Droopy plants, please help!

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    SoDak Member

    I transplanted from red Solo cups about three days ago. I gave them Sensi grow part A & B, 3 ml per liter. And they are still drooping. Anybody have any ideas?

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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Over watered..

    you would look fucked too if I stole your air

    I'd repot to a quality soil with 25% perlite to aid drainage

    water lightly

    in future lift pot


    water or not

    good luck
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    SoDak Member

    Thanks for the advice. I believe I have good soil, running Happy Frog with about 25 to 30% perlite. I'm using smart pots and they are elevated from the tray.

    About how many days should I go in between watering?

    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Follow Vostoks advice.
    I'm not sure whats in your soil already but I can tell you what I do;
    I transplant into lightly moistened soil and leave them out of direct light for a day until they've acclimated to their new pots. IME, it prevents shock and they usually never skip a beat.
    Water lightly as needed.
    Lift the pot to check this.

    edit: I think we were posting at the same time.
    With HF soil they probably didn't even need a feeding.
    I wouldn't water for a few days.
    Next time, try to moisten the soil instead and then lightly water after a day or so.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    About how many days should I go in between watering?

    it don't work like that

    as the evape of the water in the soil works on air temp

    thats forever on the move

    like the water in the soil

    as above

    Lift pot


    then water or not
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    SoDak Member

    Part of my problem may have been when I transplanted. The soil was fairly dry and then I watered them. I should have moisten the soil and then just left them for a day or two, then water.
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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    Plants will wilt when they get over watered and wilt when they dry out.

    They also will normally wilt or droop slightly for a few mins after being watered heavily but then should perk back up.

    I like to keep my veg room hot like 80 deg or so, helps make the plant use more water so I can douse them and walk away after transplanting. I also use fans that help dry things out.
    Ammar ali

    Ammar ali New Member

    i am having problems, please help, it has been happening since i switched to leds, before i had been using hps, which tends to increase my temperature to 27,28.
    Now my temperature is 22-23.
    The problem persist in my veg and flowering plants, the problem is every time i water my plants they start dropping/wilting after 2,3 days, pot feels moist. Seems like plants are drinking less (maybe temperature is low). I let the soil dry more to recover, then i water them (plants are still wilting and i am thinking that it is now underwatering because it has been over 10-12 days i don't water) but they never perk up, growth starts to stunt. Now i am noticing minor gnats flying around. I set some sticky traps, watering with peroxide. But plants never get healed. Ph is 5.8 to 6, humidity 60-70
    Should i wait more to re-water? But plants are wilting anyway, doesn't matter i water or not.

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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    Looks like it's been overwatered, does the pot feel heavy? I'd let it dry out completely if it's still moist/feels heavy.

    Once it is good and dry, I'd give it a good feeding and maybe a little extra calmag.
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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    The hps bulbs produce more heat and cause the plants to use a lot more water, when you switched to led lights and kept on your schedule you overdid it I bet. Sometimes it's fatal.
    Ammar ali

    Ammar ali New Member

    So should i water less? I always let 10-20% water out from the drain holes. If i water less, it may cause other problems to pop up soon like salt build up etc?
    One more thing, if plants drink less water the growth maybe slower? Right?
    Jimmy the vest uk

    Jimmy the vest uk Well-Known Member

    The reason it’s happened since you changed to led is because of the heat difference in your grow area. It’s cooler so less evaporated into air and plant takes in less water too. Just leave them now. You could get a small oil radiator to raise temps. There looks like a lot of perlite so I wouldnt say that’s a problem. Sometimes after transplant Soak I don’t water for at least a week sometimes more.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Fill your pots and water a day or two before transplant.

    Don't poke fingers. Lift the pot. If its light then water. Fill an extra pot up and put a fan on it and try to dry it out fast. Pick it up and feel the heft when dry. Water it and fell the heft again.

    As the soil dries you leaves will straighten out and even may look like they are praying. Once the canopy or leaves are flat that means they are in good shape and taking in light. Watch then at that point. Let the plant start to go limp. It will start at the bottom. It won't hurt the plant and then you will know what they look like when needing water.

    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    I quote this from nowhere but experience that 1/5 to 1/6 of your soil volume in water is a.great place to start. 10-20% run off of what you put in means your soil is saturated. Roots like to breathe too. Ease up onnthe water. If you keep it up a whole host of problems are headed your way.
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    907cannabis Well-Known Member

    I water about 1/2 gal per 5 gal pot, so 1/10 of the medium. Seems to work well for me. 1/5 if I want it to last an extra day.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    When the soil seperates from the side of the pot thats when i start thinking they be due a water at some point.
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