Floraflex inline pump


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I have been using sump pumps for ages and decided I would upgrade. Got the floraflex inline pump it uses a 1" female thread I think it's GHT. Is anyone using these ? How to I get the pump to suction water and then convert the 1" to 1/2" for my irrigation tubing? I have tried to contact floraflex and no response. There website sells the pump but no other accessories to get the pump working.


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It can't be 1" GHT (garden hose thread). Its gotta be just regular hose thread, just goto a plumbing supplier (home depot, Lowes, ect) and get whatever you need to reduce it.


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They use 1” NPT it’s listed on the pumps on floraflex so you can get that at hardware store as stated above. I would used rigid pipe up to your plants then tap off the rigid with flexible tubing to each plant unless you need the whole line to be flexible then just go with the reducer right at the pump