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As Trump Golfs in FL, the only Question is WHEN (not IF) he'll be Criminally Charged for his Crimes

The frustration of the American people is as understandable as it is palpable. Donald Trump committed so many crimes in plain sight yet he has been held accountable for nary a one. Moreover, it's being reported that Trump is golfing in Florida and plotting his revenge against Republicans who, in his estimation, did him wrong. As a federal prosecutor for 30 years, rarely did I have as much evidence in a case as we've seen just publicly reported about Trump's crimes. Here is why need to be patient as we await justice to come for Donald Trump.


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NY judge orders Trump Organization's tax firm to hand over more documents to state attorney general - CNNPolitics

NY judge orders Trump Organization's tax firm to hand over more documents to state attorney general

(CNN)A New York state judge on Friday ordered a tax firm that has worked with former President Donald Trump to turn over more documents to New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of her office's investigation into the Trump Organization.

The supplemental order is one of several that Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron has made in the past month requesting that the tax firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius turn over documents that James's office has requested as part of its investigation.

The attorney general's office declined to comment. CNN has reached out to the Trump Organization and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius for comment.

The Trump Organization has previously argued that the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege, but in December, Engoron ruled that "some but all" of the documents requested by the attorney general's office were privileged.

Engoron wrote that he privately reviewed documents that Trump's tax attorney Sheri Dillon at Morgan Lewis & Bockius has to turn over, saying that documents he determined were not privileged be turned over by February 4.

"The court finds that many of the communications Morgan Lewis marked as privileged were communications addressing business tasks and decisions, not exchanges soliciting or rendering legal advice," Engoron wrote in his order Friday.

The status of documents related to a property's investigated tax abatements has been a point of contention in the case.
Amy Carlin, an attorney for the Trump Organization, argued last month that the company had "every expectation that those communications would be confidential," regarding discussions about a property in Westchester County involving an engineer.

The attorney general's office argued that the documents were not privileged, in part, because the Trump Organization had "waived privilege" when it disclosed certain documents to the IRS to "gain benefit," said attorney Eric Haren with the attorney general's office.

Haren said that "literally everything other than the final appraisal value" was not disclosed to his office.
James' office has been investigating Trump and the Trump Organization since 2019, when Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen testified before Congress that the former President's annual financial statements inflated the values of his assets in order to secure favorable loans and insurance coverage, but deflated the value of other assets in order to reduce real estate taxes.


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Public Safety Concerns & the Grand Jury Investigation of Donald Trump for the Capitol Insurrection

As a career prosecutor, I was involved in many long-term criminal investigations, both overt and covert. As part of every investigation, we had to balance public safety concerns against the need to continue to investigate before moving to the "takedown" stage - arresting the targets of the investigation.

The available evidence supports a conclusion that Donald Trump incited the insurrection on the US Capitol on January 6th. Yet Trump has not yet been arrested for his crimes. Many are asking how long America has to wait before Trump is held accountable for his many offenses. Here are some of the concerns ordinarily driving the timing of arrests in conspiracy investigations.


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Russia began cultivating Trump as asset 40 years ago, ex-KGB spy says - Business Insider

Russia has been cultivating Trump as an asset for 40 years, former KGB spy says

  • The KGB cultivated Trump as an asset for 40 years, a former operative told The Guardian.
  • Yuri Shvets told The Guardian that the KGB had identified Trump as a potential asset in the 1980s.
  • Shvets said it was stunning when Trump took out an ad repeating anti-Western talking points after a trip to Moscow.
The KGB cultivated Donald Trump as an asset for 40 years, and he proved a highly valuable asset in repeating anti-Western Russian propaganda in the United States, a former KGB operative told The Guardian.

Yuri Shvets is a key source in "American Kompromat," a new book detailing the decades-long relationship between Trump and Russia by the journalist Craig Unger.

The book, which is based on interviews with former Russian and US operatives, details the KGB's attempts in the 1980s to cultivate dozens of unwitting businesspeople in the United States as useful Russian assets.

Read more: Trump administration staffers are getting snubbed while hunting for jobs. One recruiter tried to place 6 of them and couldn't land any interviews.

Shvets told The Guardian that the KGB had identified Trump, then an up-and-coming property developer, as a potential asset in the 1980s.

