Ecoplus submersible pump - how to convert it to inline?

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    kidaihuan Active Member

    So I see online that the Ecoplus submersible pumps can also be used as an inline pump.

    Has anyone done this, or does anyone know how to do it?

    I'm picking one up this week and I don't want the added heat to my reservoir.

    AeroKing Well-Known Member

    You pop off the filter cover and filter and screw in a 1/2" mpt adapter.
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    Krayven Sumhead

    Krayven Sumhead Well-Known Member

    I've got the 264 gph and it's not that impressive using it as a transfer pump. It's OK as long as you drop the whole pump into the nute solution and wait. I can only connect the vacuum attachment on the 'suckin' end. When I try a hose, it won't prime. I took one back to the store already and had it replaced.
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    scoregreen Well-Known Member

    is there a down-side to having the pump submerged in the nut-soup? thats my setup...

    scoregreen Well-Known Member

    (oh, sorry -- not using your ecoplus -- just a submergeable pump)

    kidaihuan Active Member

    Yes, it creates heat.
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    endogarden New Member

    I dug up this thread to warn others about shysty box labelling from Ecoplus. I have 4 396 pumps, 1 185 pump, and 1 633 pump, and none of them work inline, outside of the rez. They are great for standard submersed pumping, but when I wanted to use one as a transfer pump, no go, it does not work. I asked the guys at the hydro store and they said yeah, they don't work, wtf is up with that. So I ended up buying a 10 Gallon, 3.5hp wet/dry shop vac with a built in water pump, which works amazingly for removing liquid from rezs.:clap:

    Warning: Ecoplus pumps cannot be used inline!

    henderson127 Member

    Yes, i just wasted my money on an ecoplus pump. What a waste, ill never buy ecoplus again. It DOES NOT work as inline pump. There are two holes on bottom, and water comes out of them.
    POS, im sticking to Pro Pump from now on
    nitro harley

    nitro harley Well-Known Member

    I rigged up a ECO 185 in line...for pumping the nutes out of my first I had a small leak but I was able to tighten It up with the O ring fitting that came with the pump....and it does not leak any more...It has been working for 4 grows with no problems....

    I leave this pump plumbed in all the time...It is below the water line so I just plug it in when I want to freshen up the nutes in my buckets...

    here's a pic....

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    disposition84 Well-Known Member

    They work fine, it's exactly as aeroking says. I have done this many of times, and it works great, just be sure to use an
    O ring to prevent leaks. They don't have the most head in them, but they're good cheap pumps that will get the job done
    in most applications.

    Note, in my inline applications, I always had a larger diameter coming in than going out, as this will ensure that the pump is always
    getting the water it needs to make the pump work sufficiently. Also ensure that there's a natural pressure headed to the inlet of the pump.
    I always made sure my water was headed at a downward slope towards the inlet as to make this non issue.

    dostrander Active Member

    Does putting the pumps inline increase pressure or does it just stay the same?

    jimmy311 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys

    jimmy311 Well-Known Member

    I gotta 396 and 633 wanted to make a "current" in my rdwc

    dhickey121 Member

    I have an Eco 185 and it seem to work as a transfer pump as long as you prime the pump yourself just suck on the output end and it seems to work for me.... i know this is an old post but its high up on the google search so hopefully this helps someone

    thenasty1 Well-Known Member

    reminder: do not skimp out on the hose clamps

    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    If they work inline, will they work as a booster?
    My sump pump is miserable.

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    These are centrifugal pumps-an impeller slings the liquid towards an output port and that creates a pull on the suction side. This style of pump won't work well if it has to pull fluid into it so it usually needs to have the inlet below fluid level to have a bit of head pressure. I've used Ecoplus pumps for the past 3 years in my RDWC system-they get some residue buildup but after disassembly they are clean as new.

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