Drug test temp strips trick for subbing

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    So I was reading up on subbing extensively and noted that some people say they piss inside the cup and dump it then put their sub in, but a much more common sense idea came to mind (couldn't find this ANYWHERE) Why not just either A. Piss on the outside of the cup on the test strip to get it to temperature WHILE already warmed substitution has been dumped inside it so the temperature doesn't drop rapidly (this ensures more precise temp than just hand warmers/heating pad alone) or B. Take out your heating pads, put your sub in and hold the heating pads over the temperature strip until it's just right. Why hasn't this life saving technique been discussed on here or on other websites yet? Maybe it has but 5 hours of Google searching about subbing and then specifically cheating the temp strips brought up nothing. Hope this helps anyone nervous about the temp strip. Feel free to post experiences with this technique!

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    If youre to the point that you would piss all over a cup you are holding.. You might need to just stop getting high
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    I use fake urine all the time for tests. Never failed. Temp is always in range. Aint to hard to keep it body temp range all day until needed.
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    The temp strips dont work like you think they do. They go to temp and they stay there. They dont drop back down, all they do is show that they have reached that temp. As for pissing on the outside of the cup, your just making a mess of something that should be very easy and clean. Piss in the cup, bring it to temp with your natural piss, then dump it and put in your sample. Done.
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