"This is an example where people were recruited when they were just students and then they rose to important positions; something like that was happening with Trump," Shvets told the paper.

The book's author said Trump became a target for the Russians in 1977 when he married his first wife, the Czech model Ivana Zelnickova.

"He was an asset. It was not this grand, ingenious plan that we're going to develop this guy and 40 years later he'll be president," Unger told The Guardian.

Unger added: "Trump was the perfect target in a lot of ways: his vanity, narcissism made him a natural target to recruit. He was cultivated over a 40-year period, right up through his election."

Trump's 1987 book, "The Art of the Deal," described a visit to Moscow to discuss building "a large luxury hotel across the street from the Kremlin in partnership with the Soviet government."

In fact, Shvets said, Russian operatives used the trip to flatter Trump and told him he should go into politics. Shvets told The Guardian that KGB operatives were then stunned to discover that Trump had returned to the United States, mulled a run for office, and taken out a full-page ad in several newspapers that echoed anti-Western Russian talking points.

The ad, which ran in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe, was titled "There's nothing wrong with America's Foreign Defense Policy that a little backbone can't cure."

The ad accused Japan and other countries of "taking advantage" of the United States and said the US should stop paying to defend other rich countries — arguments that would become the backbone of his foreign policy when he became president decades later.

Shvets said the ad was considered an "unprecedented" success in Russia's attempts to promote anti-Western talking points in American media.

Trump has long denied that he has any financial connections to Russia. "Russia has never tried to use leverage over me," he tweeted in 2017. "I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA - NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!"

The special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election ultimately found that Trump's campaign did not coordinate with Russia to influence the election.

Several senior members of Trump's campaign, including his national security advisor Michael Flynn and his campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty to lying to prosecutors about their contacts with people linked to the Russian government.

Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, also pleaded guilty in 2018 to lying to a Senate committee about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.


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Florida man's arrest on 2016 election charges suggests Russia probe may have survived Bill Barr |

Florida man's arrest on 2016 election charges suggests Russia probe may have survived Bill Barr
Indictment of a Roger Stone-connected operative may signal that Robert Mueller's spinoffs are still bearing fruit

Florida man Douglass Mackey, a notorious white nationalist and right-wing social media troll, was arrested this week on charges of conspiring with others to deprive citizens of their right to vote ahead of the 2016 election, the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday.

"According to the allegations in the complaint, the defendant exploited a social media platform to infringe one of the most basic and sacred rights guaranteed by the Constitution: the right to vote," Nicholas McQuaid, acting Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division, said in a press release. "This complaint underscores the department's commitment to investigating and prosecuting those who would undermine citizens' voting rights."

It also suggests that the Russia investigation, at least in part, survived the tenure of former Attorney General Bill Barr.

According to the complaint, Mackey's Twitter account had nearly 60,000 followers, and in February 2016 the MIT Media Lab ranked him 107th in its list of the most influential personalities ahead of the election, higher than NBC News and Stephen Colbert. Prosecutors say that in the months before the election, Mackey collaborated with unnamed co-conspirators to encourage Hillary Clinton supporters to cast votes via text messages or social media — which are not viable or legal voting methods in any state.

The conspiracy charge against Mackey, who was arrested in West Palm Beach, could indicate that the Justice Department has been probing a broader network. Three of his co-conspirators were identified by HuffPost reporter Luke O'Brien, who wrote an in-depth 2018 profile of Mackey: white nationalist financier Jeff Giesea; conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, who has ties to onetime national security adviser turned QAnon hero Michael Flynn; and Jack Posobiec, a far-right provocateur with ties to neo-Nazi groups and longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone. The pro-Trump group, who called themselves "MAGA3X," fueled the Pizzagate social media campaign that smeared Hillary Clinton and other Democratic leaders in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Notably, both Stone and Flynn came under the focus of former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the weaponization of social media in 2016. Flynn had repeatedly shared content from the Russian-linked account @TEN_GOP, which shared disinformation to tens of thousands of followers under the auspices of the Tennessee Republican Party. Stone, a misinformation mastermind, also imprinted on the Trump campaign the importance of social media. Just this summer, Facebook wiped more than 100 Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages that Stone and unnamed associates had used to push disinformation related to the 2016 election, as well as to Stone's criminal trial.

