Dr.GreenThumb Turkish Cookies and Sour Diesel

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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Im running 3 dr greenthumb Turkish Cookies and 2 Ecsd....

    I have a journal on ecsd, I saved one of 3 but im not too happy with it so im running 2 more seeds..

    I planted two turkish cookies one came out big while the other one struggled as a seedling for a month and almost died...During that time I replanted a seed thinking one would surely die... Its thriving now but the leaves are very different then the other two...

    The sour diesel is different from the last journal...

    Picture are in order of

    Turkish cookies
    Turkish cookie that almost died
    Sour diesel and Turkish cookies still in kept in veg(this turkish leaves look special)
    Sour diesel

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    So your sour diesel is in the tent?

    raggyb Well-Known Member

    Hey, are sour diesel and diesel the same thing?

    raggyb Well-Known Member

    shit, answering my own questions. so tired. Sour Diesel was originally created as a cross between an Original Diesel and a strain known as DNL. Now I guess what I don't know is if Original Diesel is different from NYC diesel.

    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Three turkish cookies side by side....The smell is rather hard to describe, like sour candy or something.. Im curious to see if the other plants will smell the same, the smallest looks the most special out of the 3...

    I also would like to know if original diesel is nyc diesel because I was buying diesel about 17 years ago and it was dank dank..I was actually gifted a clone before I was using lights, boy do I wish I still had that clone as it would beat everything I have currently...

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    raggyb Well-Known Member

    Nice shrubs.
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    547F86E1-8403-4EC2-BF74-DD08EAEEDAC1.jpeg 7BB2D1A5-763D-444E-8A61-A803610270BB.jpeg Turkish cookie #1 almost ready....good growing plant strong pm resistant but doesnt have the density I want.... I most likely will not have this one in my garden long term as I only have room for one keeper from the strain

    Turkish Cookie #2 is in midway flower...has a lot more density and seems dankier then #1...it has a little bit pm problems but weather has been crap and summers almost here...I cant wait to re run this one in the summer with blazing hot sun..

    Turkish Cookie #3 still in vegetation and is a beautiful plant as seen in the first picture 2nd plant from left

    Sour Diesel is the 3rd plant in the picture and has just entered flower a week ago, it is currently a beautiful plant and couldnt be happier atm with its health

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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    About 5 days until first harvest on turkish cookie #1, I dont keep track of days sorry..

    I wanted more density something #2 is giving me, unfortunatly #2 is more prone to powder mildew and will have to be re run.... The downside to that is I recently got rid of jilly bean for that very reason as I would kind of keep it as a clone until summer and run it then...A Hassle no doubt.... I try to keep strains that to me has at least 70 percent resistant to pm...

    Ala Spring Is Almost Here

    EF7EECEF-393C-46EA-A52D-4EE024FB5A5C.jpeg 685A3B19-8CFB-44BC-A221-ADD335B43D91.jpeg 945C1999-0E37-48B1-A9A1-FC582E67987D.jpeg 03B944E8-00DF-48C7-8260-A75231EB3EF4.jpeg
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    Hey dakilla? Could you bring in my pair of pants with your next visit to the "tree"? Thanks! :blsmoke:
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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    I took down a bunch of tops today and I take back what I said about its density... The tops are pretty much rocks, very dense and near perfect ripeness..

    I cant wait to see the effects on the rest of the plant in 2 days....

    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Sour Diesel trials from 2 fresh seeds...Cutting on the right plant is not growing new shoots, I might lose that one :( ... I took a emergency flower cutting
    This sour took a lot of wind and has had less then ideal conditions, also had a bout of droopy leaves...Flowers stretch on this one and smells similar to #4 at this point
    Sour #4 from the last journal, the only one out of 3 I kept, It grows beautiful, pm resistant, smells unreal pleasant flowery when below 70% ripeness, after that it takes on the sour d smell...With all that said im not happy with the end result after dry and cure....Its below my standards for sour d and I keep it only as a magical gummy tincture plant atm....
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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Turkish cookie #2 came down today due to pm soon to go out of control...The top half was decently salvageable and I got it down just in time...Amazingly trichs was ready..I think I manage to get it this far due to using milk spray during early flowering....

    Its more dense and more danky then plant #1 unfortunatly it wont be kept due to low pm resistance....

    Im really hoping Turkish cookie #3 which will be the biggest is the best..

    Oh one more thing is that the plants are a endless harvest, I want to just cut it in half and bury the lower half and forget about it lol...

