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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    I've been getting asked more than once how to scrog in DWC. So here is a thread so I don't have to keep digging through old threads and finding it for people.

    Maybe this can become a sticky? Its a really good, solid screen. Best one i've seen for DWC.

    Parts list:

    (4) 16" pieces for the outriggers
    ( 8 ) 2-3/16" pieces for the small square
    ( 8 ) 10-1/2" pieces for the grid. I did mine slightly under 24" total square so they can fit in my 4x4 tent. (
    (2) 1/4"x2" nylon screws (.14 per shipped = $0.28 )
    (4) 1/4" neoprene washers. Think they are 1/2" OD ($0.86)
    (2) 1/4" nylon nuts (.12 per shipped separate from screws, more savings if order them together = $0.24)
    (12) 90 deg elbows ($2.04 )
    (12) tees ($2.04)

    13'-10" total pipe ($4.92)

    $10.38 per screen

    (4) 15" pieces for the cola tie-off verticals
    (2) 23" pieces for the cola tie-off horizontals

    22'-8" pipe ($8.12) (or $3.20 extra)

    $13.58 per screen setup.

    SAM_2398.JPG SAM_2399.JPG SAM_2402.JPG SAM_2404.JPG SAM_2407.JPG SAM_2489.JPG Untitled1.jpg
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    Gregor Eisenhorn

    Gregor Eisenhorn Well-Known Member

    Solid build, definitely should become a sticky. Lots of people have problems merging a scrog net with DWC.

    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Dude awesome job!

    HydroNewbee Member

    Well Done!
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    Pyke Well-Known Member

    Looks sweet. I have been trying to figure out how I was going to do this for my next grow.
    Thanks, saved me from over thinking it.
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    ohio420fam Member

    Thanks for the link, I was planning on doing something like that but longer over top of 2 buckets at a time so I could keep my canopy even on multiple plants.

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Not necessary and would be a pain spanning over multiple buckets. Best bet would be to make individual screens and put them together.

    ohio420fam Member

    Ok that makes sense. More versatile and a zip tie would work quick

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    I put my holes in my totes in a way that all screens are butted up against each other to form a 4x4. The outsides of the pipe are 2x2 perfectly outside edge to outside edge.

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Dont even zip tie. This way you can lift each lid up and check on roots if needed.

    Also to add nutes. Unless you wanna cut access panels near the hole but i figure less holes in the lid the less spots for ligt leaks.

    ohio420fam Member

    When i move the buckets to their final home they will be in 18gal totes in a uc
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I do my DWC ScroG with this setup. The screen "floats" so as the plant grows in height it doesn't push the screen from below. And if you weave in and out and want to re-position a branch you can't so I use short pieces of twist tie wrapped loosely to hold the growing tip to the screen as it tries to stand up and grow vertically. If branch tips get to an edge you let them grow out a couple inches then turn them back to the screen and tie them down again. As side branches grow out you tie them down too. When crossing a gap I tie in some twist tie off a roll to guide the tip across the gap. I've done quite a few like this and can easily double the yield compared to a free-standing plant.

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    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean merging a scrog net with DWC??

    Shroominnm Well-Known Member

    I tried a new net set up for my dwc run this time..
    It worked better than expected. Once the plant stretched through I just cut the yarn holding the screen to the light and let the screen be supported by the plant.
    I'm happy with the way it worked!

    stay smokin'

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    MotherOfFups Member

    @firsttimeARE Finding this is 2018, thank you this is a great design.
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