One arm of Stone's social media work in 2016 was an effort to suppress the Black vote, which is also specified in the charges against Mackey. Mueller had questioned and subpoenad Stone's associates who helped orchestrate his social media campaigns.


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Merrick Garland's Prior Experience Fighting Domestic Terrorism Makes him the Right Choice for AG

Many people know of Merrick Garland primarily because he was nominated by President Obama to be a Supreme Court Justice but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unconstitutionally deprived Judge Garland of an "advice and consent" confirmation hearing.

What many might not know is that, as a Department of Justice prosecutor, Garland headed up the investigation and prosecution of our nation's deadliest domestic terrorism incident: the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Here is a review of Garland's work in that landmark case and why it makes him the right person to serve as Attorney General and head up the investigation into the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol.


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GA Opens Investigation Into Trump Phone Call Seeking To Overturn Election Results

NBC News is reporting that the Georgia Secretary of State's office has launched an investigation into Trump's phone call to Brad Raffensperger, attempting to overturn the results of the election.


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Georgia secretary of state's office launches investigation into Trump's phone call - CNNPolitics

Georgia secretary of state's office launches investigation into Trump's phone call

(CNN)The office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed to CNN on Monday that it has started an investigation into former President Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the state's election results, including a phone call the former President made to Raffensperger.
During the call, Trump pushed Raffensperger to "find" votes to overturn the election results after his loss to then-President-elect Joe Biden, according to an audio recording first released by The Washington Post and later obtained by CNN.
"All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state," Trump had said.
Raffensperger was adamant in defending the results of the presidential election as well as the integrity of the state's voting system. During the stunning one-hour call, Trump lambasted his fellow Republican for refusing to falsely say that he won the election in Georgia -- and repeatedly touted baseless claims of election fraud.
There have been no credible allegations of any issues with voting that would have impacted the election, as affirmed by dozens of judges, governors, election officials, the Electoral College, the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the US Supreme Court.
Walter Jones, a spokesperson for Raffensperger, told CNN in a written statement that "the Secretary of State's office investigates complaints it receives. The investigations are fact-finding and administrative in nature. Any further legal efforts will be left to the Attorney General." Reuters was first to report on the investigation.
The announcement of the investigation comes as arguments are set to get underway Tuesday in Trump's historic second impeachment trial, in which he is facing a single charge of inciting an insurrection after a mob of his supporters stormed the US Capitol on January 6. The insurrection -- in which five people died, including US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick -- was an attempt by thousands of Trump supporters to interfere with Congress counting the electoral votes confirming Biden's win and was the zenith of months of Trump promoting conspiracy theories and lies that the election was stolen from him. The House impeachment managers are planning to use the call with Raffensperger and the months-long campaign to overturn Biden's win as part of their case during the trial.
A Georgia prosecutor's office is taking the extraordinary January 2 phone call between Trump and Raffensperger "seriously as far as a potential case," as it weighs whether to pursue criminal charges of election fraud against the former President, a source familiar with the office said.
Newly elected Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to make some type of announcement on the matter "one way or another" this month, the source said.
CNN previously reported that Willis said in a statement that she will enforce the law "without fear" and that her office was evaluating whether to pursue potential criminal action against Trump.
"Once the investigation is complete, this matter, like all matters, will be handled by our office based on the facts and the law," Willis said at the time.
David Worley, the only Democrat on Georgia's five-member State Election Board, told CNN in a statement, "I requested that the Sec. of State open an investigation, now that has been done I will wait to get the report before requesting further action."
District attorney also has jurisdiction
Worley had earlier told CNN that he planned to ask the State Board of Elections to refer the case to Willis and her office. The Georgia Constitution gives the Fulton County district attorney the jurisdiction to bring charges for any felony that occurs in the county, so Willis and her office have the power within the law to do whatever they felt was appropriate, regardless of the secretary of state's investigation.
One former federal prosecutor told CNN it's clear the state can make a case against Trump.
Michael J. Moore, the former US attorney for the Middle District of Georgia between 2010 and 2015 under President Barack Obama, said the Georgia statute that deals with election fraud shows that it is "pretty clear" that the former President committed election fraud during his phone call with Raffensperger.
"If you if you listen to the call, it sounds like any other call that you might have with an organized crime ring or a drug conspiracy ring or something. And that is that you've got almost code talking about -- this is what I need you to do, if you could just help me out here," Moore told CNN.
Moore said the way Trump pressured Raffensperger to help him find votes by implying the secretary of state had been involved in some type of wrongdoing was threatening.
"So you take note of things, you read the Georgia statue, and I think it amounts up to a request that the secretary come in, do something untoward or illegal to allow the election to be shifted in a way that was different than the will of the voters, and that would be an effort to commit election fraud," the former prosecutor said.
Moore also said that it's not unusual for state prosecutors to look at things happening in the federal courts, and in this case, it's possible that Willis can watch how the impeachment hearings play out and say she is satisfied with how justice on Trump's actions is being handled by Congress.


