EB Strips, Dirt, and Weeds

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    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    IMG_20171123_100850053_HDR - Copy.jpg

    These are 1st gen bridgelux EB strips @ 525mA (6 of 12 two foot linear strips) in my 2x4. Ill run full power (1050mA over 12 strips) when they get a little bigger.

    The dirts is amended with kelp, fish, and rock dusts. Base is 1/3 black cinder, 1/3 compost/vermicompost and 1/3 peat moss.

    The greenery in 1gal pots are beans I made with Blue Orca Haze male/females. Getting more seeds down today so I can fill up the tent, a freebie labeled Shiatsu KushxGDP. Beans originate from Swami Organic Seed. Jammin 12/12 from seed this round.​
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    ...and subbed!
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    ..........me toooooooooooooooooooooo
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    ganjamystic Well-Known Member

    nice I'm a big fan of 12/12 from seed
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    nice setup

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Aloha friends and thanks Vegas.

    This is a "oh shit supply's low" run... Goal is to find some keepers in the future and max out my space/light with clones.

    Will be back when things get a little more interesting around these parts~

    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    Never done 12/12... I'm in...

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    IMG_20171130_210943974 - Copy.jpg

    Looks like I got a runt and the mix is a little rough for the young ones:eyesmoke: The SK x GDP seedlings are 1/6 so far(old seeds), going to drop more of my own BOH. Going to give the bigger ones 3 gal final homes and perhaps the smaller ones as well if they need. Can't wait to fire up the other strips and start cranking up the juice. Thinking I'm going to try make some living mulch for these. By that I mean mulch inoculated with some oyster mushrooms, I haven't read much about it but I like to grow mushrooms as another hobby so I figure what the hell. Still slow on the action, aloha
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    MajorAce Member

    12/12 and a EB grow Im not missing this one.

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Aloha HydoDan and MajorAce~

    Just before lights out today:
    IMG_20171207_090329503 - Copy.jpg

    12/12 strips:blsmoke: and I got 6 more BOH seedlings on the come up... Not sure where I'm going to fit them but I'm going to try. I also expect some to be males as well. Biggest in the back is a female, other big one from previous pics was a male (bye bye). Two of the smaller ones have some variegation, a seed from this batch (that I grew previously) gave me a cool plant with variegation and pink hairs, the buds had variegation and the smoke was pretty good too.
    Peace be da journey

    lukio Well-Known Member

    sweeeeeet! tuning in man

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Welcome, as always, brother~
    IMG_20171214_211533819 - Copy.jpg

    Happy about their growth so far, growing out of that transplant funk. 4 confirmed females (back row and middle front/big pots). Super compact plants and lights have been around 4" from the top of the tallest one so far... Just after the picture I raised the lights and turned them up what felt about half way. I gots no way to measure, no big deal to me.

    Need to get a mulch going... Even contemplating pruning considering how branchy the biggest already is.

    Later for now
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    pruning with 12/12 from seed?
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    I would tie her down sideways and keep all the branches...
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    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    You guys win :eyesmoke: I'm growing from a new location now days, my old location was constantly 75%+ humidity with 80f+degrees so pruning for air flow was a must. I'll even have a dehumidifier at this location so I thank you for nudging me out of my knee jerk reaction.
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    If you have those type of^^ rh levels in flower== definitely defoliate, some crop is better than no crop; )

    Good luck hilo
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member


    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Cool Sour Wreck, welcome~

    I do have some embarassing news though: I didn't check to see if my old mechanical timer was working and my lights have been out for at least 2 or 3 days (I've had the flu). They look OK, I'll get a pic when lights come back on.
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Haha, be happy!
    Always "out" is a lot better than always "on". Most probably you will not see any difference.
    And get well soon, mate! Hope you have the worst already behind you.
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    "Stoner moment".......... get well, look out the window and smile.

    I see dirty ass streets of South Philly from my view....... ha ha
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