Electrical Question: Is setup good or will length and thickness of cable cause voltage drop?

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    This is the one I’d probably go for they have all the code on the site for you to cut and paste aswell
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    BOMB!!! :-)
    Would not have found it by myself. Thanks man! ;-) We are getting there!

    I did read through the website and the building and configuring process.
    So now I wonder if there is also code and instructions for installing a CO2 sensor? Din't see it anywhere... Only somebody in the forum of the website asked about a CO2 sensor, like two years ago, but he didn't receive any help. Actually the whole board looks pretty empty. Lasts posts one the board are months ago....

    I wonder if I should go with that controller? Problem I see is the maybe not availble CO2. Also if I would run into some problems while installing and configuring, I worry that I will not get any help, as the websites board does seem pretty dead :/

    Also I did send them a mail, asking them if I will run into any problems, if I run 3000Watt of lamps and a dehumidifier of 775Watts and maybe 500Watts vegetative lamps...

    did you build or use a self built and programmed growroom controller? Why do you recommend me exactly this controller? No disrespect... I am just investigating to find the best diy growroomcontroller ;-)

    Any more growroomcontrollerprojects proposals are highly welcomed ;-)
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    I thought I remember there being some code on pastebin for Arduino based controllers but I could be wrong but it’s worth having a look.

    I was looking into it when I was going to change up my room but had a change of plans and put it on the back burner for a while,I wanted an “off the shelf “ controller and one that seemed like the most user friendly one and was a reasonable price.

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    Interesting German based project:

    It is based on the Raspberry 3. I heard it is more advisable to go with the Raspberry 3...

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