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Acosta: This is what Trump is most afraid of post-impeachment

CNN's Jim Acosta says the criminal investigation opened by Georgia prosecutors into former President Donald Trump's January 2 phone call urging Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find votes to overturn the 2020 presidential election result is the kind of post-impeachment prosecution Trump fears.


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Team Justice Letter to State AGs Demanding Criminal Investigations of Trump & Co. for COVID Deaths

Team Justice is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to equal justice for all and accountability for government officials who commit crimes or abuse their power or position of public trust. Team Justice was founded by Glenn Kirschner, a 30-year federal prosecutor who spent decades handling murder cases in the courts of the District of Columbia.

We've drafted a letter to all 50 state attorneys general and the AG for the District of Columbia demanding they open criminal investigations into Trump and members of his administrations for avoidable/preventable coronavirus deaths.

We are asking all citizens to consider signing the letter if you believe state prosecutors should investigated Trumps gross mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. The text of the letter is explained in this video and is listed below. To sign the letter, simple click on this link:

Thank you,

Team Justice

Dear Attorney General __________
We are writing to urge you to have your state law enforcement authorities open a criminal investigation into potential liability for avoidable/preventable coronavirus deaths in your state. Given the public reporting, we believe there is prima facie evidence that Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence and potentially other Trump administration officials are criminally liable
for, at a minimum, a low-level of homicide, such as negligent homicide/involuntary manslaughter. In our estimation, there certainly is adequate predication to open a criminal investigation into such matters.

Team Justice is a diverse group of people dedicated to honor, integrity and decency in public service, holding criminal government officials accountable for their crimes and, above all else, pursuing equal justice for all. There are signatories to this letter from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Collectively, we seek accountability for any and all crimes of our
federal and state government officials, with the corresponding goal of restoring public trust, faith and confidence in government.

The founder of Team Justice, Glenn Kirschner, is a former career federal prosecutor who spent decades prosecuting murder cases as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. He also served as Chief of the Homicide Section of that office, supervising approximately 30 homicide prosecutors and overseeing all murder prosecutions in DC.

Without engaging in a full legal analysis (footnote), the publicly reported information about the grossly negligent mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic by the Trump administration includes:
Donald Trump’s lies to the American people about the danger of the virus and its ease of transmission and corresponding ease of prevention (as revealed in the Bob Woodward audio recordings of conversations with Donald Trump); the decision by Mike Pence, then serving as head of the Coronavirus task force, to allow Trump’s dangerous lies to the American people to go uncorrected; the complicity of Jared Kushner who advocated letting the virus flourish because it was disproportionally affecting so-called “blue states”; etc. These are just some of the facts and
circumstances supporting opening a criminal investigation.
The families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus deserve and demand that the government officials responsible for allowing the pandemic to spread needlessly through our communities be held accountable. Accordingly, we respectfully implore you to open criminal investigations into
the conduct of government officials in an attempt to hold them accountable for any and all crimes supported by the evidence. Only a full, fair, ethical, aggressive, apolitical investigation can ensure accountability and help prevent future misconduct by government officials. Absent accountability for avoidable coronavirus deaths there can be no justice. Absent justice
there can be no healing for families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus.
We thank you for your time and attention to this most important matter and look forward to your reply.