    I never put pics up cause pm is nothing to brag about and I usually dissociate myself with weak pm plants...There is one pic of the flower couple posts back from two weeks ago or so

    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Turkish #1 is now dried and bagged and smoked....Ummm its definetly got bag appeal, hard solid bud with a pungeant odor....Its very stony as I mainly smoke rosin now but I smoked 2 bowls at different times in the last 4 hours and well im still stoned....

    I think im happy enough with this plant that my other mildew turkish cookie #2 clone is going in the trash..Turkish #1 is a extremely vigorous plant with very fast vegetative growth with very high mildew resistance and provides a large yield...

    Turkish Cookie #3 is still in veg and needs to top #1 to take the trophy

    Sorry didnt realize I didnt groom this peice very well

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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Feedback on turkish cookie #1 was that its really great and that I shouldnt be hunting a keeper because I already found it, the rosin is really good I can say that...

    Another thing is unlike other members phenos, all three of my turkish cookies are vigorous plants that do need thinning out..Meaning there are tons of leaves.....

    I would also like to say again that my turkish cookie#1 is extremely vigorous and very mildew resistant. The cutting I took half way through the grow is already a 4 foot plant and thats with me trying to keep it root bound in a tiny pot...

    ecsd #1 test trial(Zero Mildew)Buds take on a more elongated appearance yet dense, first out of 5 to take this appearance... the other sour diesel is mildew prone...keep in mind that they all share the same outdoor humidity....

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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Sd#1 About 10 days left and last photos of her, I think shes a keeper...
    25E637B9-2C45-4358-AE90-17294E728327.jpeg B81B99F8-7C57-489F-9668-053A82A40C10.jpeg

    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Turkish Cookie #3...Seems like its going to be a dense one...I already pruned leaves couple weeks ago, bushy plant no doubt
    (Just want to add that after taking another look at this pheno its showing signs of being special..All i can say is its very young but its showing signs that its going to be extra dense....)))

    4C5CB5C5-46BE-4DC9-891C-CA4F9A25FC50.jpeg 282DF893-5BC7-4FDB-A55A-DAD7DCCCC985.jpeg
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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member


    My sour diesel I took down is winner winner chicken dinner..Finally...If I did a blind trim on it I would know its sour diesel..stinky sticky a bit fluffier and the best so far in the last 8 months or so going through the seeds...Also it took forever to finish the final ripening, I did a pre cut to finally shock that plant into finish ripening

    The dense sd one is still ripening and the buds are rocks but doesnt have the full sd smell more sweet..

    The turkish cookie in the last pic is dense and quite fat already and has two mutant buds with a side bud growing on the top making it even more dense...Trichs everywhere...

    But Guess What?

    I squeeze the shit out of a fat bud and there is ZERO smell...Aww well...at this point I dunno might be trash..hopefully it develops some smell...Sure looks pretty though :( Hate to have experimental trash taking up my space though
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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Ok here is the dense sour diesel before it comes down...Dense rock hard buds..Sweeter sour d smell...

    So far I have found 2 types of phenos from the ecsd line out of 5 plants thus far...

    Thats a pic of a cutting of a bud from the same sour d plant, It was a last ditch effort to save the pheno... As you can see its re verting back to veg..It was a little over a cigarrette sized flower when rooted...

    My other sour d I made some rosin with a little while ago and its very well...Im actually on the moon atm at least I think I am....


    6263D83A-1188-4F4C-A24F-D07FCC677D98.jpeg F02F8C9D-C338-45EC-BBC5-BEEE79F08FD0.jpeg
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    dakilla187 Well-Known Member

    Ok this is the end of this journal, I replanted another turkish and another ecsd..

    This turkish cookie is very dense, is mildew prone and has Zero smell....Its Trash and im going to make compost with it in the next 5 minutes and not bother ripening it as its just taking up grow space atm...

    Edit....After trimming a dense bud ive decided to ripen it more, it gives a little sticky fingers so I might be able to make something with it and salvage something.. Someone also told me they can smell it and my sense of smell stinks..lol... Barely has smell imo

    Im going to keep replanting turkish until I find a dense one...I kept the other cookie and as soon as that one gives tiny flowers it smells like turkish...I love it

    Thanks for looking...
    D415CF8D-8B1E-4BFE-98C1-AFDF878906E3.jpeg FADDA189-B8EF-45C9-A73E-63737F9ED153.jpeg
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