Drowning spidermites?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by cannabis love, Dec 29, 2012.

    cannabis love

    cannabis love Well-Known Member

    Aargh, I just discovered one of my flowering plants has spidermites. I was thinking of just filling up a large container with water and dunking the plants upside down in the water to drown the bastards. How long would it take to drown them I wonder?

    CuriousVirus Member

    they might run to the dirt for safety, idk if your plant would recover!

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    That will kill everything, including your plant most likely.

    Try Azamax instead, or premethrin as a last resort.

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    You can spray the undersides of the leaves and knock the mites off. Dont spray poison on them if they are in the flowering stage. When your crop is through get some forbid 4f on ebay and be done with it. One application of forbid during vegetative stage kills mites for the whole crop. Do it once every crop during vegetative stage and you are mite free in six months.

    supchaka Well-Known Member

    Few minutes should do it I'd imagine.
    cannabis love

    cannabis love Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I removed all the infected leaves I could find and soaked the plant thoroughly. It seems to be doing ok so far. I just had a harvest a few weeks ago, so I'm glad this happened on my last run for the year. I will lay waste to any parasites in the room after this is over :fire:

    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever used lady bugs in your garden for spider mite's and other pests?
    I just noticed spider mite's yesterday.Ran out and bought some Mighty Wash.Hope it works.
    If lady bugs are effective,i would like to order some if possible.
    A natural army of spider mite munching lady bugs sounds awsome to me.

    justanotherbozo Well-Known Member

    ...lady bugs can be effective in the early stages but if you have a severe infestation lady bugs won't be able to keep up.

    ...if you get a Hot Shot No-Pest Strip you can put it in your flowering chamber for about 4 hours with the exhaust turned off and that should get most of the crawlies, ...then do it again a few days later, it takes 3 days for eggs to hatch, and again 3 days after that and that MAY solve your problem. (these things function by exhuding a gas that needs to build up to a lethal concentration which is why you need to turn your exhaust off)

    ...btw, soap acts like an acid on the shells of these little bastards so if you put a few drops of dish detergent into a spray bottle and douse your plants every few days for a week or so, your problem should be solved.

    as a grower it is imperative that you learn the life-cycle of the most common pests that plague us so you can then learn ways to interrupt that life-cycle.

    peace, bozo
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    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info bozo! Just ordered 300 ladybugs so im hoping they can munch'em all up.

    kvnbeach Active Member

    Do it. Get a 5 gallon tub and 10oz of H2o2, take the whol;e plant and submerge it. Get a garden sprayer, so u can spray upside down. I have fought these buggers before. My plants were to big to dip, but I did spray them with h2o2 and it does not hurt a flowering plant. Then bomb the room once every 3 days 6 days!

    kvnbeach Active Member

    I have used lady bugs, they eat aphids not spider mites. Got 3000 for like $5. Just ended up vacuuming them up. I let them go in my garden(lettuce, tomatos, corn, etc...).

    808killahz Well-Known Member

    Lady bugs do in fact eat spider mites. Do some research...
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    kvnbeach Active Member

    My research is first hand usage. They all died! Supposedly they will eat them, They all died and my mites ate my plants. Also, the L. bugs, will not eat every single mite. They farm em, if they eat all ther pray, they have to find a new source. Dont tell me to do any research. I said I bought and used them, so I probaly did do some research. Now if u are growing outside, ther are lady bugs that are natural to the enviroment. In otherwords, if u live in the Pacific Northwest, the common red lady bug is not common in this area. Nights to cold. So we have smaller tougher lady bugs. How do I know this, cause i have grown outside and I DID THE RESEARCH. DUH!. hahahahaha. lol.

    I am losing faith with RIU! COME ON MAN!

    xGrimace Well-Known Member

    Ive had this idea of buying a plant from like a garden center (that might be more prone to spidermites, ude have to do your research) and simply setting it next to your marijuana plant to see if they would migrate over to that one and stop sucking all the life from your fan leaves.
    Can you guys see where Im going with this?
    Trick the mites into a more fruitful plant they might leave the MJ alone.

    ClosetChronic420 Member

    I have never tried ladybugs since I grow indoors, but I just use neem oil every 2 to 3 weeks. You can get it at any gardening store. Its a lot easier to prevent bugs than remove them.

    808killahz Well-Known Member

    Get your story straight. First u say they don't eat spider mites they eat aphids now u say they do eat mites. I'm only pointing out the fact that lady bugs do eat spider mites. In your previous post u said they don't. U are contradicting your own info. Just because your lady bugs died doesn't mean they didn't eat the mites. Just shut ur mouth and stop giving bad info.

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    I had the exact same experience with ladybugs. Limp your way through this crop, spray the next one with Forbid 4f once during vegetative stage and be done with it.


    nirvanafan Member

    how about organocide? i think you can use that during the flowering stage and vegative

    dano88 Member

    They cant be drowned the eggs will survive clean up and start over
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    You're about 5 years late on this answer homie....lol
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