Team Justice
By: _____________________
Glenn Kirschner
Founder, Team Justice

(footnote) Although statutes vary from state to state, there are certain universal principles in assessing potential homicide
liability. On the lower end of the homicide-liability scale, there are offenses referred to alternatively as negligent
1. A negligent/grossly negligent/criminally reckless act OR a duty to act and a negligent/grossly negligent/reckless failure to act,
2. That act/failure to act is reasonably likely to result in death or serious bodily injury to another, which thereby,
3. Causes the death of another.
Importantly, the term “causation” is generally defined in the law as conduct that is a substantial factor in bringing
about the death.


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Trump turned down meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Nikki Haley
Former President Donald Trump this week declined to meet with Nikki Haley, his former ambassador to the United Nations and a prospective 2024 presidential candidate, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Politico first reported that Haley reached out to Trump on Wednesday to request a face-to-face meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort. But Trump turned her down after Haley has spent recent weeks criticizing the former president for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Don't spit in the wind toward the Wizard Of Odd otherwise he may banish you from the kingdom. And no, you don't get to go to Kansas.


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Trump turned down meeting at Mar-a-Lago with Nikki Haley
Former President Donald Trump this week declined to meet with Nikki Haley, his former ambassador to the United Nations and a prospective 2024 presidential candidate, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Politico first reported that Haley reached out to Trump on Wednesday to request a face-to-face meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort. But Trump turned her down after Haley has spent recent weeks criticizing the former president for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Don't spit in the wind toward the Wizard Of Odd otherwise he may banish you from the kingdom. And no, you don't get to go to Kansas.
That’s a surprise.


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Looks like Donald might be living at Trump tower for a spell and perhaps Ryker's, welcome back the NYC Donnie! Will DeSantis extradite Donald from FL to NY? Federal charges are not an issue, but Donald could resist extradition on state charges, he does own DeSantis after all!
Michael Cohen will be interviewed for the fourth time by Manhattan DA Cy Vance in Trump probe | Daily Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen will be interviewed for the fourth time by Manhattan DA Cy Vance as a key witness in Donald Trump's financial fraud probe in move that could mean indictment of former President
  • Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. is set to interview Donald Trump's former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen, can reveal
  • Cohen will likely be questioned in more detail Friday on Trump’s finances, including his relationship with Deutsche Bank, his primary lender for decades
  • Sources say the move signals the imminent indictment of the former president and members of the Trump Organization in the financial fraud inquiry
  • A source told 'Cohen has been summoned again to meet with the DA and his team. This will be the fourth time he has been interviewed'
  • The probe is focused on allegations of Trump committing bank, tax and insurance fraud, as well as falsification of business records
  • 'It seems Vance is putting the final pieces of the puzzle together,' a source said
  • Trump has previously called Vance's probe 'a fishing expedition' and 'a continuation of the witch hunt — the greatest witch hunt in history'
Michael Cohen is set to be interviewed by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. for the fourth time as part of the criminal probe into Donald Trump, can reveal.

Sources say the move could mean indictment of the former president and members of the Trump Organization in the financial fraud inquiry.

Trump's former fixer Cohen is a key part of Vance's investigation, which is the only known active criminal inquiry into Trump.

It's understood Cohen will be questioned in more detail Friday on Trump’s finances, including his relationship with Deutsche Bank, his primary lender for decades.

The probe is focused on allegations of bank, tax and insurance fraud, as well as falsification of business records.

A source told 'Cohen has been summoned again to meet with the DA and his team. This will be the fourth time he has been interviewed since his release into home confinement.

'It seems Vance is putting the final pieces of the puzzle together. It has led everyone to believe the indictments against Trump, members of his family and his eponymous company are imminent and are being prepared as we speak.

'Now Trump is out of office Vance is buttoning up all the information he has gathered to present to a Grand Jury.

'Things have definitely heated up since Trump left the White House and the focus continues to be economic improprieties by Trump and the Trump organization.

'Cohen has now given information to Robert Mueller, Congress, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the House Committee of Oversight and Reform, the DA and Attorney General, these bodies would not keep coming back to him time and time again if they didn't think his information was both important and genuine.'

The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment by Cohen also declined to comment when contacted.

The DA originally launched the probe into Trump two years ago to investigate whether the then president broke New York state laws by ordering Cohen to issue illegal hush payments on his behalf to two of his alleged extra-marital lovers before the 2016 election.

However, Vance later expanded the scope of his investigation to include what prosecutors described in court papers as 'extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.'

