldo vs Edgar will happen at some point. Aldo will buzz saw him and that will be that. Aldo is a scary man.

    Very curious to see how Glover fares. Dude is dangerous.

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    All I want to say is FUCK GREG "go get some fans" JACKSON... ..

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    A Silva v. Jones superfight would be the fight of the fuckin' decade! I'd have to give the edge to Jones though on that one, Anderson Silva has the experience and ability, but Jones is just too damn big and powerful with too many tricks in his bag, crazy elbows, longest reach in the UFC, huge LHW. I haven't seen anyone dominate the division like he does the entire time I've been a fight fan. Silva has the record for title defenses, but Jones is meticulous and patient, both of them are really intelligent fighters. I'd give Silva the edge on striking. That's a tough fight to call and it could really go either way which is why it would be so damn cool to see! Of any fights that could be matched up, that's the one I'd want to see the most I think.

    Also though, Silva doesn't really have anything to gain challenging, not only a bigger fighter in a different weight class, but the goddamn undisputed Lightheavyweight Champion with a 16-1 record! It would probably earn em both a hefty paycheck, but they're already multimillionaires.

    He's so damn entertaining and good at fighting I love watching him destroy everyone they put in front of him! His personality isn't my taste but that doesn't really matter to me, the shit he does in his own personal life I couldn't care less about. He's also pretty unorthodox which adds to the entertainment factor.

    Either way, the Hendo fight was going to be awesome, it's unfortunate that got cancelled.. I'd also rather see Jones v. Hendo than Belfort.

    Overeem v. Dos Santos would be awesome, as would Overeem v. Valasquez

    GSP v. Silva, I'll watch it, I'd bet on Silva

    Nick Diaz is fun to watch, too, that should be a great fight!

    Aldo is one of my favorite fighters, that guy is unbelievably good at smashing people. I wish the UFC changed some rules just to see his full arsenal! Lol if you check on youtube, they've got some of his early fights in Brazil with way less regulations than the UFC has, dudes soccer kicks to the head are ridiculous!

    I just read this article, interesting as hell, a lot of info!



    It’s pretty clear that the bigger the fighter, the more fights they finish. This is true across the board in the UFC. Another definite trend is that the mix of finishes changes from predominantly submissions, to mostly knockouts with increasing size. But this is due to the physics of muscles and striking, not the “heart” or skill sets of the fighters. Accounting for the fact that smaller fighters finish less often, did moving into a larger cage have any effect on how these fighters perform? Wouldn’t smaller cages force competitors to press the action – resulting in more finishes – with bigger cages allowing more room to roam and therefore fewer exchanges?


    Fortunately, we have a great way to test this hypothesis. Before the WEC-UFC merger, several weight classes operated in parallel, which meant two different cage sizes under the same ownership. They also kept Sean Shelby as the matchmaker for the lighter weight classes, so this too was consistent before and after the merger. Furthermore, the UFC still uses a smaller cage for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) show and Finale events that is closer to the WEC cage in size (i.e., smaller than the regular UFC full-sized Octagon). This is due to the tighter quarters of the TUF gym and the Palms Casino where TUF Finale events are held. So let’s looks at finish rates in those three scenarios, all while controlling for fighter size.


    The results show that finish rates are higher in smaller cages, and this is true for all the weight classes where we have good data. The spike for the Bantamweights is due to the small sample size of bantamweight fighters competing in TUF Finale events, because there have only been 15 shows of those since the merger, with seven Bantamweights fights (all finishes). But even more conclusively, we see higher finish rates in allweight classes in the smaller cages of the WEC and TUF events, including the lightweight and welterweights, who have been around longer and have more total fights to examine.
    When put into a smaller cage, even larger UFC weight classes (welterweight and above) finish more fights. They also throw over 20% more strikes per minute than when they are in the full size Octagon. Same rules, same division, same matchmaker…just more action. The idea is confirmed: smaller cages result in more finishes.

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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    i love watching sweaty, muscular men grabbing each other.

    Fruitbat Active Member

    Did I not just say Aldo vs Edgar will happen? Too bad Aldo will buzz saw right through Edgar. Edgar will try to stick and move but will get caught but Aldo's speed and violence in the third round. It will take a split second for Aldo to take him out. I like Edgar he's tough but Aldo is just too good.
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    I agree with 100% of what you said.

    I like Frankie, he's a beast!

    But Aldo... dude...

    (I'd be afraid of going comatose if I had to fight Aldo)

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    I bet you do, Buck, I bet you do...

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    So EriK Koch is out against Aldo with an injury and Frankie Edgar is stepping in to replace him.

    Aldo v. Edgar @ UFC 153 Oct. 13

    I was really looking forward to seeing Koch v. Aldo, DAMN!

    If Edgar wins, he'll be the third person in UFC history (after Randy Couture and BJ Penn) to hold a title in two different weight classes

    Aldo is on a 14 fight win streak


    futureprospects Active Member

    Aldo is way too good for Edgar man! He is one of the best fighters in the world hands down!

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Dude, Edgar was a beast at 155, I predict he'll have a ton of success at 145. He was a tiny welterweight, I think 145 is a much better weight for him. Having said that, Aldo is the Usain Bolt of the 145 division. He beats people by a mile when it comes to fighting. I think he's going to win, but Edgar will definitely put up the fight, it'll be exciting!

    What makes you want to watch a fighter? What fighters do you enjoy watching the most?

    My favorite fighters to watch are: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Melvin Guillard, Joe Lauzon, Junior Dos Santos, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Can Velasquez, Roy Nelson, Dan Henderson, Josh Koscheck, Rory MacDonald, Jose Aldo, Cub Swanson, Urija Faber.

    Aggression, shit talking, ability, intelligence.. I like watching intelligent fighters figure out other fighters, that's probably my favorite part of the game. Somebody who watches hours of tape and figures a guys gameplan out, that's beautiful. Jones' annihilation of Shogun is a perfect example. I love seeing perfect KO's too, Barboza's spinning wheelkick over Etim was soooo fucking beautiful it's tough to put into words. Like you see that shit in movies all the timea nd think "no fuckin way! Such bullshit, fuck this!" then it happened. I can't think of a more perfect KO than that kick..

    Watching Anderson Silva is also some next level shit, that guy is superhuman!

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