Eb strips in a rectangular space

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    OK, I'm running 22 1ft strips in a 3x2 (39.5"x 22"). Which configuration would be better for optimum coverage ? Running 3 strips on 36" heatsinks the width of the cab or just (22) strips on (22) 15in 7.jpg IMG_6075.jpg heatsinks across the depth leaving a few inches on each side? I ask because the 1 ft strips configured won't cover the 2 ft depth of the cab and would have to be centered. First pic is strips configured length wise second width wise, Thanks.
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    Hmm thought about it for a sec.. Space em out to the width and depth of your cab and could do a design like this. Space em inbetween for a depth of your liking and build a frame to the size u like inside the cab image_1510631265.png
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    I like your first option...seven 3-foot channels evenly spaced across the footprint width, each channel with 3 strips, total of 21 eb strips.

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    That's what I did, except I'm going to run 24 strips. 4 channels of 6 strips. Remaining 13 strips shipped from arrow yesterday IMG_20171120_190712.jpg IMG_20171123_210707.jpg
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    Looking good. Very neat work. Unlike the mess I've made.

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