Enough cobs for clones/mother?

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    George2324 Active Member

    im building a separate clone / mother room I plan to keep the clones in the room for a few weeks but they will be only 4 inches tall and just topped with 4 tops ready to go into my veg room.

    Would I be able to get away with 1 cob per sq foot running at 17w each, total 34 cobs On a hlg-600h? Cobs would be citizen 1212 v6.

    The mothers would also be under the same lights and I'd need some decent growth on them to get about 50 clones at a time after 5 weeks of growth.

    Is this enough watts or should I up it to 2 x 600h's and 34w each?

    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    17W/SF for clones is more than enough

    George2324 Active Member

    What about for the mothers? Do you reckon 17w per square foot would get enough growth on mothers for 50 decent clones in 5 weeks of growth topped several times and kept short?

    klx Well-Known Member

    Yes more than enough, they will grow faster than that you will need to cut them back.

    George2324 Active Member

    Great cheers I'll get building

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