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    Long before cell phones that streamed video and before Instagram and social media took over our lives we communicated through message boards. Before that though in a few growers lives was the 77 and I wanted to tell you how a clone on a picnic table ended up making its way around the damn world.

    In 1995 I met a group of growers online that went on later to write the code for Overgrow that hung out on a secret message board that you accessed by clicking on the 3rd The in the body of the text. It took us to a posting board where we could freely talk about the illegal hobby we all loved so much.

    Shabang, Skoosh, Pi Webby, NL420, IMCG, Soul, Vic High and the leader of this band of original growers Eric77. We shared tech and told stories of our pirate like lifestyles and after a time we decided to have a get together in person and have some human contact. Growers especially back then kept to them selves and had few friends but I have always been a super lonely person inside and crave a closer connection so I decided to invite everyone to my land for a BBQ and shrimp boil

    We called the event Jamaica because at the time we were paranoid as hell we were all going to go to jail for growing weed. I lived in Georgia for the first get together and in 1995 you didn’t even talk about weed. So we all meet at my house and commence to partaking. Before the party I made some cannabis cookies but these were the old days so I used a ½ ounce of actual weed in a box of Betty Crocker brownie mix. I was wanting to impress my friends so I went to sprinkle in some kief out of a film case and DUMP like ¾ of it fell in. I couldn’t do anything so I mixed in up and baked them.

    The Story of Pi

    So the deadly cookies were in play when a buddy of mine named Pi arrived. Shabang’s girl friend was passing out cookies and Pi is deaf and can’t hear. She was quite attractive and he was focused on her not the warning about the cookies.

    The next morning he says “Sub I think someone dosed me” I’m like how many cookies did you eat? Cookies he says and after I explain we laugh for 15 minutes. The party was amazing and we agreed to have a second one next year.

    Back to the Story

    This time more people wanted to attend so I invited the 77 to my land in Gainesville near the Okeechobee River. This time we had a campout and dropped fungus and partied for 3 days telling lies and sharing secrets with one huge difference. Everyone brought clones from there collections and this one meeting IMO changed the face of cannabis. Skoosh brought be Cleaner seeds and Pluton clones, He passed away last year still in the unregulated market. Pi brought his famous Romberry and Romulan and NL420 brought his Northern Lights and G-13 cutting from Airborne. Tommy Holland was there with cuts of Micanopy Moonbeam and Micanopy Madness I used one of these cuts to make Blue Moon which Bog later used in his first breeding projects. My friend Stoney Pony brought up Vic High’s Killer Queen Cutting and Waling Dude had cuts of old school AK.

    An older fellow named Eric had a sloppy bag of cuts on the table and I asked what is this unlabeled bag? He says that’s California Orange with a strong voice. Seems in late 80’s Eric grew out some skunk seeds he found in California weed and grew them out and found this unique genotype. Tasting of Oranges and having a up beat euphoric high its literally remined me of smoking sunshine the first time I enjoyed a bonghit. Eric went on to write a good deal of the code for Overgrow and many of these people were a huge part of building and running overgrow, Many of them have now passed on just a few of us remain.

    We partied and ate and tripped and after several days we departed. The sad sack of Cali O was divided and we went our ways. This clone was shared far and wide and it traveled everywhere. It is an easy cutting to track, besides the Orange smell and taste it turns colors at harvest and at day 56 or so she will spit out small sterile male stamens. Even Dutch Feminized version herms BTW. It is my opinion that this is the same cutting that we found in a grow room in Falls Oregon brought back to life and created both Jillybean and Agent Orange with. I also believe it is the same cutting or an offspring of that DNA used to make Tangie and other Orange strains. Adam Dunn Says that Tangie is just a genotype of Jillybean BTW. The clone is in so many gardens that throughout the growing community you see it for sale in flower form and extract form in most shops. I even see pre rolls and Edibles made specifically from the strain. Eric died last year quietly and he was not into the corporate cannabis that has taken over the industry but before he died he knew that people everywhere even in Amsterdam were blessed by his gift. Eric also helped me develop and perfect Super Soil so there that.

    I just wanted to tell the story of an old OG that gave us the gift of Orange Cannabis.


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