Drying Buds ...Mold?

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    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys could someone please help me identify if this is the start of mould on my drying buds?
    Due to unforseen circumstances i had to harvest slightly early and got everything trimmed up the best i could to get it on the dry rack. I have a drying net which is left in a dry cupboard. I did as i have done on previous grows and left it on the drying rack for around a week until the outside of the buds had turned almost crispy to the touch and then put them in containers to be cured. I burped the containers after about 2 hours then left them for a further 2 hours before burping again . Now at the time it was night time and i had very little light to work with but the buds looked dark to me even like they had a grey tinge. So i immediately removed all the buds from the jars and seperated them and put them back on the rack. 12 hours later and they dont seem to look as bad as they did but dont look right , is this the start of mould setting in ? if so whats the best course of action to take ? Tried to get the best pics i could with shitty phone camera :)
    tia for any advice :)

    Strain: Diamond Girl (GHS)

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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    sealed weed in a jar is the perfect atmosphere to grow mold, just ask around RIU

    my gro bible showed me the simple controls I needed to prevent this without the use of jars.\\\

    http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/

    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    is this definitely mold then ? thanks for your reply :)

    Ive just managed to have a look at the trichromes through a scope and they look fine ? No signs of anything covering them and with the light on the scope close up the matter still looks green . :/
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    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    Anyone? I've seen bud rot on plants and during harvest before and I've seen mold on buds before where it's looked like a hairy white mass covering the buds . Could it just be where the buds are drying still ? There are no mould spores when I look through the scope just masses of trichromes amber , cloudy and clear. What would rot look like under the scope ? The buds are now drying still in a warm dry place just in case. They don't seem to have got any worse . Some are now over dry I would say . Can I moisten the over dry buds back up and then put them back to cure ?

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    What concerns me is green bud that runs into yellow and the brown .

    At this stage it should all be weed green (some strains may vary) but for the most part looks like you got to it right when shes turnin gross.
    Does it smell bad?
    Take a puff (if you dare) youll definitely taste it and i dont condone it but you will know for sure

    Sorry man good luck
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    Lex Talioniss

    Lex Talioniss Well-Known Member

    Imo it's best to wait a day longer than you think when drying. I've put nugs that seemed like they were way too dry and literally had no moisture in them whatsoever in a jar and came back to burp only to find them feeling lively again.
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    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    Hi giys thanks for your replies .

    It don't smell bad or anything just smells like drying bud. I bit the bullet and rolled one up . I checked the trichomes first , about 20% amber. Dried the piece out on the radiator for few hours to make sure it was completely dry. There was a bit of a hay taste like I've had before with quick dried bud but no nasty taste . What would rotting bud taste like? Was quite smooth no coughing other than the normal. Didn't feel the effect for about 45 min then it smashed me like a train.
    As long as I'm still alive in 48 hours il report back and let you know if there was any ill side effects. Thanks for your advice guys, next time I'll leave it drying that little bit longer . The darker buds haven't got any darker . They have stayed the same and still look like they did. What would rot look like under the scope all I can find online is imagesof mold spores and tthere Ait none of them that i can see.
    Thanks again .
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    sadanimalknight Member

    I’m no expert but I think you may have bud death mold.... that’s no good...


    It looks normal to me. I’ve had some nugs do that from time to time and all I could chalk it up to was the trics turning from cloudy to Amber and the Chlorophyll breaking down and browning up the nugs. And by me saying I’ve had that happen, I mean both I’ve done small little grows (like 1oz) and had stuff do that. I’ve also acquired many a bag that looks like that.

    I’m no scientist either so the technical terms always seem to escape me but in essence, I’m just saying your stuff seems to be just curing and is fine.

    If you don’t see anything out of the ordinary with the scope and it smokes fine, I’d go with it is fine.

    I’m sure more experienced individuals may have some insight.
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    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I'm still alive lol .. ok so the nuts are now looking like this and are dry enough to ground up. Opinions ?

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    sadanimalknight Member

    I think you’re fine. I’ve seen plenty of nugs that look like that.

    How hot and humid was the drying environment? It almost looks like stuff that I’ve set on my tv to “quick dry” or stuff I’ve gotten from people that dry/grow with higher heat. I think humidity plays a roll as well.

    I don’t see any fuzz or stuff that looks like anything bad. If it tastes fine and the effects are there, I’d say you’ve done well!

    Just my 2 cents.

    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your advice :)

    Ok so ive smoked a few buds throughout the week and today i remembered i had a uv torch knocking about . So i found it out and had a poke around one of the buds . I took some pics of the bud in the light and then through the uv light . I dont see any grey hue but what i assume are pistils that look fluoresent blue ? Would you say their still ok to smoke? theres still no nasty smells or anything , the only thing i would say is their a bit harsh on the throat :)

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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    Some aflatoxins will fluoresce under UV light but its hard to tell in your pics. Do what you feel comfortable with. If you aren't an immunocompromised cancer patient you probably won't die or get sick. I'm sure most stoners have smoked some suspect shit at some point in their lives like pipe resin, etc.

    Next time, dry your harvest WAY longer before putting in a jar and keep things cool and dry while doing so. Low and Slow.

    llnknth Well-Known Member

    were the buds exposed to sunlight?almost looks like sun bleaching,either that or mold...if its mold you will smell it

    sadanimalknight Member

    This is where I will have to acquiesce. As to how and what could fluoresce under UV on a nug is beyond me. Lol

    Common sense tells me that if it doesn’t smell, look, or taste funny, you’re probably ok.

    I have a x10-120 scope so I would look at it under a scope, if I didn’t see anything weird looking (like the white/grey fuzz of mold, I would assume there was a hiccup on your dry/cure that caused the looks. Either time or environment.

    I will say, as many have said, low and slow dry and low and slow cure. Keep it under 65° and 65%Rh.

    Going forward, I would let it sit out for a few more days, letting it dry out some more and then pop it back into jars and start curing again. I only burp once or twice a day for 5 minutes, for one to two weeks.

    Everyone has “the way” to do it, I find this works for me.

    Store in a cool dark place while curing. (Again, just how I do it)

    I bought a few Rh monitors off amazon for cheap to keep an eye on jars. I like the 60-65% range

    Link to gauge: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00MXEA3X0?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd

    They have cheaper ones that are about $3 but you have to wait for shipping from china. I bought 5 of the cheaper ones and one of the other more expensive one to have while I waited for the others. They are all decent but like all cheap stuff, you get ones that may not work. Lol.

    Good luck and happy smoking!
    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    To be honest they look fine (not moldy) to me. Although it is difficult to tell from a picture.

    Mold is usually white, fluffy and has a distinct odour/smell/taste. You'll know if it's mold.
    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    If you rather be safe and cautious, just give it a h2o2 bath, I think it's 5 parted water to 1 h202, there's videos and threads on it.

    I've done this is the past, no issues, just dry them right away
    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    But I don't see any definite mold in those pics

    fatc2k3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your replies and advice :) ill be definitely drying for longer next time before attempting to cure ......

    Took a couple of pics on a better camera this morning and outlined the areas of concern . I may go and grab some h202 just in case :)

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    llnknth Well-Known Member

    it aint mold

    NGA Well-Known Member

    If it's mold you can smell for sure ,if your going to store in jars make sure it's dry or you will have mold , never quite understood why you would store in jars fuck, you need truck load of the jars for most guys harvest, Crew of workers popping lids

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