Cohen, who’s serving a three-year prison sentence in home confinement for facilitating the payoffs to Trump’s alleged lovers and a string of other financial crimes, has long alleged that his former boss committed fraud.

Trump has previously called Vance's probe 'a fishing expedition' and 'a continuation of the witch hunt — the greatest witch hunt in history,' accusing the elected Democrat of partisan motives.

The New York Times reported in December that the DA was intensifying his investigation ahead of Trump’s exit from office by, among other actions, interviewing employees at Deutsche Bank and Aon, Trump’s longtime insurance broker.

While it's still unclear whether Vance will bring charges, the DA's probe is the most serious legal threat to Trump now that he’s no longer protected by presidential immunity.

Trump ultimately declined to issue pardons for himself or his family members before leaving office, which in any event would not protect him from state charges, only federal ones.

In early January it was reported that Vance's team conducted an hours-long interview with Cohen and prosecutors also began looking into a 212-acre Trump Organization property called Seven Springs as part of an investigation that started over a year ago.

The compound is also one of four Trump Organization properties under civil investigation by New York's state attorney general, who is probing whether Eric Trump and various corporate entities artificially inflated property values.

In December Vance hired FTI Consulting, a financial consulting firm headquartered in Washington DC, to assist in reviewing Trump Organization documents, people familiar with the matter told the Washington Post.

FTI Consulting, one of the largest financial consulting firms in the world, offers a full range of forensic, investigative, data analytic and litigation services, according to the company's website.

In aiding Vance's probe, FTI experts are likely reviewing Trump Organization bank and mortgage records already obtained through grand jury proceedings.

In a long-running legal battle, Vance is still fighting in court to obtain eight years of Trump's tax returns from the president's accounting firm, Mazars USA.

The tax returns, which Trump did not disclose during either of his presidential campaigns in a break from precedent, are believed to be the final keystone in Vance's investigation.

The Supreme Court already has ruled once in the dispute, in July rejecting Trump's argument that he was immune from criminal probes as a sitting president.

If the high court rejects Trump's current request to freeze a lower court's ruling allowing Vance's subpoenas to proceed, Vance would gain access to the tax returns.
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Here is trouble for Trump, ya hire the gunfighter when yer ready to fight (time is money for this guy, he could make a lot in private practice). Trump better hope he can get better legal help than he had at the impeachment because this guy will eat him alive. I wonder what is going on with the SCOTUS and Trump's taxes?
NYC Prosecutor Hires On Heavy-Hitting Attorney To Trump Case | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow reports on the distinguished background of attorney Mark Pomerantz, whose work as a mob lawyer helped define RICO prosecutions, and who has been made a special assistant district attorney by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, dedicated to the investigation of Donald Trump's business dealings.
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Two NY Federal Investigations: One of Gov. Andrew Cuomo & One of Donald Trump. Equal Justice?

Recent reporting revealed that the Department of Justice/Brooklyn US Attorney's Office has opened a preliminary investigation into NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of COVID deaths in nursing homes. It seems like things are heating up, with NY Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat, accusing Cuomo of threatening him and urging him to lie.

Investigating potentially criminal politicians is not a partisan endeavor. No federal law or criminal statute comes with a caveat saying, "apply only to Republicans" or "apply only to Democrats." So the DOJ absolutely should investigate Gov. Cuomo in the event there is sufficient evident to initiate an investigation.

But this development got me to thinking: what's happening to the federal investigation that the Manhattan US Attorney's Office is conducting into the campaign finance crimes Trump committed with Michael Cohen. Cohen committed those crimes at the direction and for the benefit of Donald Trump in 2016. Cohen was charged, convicted sentenced and imprisoned for those crimes and Donald Trump has yet to be charged. Importantly, the statute of limitations is running and will soon preclude a prosecution of Trump altogether. Here is what's at stake . . .


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New York City tax agency subpoenaed in Trump criminal probe
The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed a New York City property tax agency as part of a criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s company, the agency confirmed on Friday, suggesting prosecutors are examining the former president’s efforts to reduce his commercial real-estate taxes for possible evidence of fraud.

Along with information already subpoenaed from creditors, the tax agency documents would help investigators determine whether Trump’s business inflated the value of his properties to secure favorable terms on loans while deflating those values to lower tax bills for those same properties.